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FizzingWhizzbees 06-10-2004 06:48 PM

Question about religion.
Just a quick question. I'd like to know what different religions believe about other religions. Do you believe that *only* your religion is "true?" Can there only be one "true" religion? Or are all religions equally valid? I was chatting to a friend a few days ago and her view seemed to be that all the different religions are ultimately worshipping the same god, just in different ways. Then I asked another friend who believed that *only* his religion is "true" and all other religions are false. So...I'm confused, lol. I'd love to hear some FYMers opinions on this. :)


nbcrusader 06-10-2004 07:08 PM

Honestly, I believe there are some fundamental, mutually exclusive beliefs between the major religions that make the statement "all different religions worship the same god" false.

As a Christian, I believe Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ said He is the only way. To me, that suggests exclusivity.

melon 06-10-2004 07:35 PM

I'm unsure, not in my Christian beliefs, but in the logic of God creating a world and condemning 2/3 of a world that isn't Christian automatically.

It's clear that, both historically and presently, one's religion is generally dictated by where they are born. Certainly, there are converts across the globe to any religion that isn't native, but I can pretty much say, with little hesitance, that had Europe not been forcibly converted in the Middle Ages that white people would probably be worshipping "pagan" gods right now, not different to how Indians worship different Hindu gods, generally speaking. So, ultimately, people really tout that their religion is "the only way" because of what culture they belong to.

My intuition sort of tells me that all of a religion is a puzzle; that God is hiding somewhere amongst all these very human institutions. I have a hard time believing that a God as merciful as we believe Him to be would be petty enough to kill people merely by what religion they do or don't belong to. Now, of course, if people consciously reject God, that's a whole other scenario...


Moonlit_Angel 06-10-2004 09:42 PM

Re: Question about religion.

Originally posted by FizzingWhizzbees
I was chatting to a friend a few days ago and her view seemed to be that all the different religions are ultimately worshipping the same god, just in different ways.
I'm kinda leaning toward believing that particular statement. I believe in a god, but as of this time, I don't really tie him down to any specific faith. To me, he loves everybody, regardless of who they are, hence why that statement would make sense to me. I personally just don't see him favoring one group of people over another.

I don't agree with the whole "My religion is the true one" thing-I don't like that kind of attitude, personally, basically because every religion claims they have the truth about it all. Who knows, they all could be right in some way about various things. Or they could all be wrong. Or maybe at the end there will be one who had it right. But as of now, nobody knows for sure, and in my eyes, it just sounds kinda arrogant for people to act like they do know for sure.


A_Wanderer 06-11-2004 02:05 AM

I am of the thought that there is no god, this is not to do with the suffering in the world or upbringing but simply the way that I think about the universe. This is not to say that I think my thoughts have any more right or legitimacy, I think that with the sheer complexity of the universe and our inability in the forseeable future to ever get beyond the universe itself means that once you plunge into the depths of quantum foam or the universe as a quantifiable thing and break the bounds of time and space allmost any explaination has equal legitimacy.

This is broadly speaking of course, I oppose any religion that preaches ignorance and fights against knowledge and reason (/Stares at Fundamentalist Christians and Islamic World), any religion that will actively preach violence or one that imposes itself as being better than what came before. I must remind some people that people were worshipping the sun and moon before they were worshipping one god.

Dreadsox 06-11-2004 06:46 AM

I am probably more in line with Melon on this. I believe God has been revealed in different ways to different people. There are universal truths that I think can be found in many religions. The problem lies with extremism in them.

annj 06-11-2004 09:19 AM

Well I believe God has standards and expects those who worship him to follow his standards, not in the sense of.. do what I say or you will burn in hell forever sort of standards

But he being God would have to have righteous standards and that he would guide us in the right way and best way of life for the simple reason he loves his creation and wants the best for them, much like small children with a loving parent who warns and chastises them from danger they can put themselves into and they don't realise it at the time.

For my own personal experience I was brought up in a protestant background, went to various meetings churches under this umbrella.. But as I got older none of them made me feel any closer to God.. In fact they put me of and I became an atheist because none of them could explain the concept that God is love

and I needed and wanted to understand why evil and badness existed, it wasnt enough for me just to believe what I was told that it was all a mystery and beyond our understanding by those clergy who claimed to represent God who also preached the love of God on one hand and then went out of their way to show indifference hatred and bigotry on the other If God existed how could he condone this hypocrisy. And I am talking about religion as an organisation in general.. I know there are good people with in these religons doing their best to lead good lives just as there are people who don't believe in God and can still be good people

Then when I least expected it, in fact when it was really the last thing I was thinking about, I had all my questions answered and they were right there in my bible all along

When I started studying it I was amazed and astounded to find out all those things I wanted to know, so I think I do have the true religion in that I no longer have to fret or worry about the future the suffering going on in the world.. that he has it all in hand I know now God is Love in more wonderful ways that I can imagine and wants us to have a close loving personal relationship with him, that I can totally rely on him
no matter what...

I have to say I was really angry and annoyed that up until I was 28 I had been denied this relationship and knowledge all because of other religions false teaching that had confused and led me astray.. so I don't believe all religions are acceptable to God espicially when they draw people away from him instead of bringing them closer and totally misrepresent him

And I think it is good to question the beliefs you were brought up with and not just accept them.. I had become totally cynical had given up on God because of religous hypocrisy and when I and all the things going on around me in the world but thankfully he never gave up on me and let me find him and see he did not tolarate the hypocrisy and was not just sitting up there like some distant benevolent being doing nothing or didnt care about what is going on in this world He has a great interest in us all

so believe me when I say he seeks us out on a personal basis from all backgrounds races and creeds and ages and wants us to be close to him, but we have to have the humility to accept his standards even if it means changing our lifestyle and previous notions we once had and live by them.

He is not going to force it on us.. but the offer is there.. he leaves it up to us if we want to do it or not

stammer476 06-11-2004 09:40 AM

Speaking from my study, the three religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have exclusive statements within their sacred writings. Major, fundamental doctrines to their religions all state that their way is the "only way" and those who do not follow it will be condemned.

Since the rise of postmodern relativism, many have tried to make these religions more "user friendly" in stating their common bonds and their possibility of all worshipping the same God. But this has come as a result of popular philosophies and the increased relations across cultures and countries with the rise of technology. This idea was never in the original doctrines of these religions.

So in short, the fundamental doctrines of these three religions make "worshipping the same god in different ways" impossible. It's a new idea; not part of the original structure.

ThatGuy 06-11-2004 01:16 PM

Maybe I'm just showing my extreme ignorance here, but how could Judaism and Christianity not be worshipping the same God? The difference being that Christians believe that God sent His son to die for humanity's sins, and Jews believe that He didn't. And if Christians don't believe in the God of the Old Testament, then why include it as part of their Bible? Or does the pure doctrine of Christianity purport that Jews don't follow the one true God anymore, and that Christians picked up that mantle after Christ was crucified?

Dreadsox 06-11-2004 01:45 PM

The trinity is a PRIME example of something that separates Jew from CHristians and Christians from Muslims.

stammer476 06-11-2004 01:55 PM

Good question, ThatGuy, and the answer basically comes down to what each religion requires for salvation.

It is true that Christianity is an extension of Judaism with some major changes in philosophy and doctrine, but those changes are so extreme that it requires another religion entirely. This whole change revolves around the person and diety of Jesus Christ.

For the Jew (religious Jew, not national), God is a single diety that has never appeared in human form, but has interacted with his chosen nation (Israel) through various times and in various ways as described through their Scriptures (the Old Testament for the Christians).

For the Christian, God is a single diety with a triune nature (complicated concept) that appeared in human form in Jesus Christ. The Christian also believes that God has interacted with his chosen nation (Israel) through various times and in various ways as described through the Old Testament.

But where they differ is the diety of Jesus. The Jew believes that Jesus was simply a man, though they divide on whether he was a prophet or a heretic. The Christian believes that he was fully man AND fully God, and since his time on earth, mankind is now required have faith in Jesus as the payment for the debt of their sins for salvation.

The Jew, seeing God as singular with no triune nature, view this as blasphemous and worthy of death (hence the crucifixion). They believe their salvation is through following the Law and seeking God's grace.

The Christian, seeing God as singular with a triune nature, view Jesus as the FULFILLMENT (or completion) of the Law, becoming the payment for the debt of their sin and the only way that anyone can reach salvation.

Thus, the Jews see the Christians as hell-bound because they worship a human as God (the ultimate sin of blasphemy); while the Christians see the Jews as hell-bound because they have not accepted God in the flesh (the ultimate sin of rejection).

They share a common heritage and have many similarities, but in their basic doctrines, find it impossible to reach agreement.

BluberryPoptart 06-11-2004 02:08 PM

I believe as long as you believe, no matter what you believe, do your best to be a decent person, and you are okay. I do not like to hear people say their church is the only true one and everyone else is going to hell. That's wrong:(

stammer476 06-11-2004 02:31 PM


Originally posted by BluberryPoptart
I do not like to hear people say their church is the only true one and everyone else is going to hell. That's wrong:(
I'm not saying I agree or disagree with this statement, I just want to open up the discussion:

Is it wrong to believe this if that is what your religion teaches?

BluberryPoptart 06-11-2004 02:57 PM

I think it's wrong if it causes people to shun other people and not associate with them because they are not of the same faith. I think it's wrong if it makes you believe it's okay to kill someone who doesn't believe the same as you. So yes I think it's wrong because it leads to harmful attitudes toward other people. If anyone is going to feel that way let them have a Waco type compund cult and never leave it, the rest of us might bite anyway.

nbcrusader 06-11-2004 02:57 PM


Originally posted by BluberryPoptart
I believe as long as you believe, no matter what you believe, do your best to be a decent person, and you are okay.
And as a follow-up, what is the source of your belief?

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