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beli 05-22-2004 11:35 PM

Princess Letizias Wedding Frock
Another weekend and interference is deserted.

Also another royal wedding. Has anyone got a photo of Letizias entire dress?


beli 05-22-2004 11:38 PM


beli 05-22-2004 11:39 PM


beli 05-22-2004 11:41 PM


I think I like Letizia head gear better but I prefer Marys frock.

beli 05-22-2004 11:43 PM


And Letizias flowers..........

beli 05-22-2004 11:48 PM


What useless bridesmaids. Her train is all mangled. :shame:

beli 05-22-2004 11:50 PM


Ah thats better. They are usefull for something after all.

beli 05-22-2004 11:52 PM


'The Kissy Kissy On The Verandah' scene.

Cept it looks like the film has come back from Kmart printed backwards. Either that or Spanish people wear their wedding rings on their right hands. :|

beli 05-22-2004 11:55 PM



Complicated train.

beli 05-23-2004 12:07 AM


You can see the lace in this one quite well

AvsGirl41 05-23-2004 02:27 AM

I like it. Sort of contemporary-medieval. :up:

yertle-the-turtle 05-23-2004 02:44 AM


beli 05-23-2004 02:48 AM

I just found out they are going to play the wedding tonight in Australia (SBS at 7:00). I can have a good look at her dress then. :up:

Salome 05-23-2004 05:40 AM

I preferred your running commentary to the actual wedding :up:

what on earth where they doing on that balcony anyway
a peck on the cheek??
now really

beli 05-23-2004 07:44 AM

I just watched the wedding. Thankful it was just half an hour of edited "highlights". Gawd that was dull.


What was the Lets Go To Two Churches bit all about? :confused:

And they did put the rings on their right hands. Right as in opposite to left ie wrong hands. Spanish people are weird (Beli realises she has gone her whole life without learning a single slang expression for "Spanish people" :| )

Salome, the kiss was a bit pathetic.

PS Everytime I go to paste into this post I keep getting one of Ronos Dutch posts that I was trying to translate. Maybe I should leave it in here. Its certainly more interesting.

<attempts to say something nice>

The red carpet was very red. :up:

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