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AcrobatMan 11-28-2003 05:36 AM

If you had to meet 1 interferencer in real (suppose) .. whom and why ?
I wanted to start a thread on this but i am in a tight spot on whom to name.

Let me think.

It was between Elvis (interference), Salome (cricket), Bunbury (PT), nbcrusader(religion & such topics) & Deathbear (radiohead) , but I think the most interesting topic would be this board itself.

So Elvis - To ask him why/how/when he created this interference and such stuff and the general music stuff as well. Infact I had done something for this but then thats a different story altogether :wink:


yertle-the-turtle 11-28-2003 05:38 AM

I very honestly couldn't pick one. i think you're all fabulous people to meet in real life.

but since you asked

cujo and u2popmofo. to see how they look like. :angry:

AcrobatMan 11-28-2003 05:44 AM


Originally posted by yertle-the-turtle
all fabulous people
true :wink:

bammo2 11-28-2003 05:54 AM

:hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

Meggie, cos I want to show her around the wonderful sights and sounds of Nottinghamshire, but I haven't been able to yet cos I've been studying for exams :mad:

Oh and Lara cos she's a nutcase :yes:

Angela Harlem 11-28-2003 07:16 AM

I'd like to meet quite a few, given the chance.
BG: vegas which is my idea of heaven on earth. It has everything I want in life, plus the fabuous BG. + zoneee with this even though he is sans vegas + icelle sans vegas.
All the pommies: Bammo, Fizz, Meggie (honourary pom :D ), acrobr@t, Lara, all that I haven't mentioned etc. Not all living technically in pommie land but also the surrounding countryside. They live too close for words to some of the greatest places on earth. Plus are cool people and I want to go to the pub and have a beer with them.
Turtle: A country all of his own
More Europe: U2girl, rono, marty, dr teeth, slomey, etc
America: Too many to list. Anyone who wants to take me to a baseball game is my friend though.
Canada: Sweetest Thong. We will have sleep-ins and eat pancakes and OJ for breakfast and swing lazily in hammocks reading the newspaper and life will be very relaxing. It will be sunny.


zoney! 11-28-2003 09:15 AM

Fun Thread!!!!

I have been SO lucky to meet so many Interferencers (with Vegas Elevation, GTA, and random concerts and trips).

I am most regretful that on one trip I missed two Interlanders: Michael Griffiths and Deathbear. That trip went really wrong. I will meet Griffdawg some day...and maybe the bear.

As for those I look forward to meeting in the future:

First, the MOST elusive....she is roughly 136 miles away, and I am in her neighborhood ALL the time, yet, we have never met. I have hung out with Interferencers who live all over the world, but the one I haven't met lives the closest.

Beegeee - Vegas is in my future
LadyLemon - :mad:
JessicaAnn - another fairly close (distance-wise) interfurer
Bonochick - lalalalalalalalalalalalaaalaaalalalala
zoomanda - :love:
Angie - :|
Brettig - :up:
Yertle - as long as he doesn't go away on us. :shifty:
Mad1 - :love:
Acro - one of my all time interfposters ever
Salome - AMS is an easy destination for me
Dr. Teeth - see above
Californiacrew - this will happen soon (get Icelle, Martha, Mr. Baw NBcrusader, HOS??? and of course BAW together for a gathering).
Kobayashi - Sens game :slantysmiliey:
Sweetthing - I have been in her city five time in 1 1/2 year, yet have not met :(
Bonosloveslave - cool poster and convenietly placed in Mich.
Cujo - the elusive dim reaper will someday answer to ME
Lara Mullen - show her that I am a nice guy
Chizip - despite differences, I have a feeling we will cross paths...and would get along pretty well
Headache - see birthday twin
Heartland - I promise I would wear eyeliner if I get the opportunity to see Mr. Molkos in concert with you. Mark my words.
MELON - speaking of Mr. Molkos. I have a wedding in Boston soon. Dreadsox gets thrown into that group.
AvsGirl41 - sooo cool. Wish we could have met up with Iris last spring.
IWB - another wicked bostonian.
ODY - we can go cruising for lady friends! (he will never see this)
foray - I would love to see dome of yarof's artwork.

I am SURE I am missing others.

diamond 11-28-2003 09:41 AM


Headache in a Suitcase 11-28-2003 09:47 AM

diamond... so i can shake his hand for being the becon of all things republican in a sea of liberalism

cujo... so i can see what a canadian looks like in real life

mofo... so i can punch him for letting his state send keith van horn and scott layden to my beloved new york knicks

chizip... to settle the rumores once and for all that we were siamese twins seperated from the head

iwb... to make fun of boston accents and listen to brucezilla

the zonemeister... to convince the long departed that he still, indeed, loves new york and all things new york related and wants to return as soon as possiable, renouncing all connections to minnesota:wink:

beegee 11-28-2003 09:54 AM

hmmm. i have already met everyone i would like to meet.


miss angela harlem who is lovelier than most anything :love:

:cute: and of course, zoneeeee.
i can't even think of words great enough to describe meeting zoneeeeee.

zonelistener 11-28-2003 09:54 AM


Originally posted by diamond
Nov 19, 2001

You and *Ally* were "linepolice"

I won't forget...but you may have...I was still a small player at the time.

diamond 11-28-2003 10:03 AM

Zoney sorry:angry:

The illustrious Mr Lemon


diamond 11-28-2003 10:09 AM

as far as the ladies-
Mad1 -zaney and cool.
Lara Mullen -another nut
U2SJ-a nice nice person.

teenie-another nice girl.


diamond 11-28-2003 10:31 AM

also elvis Presleyhead:angry:

Elvis Presley 11-28-2003 10:31 AM

Ive met a handful of you folks, I think it would be a blast to hang with the sports nuts at a bar over a Guiness or something.
etc etc...

and the music nuts at a concert

ive forgotten alot im sure.....


cell 11-28-2003 10:35 AM

i've met everyone who i've ever wanted to meet at interference, but if i could do it again i'd wanna meet zoney, angela, cujo, u2popmofo, and some who dont post anymore, rougerum, laura, deathbear...and everyone else i haven't met.


and rafmed too. i'd love to meet him.

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