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IWasBored 11-24-2003 01:09 AM

New England Bruuuuuuuce Fans
i know there's like 3 people that applies to, but maybe some lurkers will come out of the woodwork or people have relatives who they can bribe with baked good into taping it for them.

anyway, on thanksgiving there's supposed to be a special on the boss at fenway.

oh on NESN, New England Sports Network.

the problem is, last i checked, the site said 10pm, and the commercial said 8pm.

so i can't tell you what time, i can advise you to check your local listings...

Hewson 11-24-2003 08:06 AM

The commercials definitely say 8PM, it may be on both times, sometimes they repeat things.

IWasBored 11-24-2003 12:06 PM


Hewson 11-26-2003 11:47 AM

According to today's Boston Herald (which is nevr mistaken :wink: ), it airs Tomorrow (Thanksgiving) night at 8PM, and is rerun on Dec 10 at 10:30PM and Dec 15 at 7PM.

IWasBored 11-30-2003 11:27 PM


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