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cass 04-26-2003 06:53 PM

It's Official # Australia
loves Ben Harper

it's an ad that' s been running on Australian radio, it reminds me of this place, and I felt compelled to tell you:eyebrow:

"It's Official, Australia loves Ben Harper....and for those of you who missed out on his recent sell-out tour, here's another chance.
JJJ 5 pm, Ben Harper LIVE" :)

if any Aussie's drop in here...did you see what won Funniest Home Videos' Last night? I don't usually watch it, just stumbled on the end of the show......and there they were sending up my beloved Kasey Chambers( see my quote)
Shit it was funny.
The baby girl, she howled when her parents put Kasey on the stereo, she stopped when they played Kylie Minogue.

Kasey...am I not pretty enough......waaaaaaaaaaaaa:sad:
Kylie..can't get you out of my head....:happy: :happy:
Kasey...am I not pretty enough.....:hmm: :sad: :sad:

Ali Rose 04-26-2003 06:59 PM

Whos Kasey Chambers?

ABEL 04-26-2003 07:21 PM

:eyebrow: :scratch:

Angela Harlem 04-27-2003 12:57 AM

I think I need to add Ben Harper to my list of must hears.
Kasey Chambers is a young Aussie singer, country origin who is making quite a name for herself. Her songs are pretty good, and is known for being one of the nicest people the music industry has here.

yertle-the-turtle 04-27-2003 01:05 AM

I didn't like that 'not pretty enough' song they played over and over on radio here...don't quite like her voice.

I really must go to Australia/New Zealand one day, especially the coastal areas, they look really beautiful in pictures I've seen.

LarryMullen's POPAngel 04-27-2003 10:57 AM

Oh, cass... I have a few Kasey Chambers mp3's. Good stuff. :)

Calluna 04-27-2003 01:29 PM

I prefer the three Bens.

(just kidding)

cass 04-27-2003 05:16 PM

the 10 Bens?
aww angie, that is nice what you said about Kasey. Her voice is an aquired taste. I get in "Kasey" moods and somewhat unfortunately, when I sing, I sound a bit like her. I love belting out that bit in "Runaway Train"...I'll get wild...........you'll get wilddddddddderrrrrrrrrr. So I have a big old soft spot for hard-working Kasey. The people my youngest son would like to be adopted by, (he's staying with them now..again!!) worked out on the Nullabor with her parents when Kasey was a girl ( she now says in interview she just wanted to grow up and marry a fox hunter...yes Rob , you were the only single hunter out there at the time. Kasey loved Rob!!..... he LOVES telling that story:))
But anyway Kasey has soul, soul ,sould sweet soul, imho.

Ben Harper was divine, as always, on the radio yesterday. It was a performance especially recorded for JJJ in Sydney 2 years ago. Even they didn't know the treat he had in store for them. He invited Eddie Vedder on to the stage for a duet.
One Ben and One Eddy. Good stuff

Angela Harlem..if you come back here. One of my Indonesian friends had a baby girl recently. Something awful happened during the birth and she had to be rushed to Sydney. It was touch and go for 2 weeks, but she is fine now.Her name is ....Natalie:heart:
My other friend from Bali who had "diamond girl" a few months ago, changed her name. It was a Balinese name and lots of people told her the first syllable is a rude slang word. I feel a bit sad about that. She is just Tiara now.
I hope your little ray of sunshine is thriving and you are managing to get the nappies dry in this damp autumn weather....ahh the memories:)

cass 04-27-2003 09:40 PM

just to be accurate...well as close to it as I can get...d'oh

The ben harper broadcast was made up of 2 live performances, one recent, one from 2 years ago. I was wondering why he performed with Jack Jones.

btw:I only have only just got into Kasey's music. I like her band on the Barricades & Brickwalls album. She goes from heart-rending ballad, I love the Nullabor song, that's my favourite I think,to good up-feeling singalong songs "I'm A Little Bit Lonesome" & "crossfire" with The Living End.

Anyway...... babies and small children are honest critics. It made me laugh.

cass 04-27-2003 09:42 PM

that would be Jack Johnson



cass 04-27-2003 10:17 PM

PSS: I noticed a TV ad last night, for one of the travel shows that is on tonight, maybe Getaway?
They said they will visit the pub Bono liked so much he bought it. I have never seen the Clarence Hotel, so I hope to remember to watch it.

cass 04-28-2003 11:47 PM

hellsbells, I forgot all about that show.
I watched frikking Austen Powers instead.

cass 04-28-2003 11:51 PM

I would like to see it again actually. I missed a bit of it. but some it was hilarious. I enjoy a good laugh :lmao:

vital information and irony

not you arbitary henchman twiddling knobs making appear you are doing something...:laugh:

but I would have loved a tour of the Clarence.

cass 04-29-2003 10:59 PM

well that's very embarrassing
although not new news by any means

Australians are a bunch of tight-arses when it comes to overseas aid, amongst other things.
I used to write letters about the discrepency betwwen our aid and defence budgets. i think it was a ploy. The various departments woul dsend back half a rainforest's worth of paper in reply. shameful waste, shameful.

Salome 04-30-2003 06:00 AM

I'm still debating whether I should rent Goldmember
angie likes it,
but, well, does she really have any taste?

Ali Rose 04-30-2003 06:39 AM


wow cass. save some spots for us to post in this thread. :wink:

Angela Harlem 04-30-2003 08:16 AM

bite me, tulip boy :mad: you ARE goldmember

:wave: cass and ali rose

Salome 04-30-2003 09:01 AM

:wave: angie, cass and ali rose

cass 04-30-2003 08:48 PM

plenty of room for you all
this is kind of my latest and greatest news form Oz that I find a bit odd thread.
Like this morning on JJJ..Ed Burns, the irish comedian ...or should I say Supreme Being who works in Australia. He is hilarious. I like his low-key style....and his accent.

Austin Powers is kind of old-fashioned slap-stick, probably not PC to laugh...oh but :laugh:

Beware the Big Prawn...that thing would have to give kids nightmares.

Black cockatoos....I saw some this morning :) and I think the brolgas are about to nest....see odd Aussie news:)

cass 05-01-2003 04:17 PM

today's :lmao:

Gretel Kaleen:lmao:
son#3 is watching the latest Australian Big Brother.( if he's done his homework, that's OK...I honestly believe I learned something from first series...tragic eh?)
Last night they introduced a vibrant 18 year old woman to the round house, the home of the "never-ending dinner party". She was sitting there non-plussed as Ben told her his story ...ad nauseum
So Gretel suggested Leah was thinking ,
"where's the party? and instead she gets Pa Kettle telling his war stories"
I nearly choked laughing..oh dear sweet sometimes dumb Gretel, I like her...and Pa Kettle. I grew up on those movies and love the Kettles...all of them.

I like the way Gretel slips in her questions on her owm behalf...like "does he have an older brother..a much older brother?" she doesn't mind the nation knowing she is dateless and desperate.

YAY for Gretel.

"war stories"

...see, I learn things


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