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IWasBored 03-31-2003 03:15 AM

favourite gum thread
what's everyone's favourite kind of gum?

one vote for cinnimon here

and anyone remember in calvin and hobbes when calvin subscribes to the gum chewing magazine?

Kariann 03-31-2003 03:18 AM

My favorite is minty type flavors like wintergreen etc.

Hate juicy fruit because it loses its flavor in 2 seconds.

cujo 03-31-2003 03:30 AM

My favorite is double mint gum...

hey doesn't everyone want to double their pleasure?

IWasBored 03-31-2003 03:36 AM


Originally posted by cujo

hey doesn't everyone want to double their pleasure with me?

no i don't cujo

cujo 03-31-2003 03:50 AM

boo... no double mint for you.


u2popmofo 03-31-2003 05:29 AM

Orbit brand, it's really good.

yertle-the-turtle 03-31-2003 05:55 AM


Oooh, gum. I'd kill for some.

u2popmofo 03-31-2003 06:10 AM


Originally posted by yertle-the-turtle
Oooh, gum. I'd kill for some.
Glad I'm nowhere near you right now then!!! hehe

Big League Chew is some really good bubble gum, I havent had it for ages though.

The gum you used to get in packages of Baseball cards was always good too. Really stale and stuff, and I remember the flavor would last for like 10 chews. I think it was just a good memory getting baseball cards or something. The gum was just an added bonus.

yertle-the-turtle 03-31-2003 06:11 AM

Gum is a luxury only people who travel north to Malaysia for weekends can afford where I live. :p

Johnny Swallow 03-31-2003 09:41 AM

I thought nothing could beat Cherry Trident, until I tried Wintermint Orbit.

Stories for Boys 03-31-2003 10:47 AM

i love the bublicious (or whatever) flavors kickin' cola and grape...but for everyday usage, i'm partial to orbit wintermint :up:

MiniFly 03-31-2003 11:19 AM

Icebreakers, the blue flavor. My very favorite stuff.

Giant Lemon 03-31-2003 11:25 AM


Originally posted by Stories for Boys
but for everyday usage, i'm partial to orbit wintermint :up:
Same here. I also like all the Bubblicious flavors, but I rarely chew any gum besides mint varieties.

IWasBored 03-31-2003 11:35 AM

EVERYDAY usage? damn you must chew a lot of gum...

cloudimani 03-31-2003 01:34 PM

Green Wrigleys Extra Sugarfree

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