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Achtung_Bebe 11-10-2002 01:28 AM

U2 Gathering NEEDED
For all you U2 fans in the Louisiana/Texas/Southern/Other areas -- I am open to all suggestions as to how we may arrange another U2 fan bash. I had a great time on the last tour in Texas (and Cali), but I am currently in need of some U2 fan bondage, people!! I have been seriously lacking in that department lately! ABEL, z edge, EdgeVox, etc. etc. (there's so many to type!) how 'bout it? Possible? Perhaps? You know you wanna :p

Just throwing it out there...

ABEL 12-01-2002 12:30 AM

hey Bebe!

Sorry I just saw this thread!

Anytime you want to get together just let me know! Send me an email or PM! I'm always in the mood for an Irish pub!

Also, if you look in the Vegas for St. Patrick's Day thread, I'm planning on going to that too if I get enough money saved up!

Like O2 12-01-2002 02:17 PM

Hey Bebe,

I just saw this thread too (even though I was included in the etc, etc group :tongue: )....

Yeah, I'd love to find a reason to all meet up again. I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I saw somewhere that you are in LA now.

Anyway, if someone comes up with a plan, let me know.

eebz 12-08-2002 01:23 AM

Count me in!
hi there Bebe! :wave:

hey, im all for a get together! whatever you guys/grrls want to drum up...i want to be there, for sure!

when can you get away, bebe? can you do something after the first of the year? is the vegas/st paddy get together a possibility for ya?

talk to us, grrl! :hyper:

Achtung_Bebe 12-16-2002 02:16 AM

Hey y'all!

Something after the first of the year would be perfect. Right now things are a little disorderly, I've just moved out of the dorms and have decided to stay at the parent's apartment while I figure out where to next (that makes four of us in a 2 bdrm) so by then things should have settled down a bit. Also, this would give me time to request off of work. I'm going to look at the work schedule tomorrow during my *long* shift and see what would work. I'll get back to you then! I'm thinking that after the first and before the 15th would be best, being that the semester starts up again around that time (I may even be taking a semester break, not really sure yet)

A U2 get-together would be the greatest Christmas gift I could ever give myself! :)

Stay tuned...

ABEL 12-22-2002 12:33 AM

how does the weekend after New Years sound with everyone? Like Saturday night, January 4th? I'm kinda busy on Friday the 3rd...I've got the Planetarium thing to do...but hey, y'all are more than welcome to go to that too, and we could go out afterwards! The Planetarium is free! :yes:

ABEL 12-29-2002 02:00 PM

looks like our gathering will be rescheduled for the weekend of January 11th...eebz can't make it up from Houston this weekend...

Bebe where are ya?

ghetofabu 01-02-2003 09:44 AM

I just sent you a PM ABEL. It did not occur to me to look here until after I sent you the PM. :huh:

ghetofabu 01-02-2003 09:56 AM

So um yeah. :uhoh: I guess you all know I am going to be there now.

ABEL 01-03-2003 12:45 PM


Originally posted by ghetofabu
So um yeah. :uhoh: I guess you all know I am going to be there now.
YAY :hug: :dance:

I'll let y'all know the details when I know where/when we're all meeting...looks like sometime on Saturday, January 11.

ghetofabu 01-06-2003 03:44 PM

I am still coming. :evil: ................:ohmy: I mean :D . Sometimes my smile looks evil.

ABEL 01-07-2003 01:11 AM


Originally posted by ghetofabu
I am still coming...

YAY :dance: :hug:

anybody know where Bebe is? :shrug:

ghetofabu 01-09-2003 09:01 AM

Still coming. I think I may actually leave tomorrow after work. Not sure. hmmmmm thinking.

DebbieSG 02-05-2003 11:14 PM


Originally posted by ghetofabu
Still coming. I think I may actually leave tomorrow after work. Not sure. hmmmmm thinking.
you are still coming? you must have to come a long way!

it is strange, the way Achtung-Bebe is so interested in meeting the southern folk!

anytime she does get an itching for meeting with texans and new orleans people, she usually finds a nice bedroom in some god-forsaken hotel, or is that just my imagination, playing tricks with my new found friends, the chia pets?

Bebe, girl, you really need to come visit Ghirardelli Square, with myself, and all the other fine, well-connected Bay Area U2 fans, who are actually in the mood for Indian food, for sure.

could you please give a shout out to the peppy people inhabiting this small peninsula and environs, we really do want to show you a GOOD time here, the weather is so balmy, and there are lots of sweaters you can buy in the warf area, where we also have shrimp! maybe, you can stay with bono, there at the Cliff house!

Love, you, please come back to San Jose soon! Bye! See ya,
Debbie Sue Goldenberg
"on boderlands we run" -Bono, on an old album, is it Amnesia, oh, yeh, that's Radiohead, hmm, umm, eee, i just don't remember:ohmy:

DebbieSG 02-05-2003 11:55 PM

is the information there too scary? i suppose the address will garner many pornagraphic entries in my inbox, not that Mr. Gates would really care, they just keep changing the cookies, those pesky little suppliers of sleepless nights, the romance, the pills...

there is never ENOUGH places to go to find this kind of cheap entertainment, it's not like the tv is full of rated R shows, like Elimidate, or Survivor, or even 5th wheel, these indeed are just a complicated process for finding a good bedtime partner, to sleep, to dream and perchance to wash the poor peaches on the far away shore...this is not a test, and and it would be a shame if all of you "monkey" there were really blind, or deaf, or seeing a hailstorm or something, like that silly Creed video, you might want to find a good hole to crawl into, ok? just think, down in mexico, there are people crushed to death. and in Canada, many fine persons from los estados unidos are buried deep under layers of cold, frozen white snow.

...it certainly IS a starless time, this entertainment complex. i may not even go to sears, i may just go to the local boutique and pick up another cd, probably of rap or hip hop, like J-LO.

what is the matter with that?

"ebony and ivory" -Paul McCartney, a surviving Beatle, a solo artist and formerly dead, lol :shrug:

hey, is there bus to Daytona...dear stapp is trying to dance, after that accident, besides, i could look for other fans of famous bands, like Eurpeans and hispanics! maybe he is still alive!

oh boy, where can i go for a good time now?

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