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LizardU2 10-28-2002 05:48 PM

Know anyone that looks like a famous person?
Just curious if anyone knows someone who looks like a famous person.

My cousin looks like Billy Corgan and I had a gym teacher that looked like Adam Sandler.

u2er 10-28-2002 05:52 PM

I don't even like julia roberts
There used to be a girl in my geography class who looked like Julia Roberts.. and there's one in my computer class who also looks like her :huh:
and they're not related.. :scratch:

MissVelvetDress_75 10-28-2002 06:18 PM

my best friend's husband looks like Ben Affleck and some days he looks like Adam Sandler. :der:

Naya 10-28-2002 06:36 PM

My mom looks a lot like the Scottish actress, Tilda Swinton.

*Everyone: Tilda who???

She looks so much like her in that photo its freaky...

She also kinda looks like the actress who played Rose's mother in "Titanic".

pinkfloyd 10-28-2002 06:40 PM

I look like Alen Delon .

Bonochick 10-28-2002 06:45 PM

~My driver's ed instructor looked like Pop-era Adam

~I used to work with a guy who looked like Ben Stiller

Naya 10-28-2002 07:07 PM


Originally posted by pinkfloyd
I look like Alen Delon .
You mean Alain Delon?


daisybean 10-28-2002 07:34 PM

I have a cousin who looks like Sandra Bullock and I knew a guy in HS who looked like Jim Carey.

Bono's shades 10-28-2002 07:51 PM

I have an uncle who looks like Kenny Rogers.

One of my college roomates looked like Molly Ringwald.

There's a guy where I work who looks like :larry:.

HelloAngel 10-28-2002 08:58 PM

I knew a guy in high school who looked just like Tom Cruise. His name though, was Thad.

I looked like Alicia Silverstone during the time she did the Aerosmith videos. I got "recognized" in the mall alot. It was weird.

elevatedmole 10-28-2002 10:04 PM

This isn't exactly related, but I was recently in a restaurant where there was a guy who looked almost exactly like Adam. :huh: He had the exact same glasses, haircut, etc. Definitely not Adam-ish clothes though ;) More .. hmm, what's a good way to explain it.. more dignified, almost businessman type clothes.

The_Sweetest_Thing 10-28-2002 11:30 PM


Originally posted by Naya
My mom looks a lot like the Scottish actress, Tilda Swinton.

*Everyone: Tilda who???

She was in "The BEach." And "Orlando" w/ Billy Zane.

I knew a girl who looked liked Sandra Bullock. Her claim to fame is that a stewardress asked her (my friend) for her autograph, b/c she really thought she was Sandra!

Remember Britney Spears when she first came out? The long straight semi-blond hair? Yeah, well, during that time I was told a few times that I looked like her. I went to the Catholic High School w/ the uniform and everything. I had the look first, dammit (only at my school we didn't pull our kilts up and dance around like little hoocheys).

Then she got a boob job and became a major whore. That's when people stopped telling me I looked like Britney... :sexywink:

madonna's child 10-28-2002 11:42 PM

My uncle looks like Dave Lettermen.

Sicy 10-28-2002 11:50 PM

Some have said I resemble Sandra Bullock




TripThruUreWires 10-28-2002 11:53 PM

i'm surrounded by people who seriously look very similar to celebrities:

--my sister looks like suzanne somers (sp?)
--my brother is constantly looking like a young elvis in photographs (very freaky indeed...i'm sure he'd make a lot of money doing those elvis impersonations in vegas)
--my dad looks like saddam husein when he sports a mustache (i'm not exactly proud of that one, which is why i got him to shave)
--my dearest guy friend looks almost exactly like a younger jackie chan (everytime he's around kids, he gets asked to "do some of those moves he does in the movies")
--i've been told i look like a few people..but it's all rubbish. i prefer to think i look like me.

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