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zooropamanda 10-20-2002 06:47 AM

if we all went to the same high school...
what would it have been like?
were you shy? confident? a brat?
getting into trouble with teachers?
a teachers pet?
a jock? a brain?
a goth or a punk?
were you any different to now? :lol:

what were u like in high school and what was your school like?

daisybean 10-20-2002 06:58 AM

Much like in here, I kinda just float around and talk to different people, but don't really belong to a specific clique. Now don't no one go on whining about how this place is "cliquey." I only use clique, because it's easier than saying a group of people who share common interests and get along better together.

zooropamanda 10-20-2002 07:07 AM

i was pretty shy daisy.
still am in a way i guess.
i went to an all girl private catholic school where uniforms were strict and money flowed for many, but not me. so that part was always a bit hard as girls were concerned with the latest clothes and how many new toys they had, which also created a certain climate in which they placed their value systems.
far from mine but it was good training for life because it taught me a lot about the ways of the world and how people react within social groups.
i was a good girl in class and only got detention once :laugh:
i got myself into trouble in other ways for doing stupid clumsy amanda type things like breaking drama props, falling over during video presentations and setting off fire alarms on camp.

i was nominated for drama captain in yr 12 but was beaten by a louder more popular girl and it still bugs me because i would have loved that position. Never told anyone that till now.

i played tennis on weekends and went to drama club(theatre sports) on wednesday afternoons. my friends and i stayed friends right thru from yr 7 to 12. i used towrite poems about them and read them out at parties where my nickname was flower child.

RussellbeStaji 10-20-2002 07:20 AM


I went to a magnet high school, majoring (yes, there were majors in this high school) in theatre at their Youth Performing Arts School. It was very competitive. There was a lot of back stabbing going on, and you weren't quite sure who was your friend to be your friend or your friend to learn your trade secrets and steal them. The school was also well renowned for their academic achievements. Therefore, people were also competitive in that aspect, fighting to be considered the smartest. ANYWAY, I didn't hate on anybody. I was the kid who hung out to have a good time and didn't really give a :censored: about the drama, if you will. I was a little shy, but once I got to know you, I was very open and talked as much as I could about whatever was on my mind. I may not have been the smartest student there, but I held my ground. I was also a rather bad girl, though, I guess you could say. I cut classes a lot, didn't study or do homework, and just ran around with people who I knew I could get drunk and do drugs with. Hmm.. I'm definitely not the same in the fact that I study and devote a great deal of time to my schoolwork now, go to all my classes and feel guilty otherwise, and try to be as open as possible to everyone regardless of knowing them or not. I still don't hate. I get along and hang out with everyone. And, basically I am one of the select stone cold pimps of the nation.

Salome 10-20-2002 07:31 AM

high school sucks :)
except for all the vacations

brettig 10-20-2002 08:01 AM

Right now im the class loser.

FizzingWhizzbees 10-20-2002 08:10 AM

I went to a super-snobby all-girls private school where almost every girl had ultra rich parents and went on vacations four times a year and got a car for her 17th birthday and had a cellphone. I on the other hand, went there 'cause my dad was a teacher and so we didn't pay fees, and was always the class reject. I used to get laughed at for walking to school because my mum doesn't own a car, or for not having gone on holiday every summer vacation.

I left when I was sixteen and went to sixth form college, which was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. I hated high school :(

MissVelvetDress_75 10-20-2002 09:42 AM

i am pretty much the same now as i was when i was a teenager. a smart ass, always getting into trouble with my teachers for talking back, had a ton of detention for talking too much and for coming to school late (i found no reason for homeroom, i thought and still think my sleep is much more important). I hung around with everyone from the popular ones to the outcasts. the only thing that is different now is that my hair is not quite as big as it was back in the days. hahaha

Indigo 10-20-2002 09:55 AM

I remember getting written up...

The teacher had just left the class to go make copies and a phone call or 2. There were these wonderful rolling chairs by the computers and a ramp outside the classroom. We would take turns running down the hall and pushing the other down the ramp. Needless to say, the librarian didn't like the noise of the chair and person crashing into a wall. :rant:

I was a media aid Sr. year and I got to wheel carts with equipment all over campus...so occasionally I would give friends lifts...

I also never did my own homework in Astronomy and strategically placed the answers around the room...(bulletin board, bottoms of shoes, teachers desk....)

High school was okay...I didn't belong to a group b/c whenever I would come in from skipping I would just sit down and talk to some people to make it look as though I had always been there.
..... :p

Bonochick 10-20-2002 10:28 AM

I hung out with all sorts of people...I was kind of the "leader" of my group of friends. All of us were kind of "odd men out" by ourselves because we really didn't fit in with other groups...so we had our own thing going on. I swear I had a split personality...and my personalities tend to come in extremes. Most of all though...I was a bit of a class clown, and I never got in trouble. My homework was always done, and I never had detention.

Blue_Angel 10-20-2002 12:28 PM

I am the only person who seems to not miss high school among my friends. I enjoy coming home and seeing them but Id never wanna go back.

what was I like? I dunno, I was me. I used to be really shy but barely am anymore. I was friends with people regardless of stupid groups and cliques, and i was not highly involved in the whole high school scene since by the beginning of junior year i was sick of it. most of my friends were outside of school.
I didnt really get in trouble, and i got pretty good grades, but I did not study much and i was pretty lazy. basically I was boring
and just wanted to get out.

Im sure u wanted to know all that :D

FallingStar 10-20-2002 12:33 PM

I would be the freak like in real life. :|

Laura M 10-20-2002 01:24 PM

In school we all wear uniforms so we all look the same well except for Lower and Upper sixths the 2 oldest years- Im an Upper Sixth :D- because we are in a grammar school we wear dire woolen blazers and have white shirts and blue ties and blue skirt and blue tights- i look about 12 in my uniform :| People in secondary schools get to wear fleeces instead of blazers that makes me bitter.

I have one small group of friends but then in my free classes I float about and talk to nayone really- I like talking :)

Im just another pupil in school- nothing important nobody cares in their last year we all just want to leave :|

souLnation2002 10-20-2002 02:43 PM

high school sucks.


The_Sweetest_Thing 10-20-2002 02:53 PM

I went to the high school right around the corner from my house..so did everyone from my town and the town next to us (whom I hate).

Anyway, it started off pretty strict. Catholic High School and all, so we all wore kilts, unifrom etc...as the years went on here it got more and more relaxed until the uniform pretty much became a joke. We could wear black track pants and a white t-shirt and they'd still let us in (they got more strict agin in my last year). Our high school pretty much went to the dogs. The discipline there was SUCH a joke. I mean, they'd tell us things like, 'wear the unifrom' but never enforced it. Teachers tried, but ended up leaving b/c they couldn't handle the fact that the kids were getting worse and worse.

Our high school was mega-cliquey. I tried to be nice to everyone, although you knew that when you turned your back, the same people you were nice to would talk behind your back. Ugghh. Luckily, I had a pretty good group of friends.

I was the loud one, the really talkative one. I studied hard, and got really good marks. But I was constantly getting in trouble in class for talking. Not so much that it distracted me, but the teachers always said the OTHER kids couldn't concentarte. Ah..

The one time I skipped class, they called my home (and I skipped because I had to finish a report. I was in the library for god'ssake). It was ridiculous. They only call home after the third time. I was sooo pissed, I semi-told off the VP. Once you hit 18 you could 'sign out' (skip class legally). By then I'd had enough so I did it whenever I didn't want to go to Algebra (another story entirely).

Our high school went to OAC (grade 13). I couldn't wait to leave by then. People were so fake. It was very much based on money. The rich hung around with the rich. Everyone dyed their hair blond. It was gino/gina central. BMWs parked everywhere in the parking lot.

I miss my friends, some teachers, but that's about it.

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