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Cowgirl 10-18-2002 07:40 AM

3 things we dont know about you, Interlander
There are a lot of new people around here lately so I thought it would be cool to list a few things about yourself that not many would know, and if youve been here for ages like brats such as salomey or myself, and we know everything there is to know about you, tell us again or think of something none of us may know!

<----wannabeartist formerly known as zooropamanda
she got in far more trouble than me around here so im staying this way for a bit still
*i just started a new job teaching 6 yr olds and for an impatient and slightly grumpy person as myself, its rather scary but for some odd reason...after a week im still smiling
:huh: they have given me flowers everyday
* i love photography and would like to shoot bono's nose someday
* i have a chicken pox scar right between my eye brows and my uncle sometimes calls me cyclops
*i have a fetish for sunglasses and silver rings
*sometimes i put my pillows at the end of my bed and sleep the other way just for fun

your turn...

daisybean 10-18-2002 07:49 AM

You think you know but you have no idea
*I have this hideous gap between my two front teeth...hence why I don't smile as much as I should.

*I seem to have this ability to emphathize with people, that I never used to have....I am becoming a more tolerant person as I get older.

*I have an obsession with Avon's Fruity Lip Juice....I can't stop putting it on

LarryMullen's POPAngel 10-18-2002 07:53 AM

Umm...k, let me think.

*pretends to be thinking

- I love writing
- I have a thing for whisky sours (tho I haven't had one in ages cause I've been out of work all this year and haven't been to a bar in about 5 months:( )
- I'm obsessively clean, think Monica from Friends
- I love to sleep in on the weekend, usually curled up with my little girl kitty Mia :love:
- My guilty pleasures include the Newlywed Game (on Game Show Network), tootsie pops, Kylie Minogue, and Vanity Fair magazine

Probably boring as all get out, but uh...yeah, that's me.

ghetofabu 10-18-2002 09:02 AM


I am trying to think of something that I have not stated here before.....*thinks*

-- I have a freckle on my right foot between my pinky toe and second to last toe that I think it is dirt or fuzz sometimes and try to clean it. It has been there my whole life and I still forget.

--Spreaking of forgetfulness. I have a horrible memory when it comes to peoples names. I mean really bad. I tell people when I meet them so they will not get offended.

--My last name has eight letters in it and begins with a W and ends with and R, and my middle name is Lynn.

Sparkysgrrrl 10-18-2002 11:52 AM

Nobody really knows too much about me so this shouldn't be too hard....

*I am currently unable to work right now, hence all the extra time I have for internet fun

*I have a tattoo of Snowball II the Simpsons kitty cat on my ankle

*When I was front row at an Elevation gig, I kept waving to Adam (like the geek that I am) and he kindly laughed and smiled and waved each time I did it

*my other 2 favorite bands are Bad Religion and Hole

*I permanently lost some of my hearing after forgetting my ear plugs at a Joan Jett concert

Bonochick 10-18-2002 12:00 PM

Wow...Most Of You Have Heard Just About Everything! *thinks...*
~I have a small but ugly scar on the knuckle under the middle finger of my right hand from when I punched a kickplate and hit the screw (I was trying to punch a person when we were sitting on the floor, but she moved, and I hit the kickplate instead).

~One time, I got stuck in a Dumpster for probably only 20 seconds (but it seemed like eternity) when I teetered too far over the edge of it, trying to retrieve my ring.

~One time, in second grade, I got in trouble for choking a girl on the playground. :uhoh:

I'm so violent... :silent:

U2SavesTheWorld 10-18-2002 12:09 PM

No one knows anything about me so this should be easy....

1) I almost swam in the Olympics
2) I have a rabbit named Corona
3) I'm the vice president of an international company


HelloAngel 10-18-2002 12:11 PM

HI! :wave:

*My favorite thing to do in the world is go to concerts. That is when I am at my happiest.

*I love love love my kitty cats, and dislike it when people speak in harmful ways about small animals just because they don't care for that particular animal. I'm not a dog person, but I would never be rude about it.

*I have written over 400 poems in my lifetime.

*I am currently writing my memoir. I have a publisher.

*I am a Florida native and will always live in Florida.

*I do not know how to work my cell phone properly. I don't mind this.

Bonochick 10-18-2002 12:13 PM


Originally posted by HelloAngel
*I am currently writing my memoir. I have a publisher.

Do I get to buy a copy when you are done???

Sicy 10-18-2002 12:27 PM

we want to hear about the olympics

Originally posted by U2SavesTheWorld
1) I almost swam in the Olympics
Um like wow n stuff.

wait... *edited to take out wow for vice president. :shame: :laugh:

Is the Olympic story exaggerated too? ;)

HelloAngel 10-18-2002 12:53 PM

Re: Ooooh!

Originally posted by Bonochick

Do I get to buy a copy when you are done???

You bet, baybee. If you want to!!! :hug:

Ali Rose 10-18-2002 12:56 PM

Hmmmmm I'm pretty boring
I'm very bad at talking to people when i'm upset. I tend to hide away and keep things inside so as not to bother anyone with mundane problems...:huh:

I have a convertible....not a shiny new expensive one...but it gets the job done.:D

I never ever watch TV anymore. In fact i havent even seen the new ES video...

Blue_Angel 10-18-2002 12:57 PM


Originally posted by U2SavesTheWorld
No one knows anything about me so this should be easy....

1) I almost swam in the Olympics

are you feckin serious??? when?? what was your stroke? why where how? can you PM me, please? Id really love to hear about it :D

FallingStar 10-18-2002 02:03 PM

*I have a mullet :mac:
*I have a little scar on the left side of my chin...dunno why
*I'm a rather clueless person when it comes to talking about myself :huh:

HeartlandGirl 10-18-2002 02:05 PM

1. I was recruited to play point guard for a basketball team at a university in Texas.

2. I won 8th place :o at the state fair this year for a cross-stitch I made. (Next year I vow to enter something better!)

3. I enjoy writing haikus, especially about college football. That's how I talk trash to my family on the ESPN College Pigskin Pick 'em BB. For example:

Mack Brown defends Simms
"Best QB in the country!"
Yeah, right. Spare me please!

Well, that was educational! And embarrassing! :eeklaugh:

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