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ABEL 09-06-2002 12:13 AM

I'm going to see the Whirling Dervishes on Saturday
anybody ever heard of them?

I've never heard of them or seen them...we get a monthly newsletter at the apartments I live at, and there was a flyer in it for the Whirling Dirvishes. My friends and I thought it looked like something interesting to go see.

They're a dance group from Turkey.



Anway, I'm gonna go get the tickets tomorrow...I'll let you know how the show is on Saturday.

ABEL 09-06-2002 02:59 AM

so I guess no one else has heard of them or seen them either? :lol: :scratch:

Laura M 09-06-2002 02:04 PM

sounds a bit :coocoo: :crack: :coocoo: :crack: ABEL:der:

joyfulgirl 09-06-2002 03:03 PM

ABEL > I would LOVE to see them! I've always been fascinated by them. Rumi was a great Sufi master and I especially love the Coleman Barks translations of his poetry. Please do a follow-up post and let us know how it was!

deep 09-06-2002 04:42 PM


Good for you. They come to the Los Angeles area every few years. I try an expose myself to different cultures as much as possible. I would like to experience this event. Have fun.

cell 09-07-2002 12:43 AM

this sounds really cool
I read about it on the net, and it sounds pretty interesting. I'd like to see them when they come to L.A.
Have fun ABEL:)

kariatari 09-07-2002 02:30 AM

That's cool, ABEL! I saw a PBS travel show once where the host went to see the Whirling Dirvishes. One of the girls in the group was interviewed and she explained that they hold one palm facing up and one facing down so they can channel some kind of spirit. They also tilt their heads to the side while they are spinning so their neck is exposed. I thought it was pretty interesting...but then again, I'm a nerd. :reject: :D

deep 09-13-2002 03:26 PM


Did you go? We are waiting for your review.

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