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Liesje 07-28-2002 11:37 PM

PLEBANs Hoe Down in Chicago......
OMD, what great time you guys!!!! ((((( conveners ))))) We (the GRers) stopped at Meijers by Kristie's and got our piccies done, so w/o further ado, I will start to scan and post and I'm sure you can fill in w/ stories!

*boots up scanner*

Liesje 07-28-2002 11:55 PM

alright, to start us off, I present Julio (sp?) and Laura (wearing Adamsock). Note the drool-worthy Bono poster of the original Bonomouth thread created by Tiffany. someone tell the Julio story, k?

Next, some highlights from the "Hoe Down" in Rm. 404. Kristie (in THE PANTS!) Laura, and Gina bustin some hoe moves while Shannon and Ellen hoe it up w/ the socks:

more on the way...

Stories for Boys 07-29-2002 12:02 AM

*pulls a minnesota...*

oh geeeeeeez!

i haven't had that much fun in a long time.....i'd tell the julio story, but to be honest, i'm a bit :o...so someone else can have at it....i walked in the door 15 minutes ago, and i want to go back NOW!!!


Liesje 07-29-2002 12:04 AM

ok, some group pics:

us raiding the U2 section in Virgin Records

us in the hotel lobby this morning

the twins: Gina and Kristie, Laura and Shannon

*switches to higher quality*

more on the way...

Kristie 07-29-2002 12:13 AM

ooooh GEEZ

I seem to have misplaced one of my cds from Anita... any of you hos happen to find Bono's Solo's vol. I?
:sad: :sad: :sad:

Liesje 07-29-2002 12:15 AM

Shannon ordering food in a strange accent, "How thick is your double decker?"

Laura paying the pizza guy using shirtless Adamsock w/ fro and sarong ("Here you go.....keep the change.....have you seen my shirt?")

Me (Lies) "jimmying" the damn TV so we could watch Santiago popmart.....two nites in a row! oh, and the sign on the wall from when Gina greeted us at the train station "Don't let the bastards hoe you down!"

ok, now I'm REALLY tired, but there's lots more to show and tell so keep it up guys.....

elizabeth 07-29-2002 12:31 AM

you all look fantastic...i am jealous!

Lilly 07-29-2002 12:32 AM

*relives memories of yesterday*

so, uhm, how thick IS your double decker?

them: it goes about 3" deep.


MissVelvetDress_75 07-29-2002 12:38 AM

my little ho's..you make me proud. :mac:

Kristie 07-29-2002 12:47 AM

Julio Story Time

We (Laura (stories for boys), Lies(livluvandbootlegmusic), Ellen (ultraviolet light), Gina (hallelujah here she comes), Brianne (mirrorball girl), and I (me)
anyway, we showed up at the hotel and the bellhop (Julio) sees all our U2 shirts and says "oooh U2 fans! Are they in town?" yada yada, Brianne tries to explain our convention to him...
anyway, we're there at like noon, and the rest of the people don't show up until four. So we sit in the lobby because check in isn't until three. Whilst there we play with sock puppets, Larry's stick, Edge's pick, and look at concert pics.
Julio: *walks by and looks at the pics over our shoulder*
Us: Ummmmmm...
Gina and I were talking to each other with the socks... and we look up and basically everyone in the lobby is staring at us going :eyebrow:
Us: *hide in shame*
Julio: *points at the sock with the fro* Is that Adam?

We came up with various things to do with Julio such as dress him up, invite him to watch videos with us... The videos thing didn't go down cos he'd see our jimmyed TV and possibly tell on us.
So in the end we gave him a poster on the way out :-D
He thought it was SO cool. We're getting in our cab to go to the train station and Julio says "You girls stay cool!"
Me: You too!

[/julio story]

Ultraviolet Light 07-29-2002 01:00 AM


Originally posted by Kristie
Julio: *points at the sock with the fro* Is that Adam?
oh geeeeez dat was quality!

So, am I just a giant flaming dork cause I have an incredible urge to put this:
in my signature?

I s'pose it's too big though, eh?
you'se all: oh dern...too big...whatever shall we do...

Mirrorball Girl 07-29-2002 01:05 AM

***I posted this to see that Kristie hath already told the story while I was taking so freakin long posting this ... but oh well! Here it is again!***


Originally posted by LivLuvAndBootlegMusic

Me (Lies) "jimmying" the damn TV so we could watch Santiago popmart.....two nites in a row! oh, and the sign on the wall from when Gina greeted us at the train station "Don't let the bastards hoe you down!"

BWAHAHAHA! Oh, that is fabulous. Loveth photos, girls! Yeah, so I'm still waiting for the hotel to call me and be like, "Um, so did you jimmy the TV in your room ... and put it back together using delicious chocolatey Kit-kat wrappers?" LOL!

By the way, although I wasn't actually there for the presentation of the poster to Julio, I can begin the Julio story. (Shannon, you might want to cover your eyes -- the story is about to be told again. ;) )

When we girls first arrived at the hotel on Friday afternoon, it was way before check-in time. However, we had ten tons of luggage, so there wasn't much else we could do around town. We set down all of our crap, busted out photos and presents and Pants and sticks and picks and CBB and sock puppets and U2 comic books ... and proceeded to engage in much chatting and laughing and general PLEBA-ness. Meanwhile, Julio, the bellboy, had seen the U2 members on various t-shirts and was all excited. He was like, "U2??" He wanted to know if we were in town to see them that weekend (Dude, we WISHED), etc. I told him we were sort of there for a convention.

Julio: "Really? Where is it??"
Me: "Here..." [thinking: "No, no, dude, you sooooo don't understand..."]

So , although I imagine we were entertaining and/or frightening anyone in the general vicinity, we sort of managed to forget about Julio. Kristie had busted out SockAdam and SockLarry, and we were having fun dressing them, etc. Picture the scene:

Laura: *holding The Pants in her lap* (I think she had them)
Me: *absently stroking Larry's stick*
Kristie and Gina: *holding naked SockAdam and SockLarry dressed in Adam's clothes, with Adam's fro and cigarette*
*having them greet each other in Sockvoices*
Lies, Ellen, Laura, and I: *giggling like lunatics at Sockpuppets*

We all suddenly become aware of the fact that...

Julio: *is standing about 2 feet away from the couch, watching us*
*sees fro on SockLarry*
asks: "Is that Adam?"

Us: *collectively die*

Seriously, we were cracking up, writhing around on the couches and chairs laughing hysterically in a combination of mirth and shame ... and Julio just stood there and kept watching us, grinning.

So that's the beginning of the Julio story. Kristie has already explained the rest of it. :D

Stories for Boys 07-29-2002 01:25 AM

heh.....what was really funny was when i gave julio the poster, it was via sock adam w/ the fro..........he had the biggest grin on his face.....heh........yeah, kristie and i had LOTS of fun with the sock larry and adam on the way home....the hotel lobby, the train (eww freak guy), the airport/train station, the car.........yeah.....twas great!

Stories for Boys 07-29-2002 01:28 AM

o yeah....and that fact that i have a really sucky and half assed irish accent.....

Stories for Boys 07-29-2002 01:32 AM

i'll never live this weekend down.....
did i mention that i'm a sucker for deals? anyway, on the promise of a free bootleg, i also paid for both orders of food via sockadam....the first guy laughed outloud and the second guy seemed very disturbed by it all.....ahh the joys of being a bit insane......

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