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whiteflag 06-22-2002 10:05 PM

People from Dallas area, look! IMPORTANT
Something is apparently afoot in the fight against AIDS in our not-so-fair city.

I just got an email from someone from the global alliance against AIDS suggesting that we meet our local representative sometime in July to gain support for a House bill. Details are still forthcoming but the idea has me interested. My impression is that we would show up in person to show how much it means to us and at least appear knowledgable. We wouldn't have to be experts cuz if we did I'd be excluded straight away.

Anyway, we could probably do something good for the fight against AIDS just by showing up and saying we want him to vote yes for more funding. I've done similar things on the phone before. And if you think they don't listen, let me tell you that I called up one of my senators once and told them I didn't like a position they had taken and the next thing I knew they had changed it totally.

In principle it works like this. I think they figure that for every person who bothers to make thier opinion known there must be others out there who agree with them. This can really work in our favor.

Anyway, if you are from Dallas or from an area that shares the same congressional district as Dallas, then let me know if you'd like to do something like this ok?


Allegra 07-16-2002 12:05 AM

Need help?
I live here in the Dallas area. What do I need to do, or who do I need to call? Basically, where do you need help?

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