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tkramer 06-12-2002 04:59 PM

If you care about music at all...
You should probably go check this out:


Here's a little bit (from them) on why it exists:

Believe it or not, ClearChannelSucks.org was not formed for the purpose of forming a campaign for the complete divestiture of Clear Channel. We do not aim to destroy Clear Channel. We believe that Clear Channel has a place in entertainment industry for a while to come, but we believe that in its current state that the quality of its products and the market are suffering.

To summarize, we believe the following:

* Clear Channel is currently guilty of anti-competitive behavior. They are using their position as the largest owner of radio stations, the largest concert promoter, and largest outdoor signage company to stifle competition.
* We believe "vertical integration" of differing markets to be good for corporate profits but bad for the consumer and competitors. We believe that, for example, Clear Channel unfairly gives its stations rights to promotional tickets for concerts promoted by its concert promotion wing, SFX, over third party stations.
* We believe radio was better before the enactment of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which deregulated radio and removed the limitations on the number of stations a corporation could own. Radio was one of the last broadcast mediums to truly maintain a local presence, and despite what Clear Channel will say to the contrary, we do not believe centralization of radio resources leads to better radio.
* We believe that dominant concentration of any market in any one entity's hands is a bad thing. This is not limited to radio or concert promotion, but we felt we should fight one battle at a time.

Any one else have the same opinion of this company? I know I do...

KhanadaRhodes 06-12-2002 05:15 PM


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