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oliveu2cm 06-03-2002 09:05 AM

Jesus as a realistic hero?
I missed this forum! So I'm going to jump right in and get started on a post I thought of last week.

Freshman year english class my professor asked us who are our heroes. This was like the second day of college *ever* so I was a little shy. Anyway after a while she remarks no one said Jesus! And then this kid raised his hand and said he didn't think Jesus could be a hero (!) because he is SO perfect that the standard he sets is unrealistic for us, that we can never obtain that type of perfection and therefore he can't be a hero.

I never said anything and have always regretted it. But it's stuck with me (for almost five years now.)

I noticed reading another thread somewhere sometime recently that another person voiced these same thoughts: that Jesus, being who He is, is someone we cannot live up to.

I do not agree with this (completely). I see their point of view, but I also see Him as someone we can look to for guidance and as a role model to set an example for us (hence the WWJD movement!) If we do not look to the most perfect person ever for advice or to set an example for us, then who is left?

Does anyone find it daunting that we can never live up to Jesus? I hope this is an interesting subject, it usually drifts in and out of my mind.

spanisheyes 06-03-2002 01:49 PM

Hey Carrie

Great topic, and one I've thought about a lot. I see a hero as someone who aspires us to live above mediocrity, and to be able to attain that which we might never have without their inspiration. One of my heroes is my mom. Growing up we had so much adversity, but it was my mom who kept it all together for us kids. Is she perfect, no...but that is not what I needed to see neccessarily. What I did see what someone sacrificing for me against incredible odds.

So, this is where I see Jesus in relationship to my life. Someone sacrificing His life against incredible odds, in this case, His life for my sin. Jesus, therefore, for me is my greatest hero, and yet is has nothing to do with the fact that He is perfect, and yet in the case of my sin, it means everything, because that is what is required to have my sins cleansed, a perfect sacrifice.


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