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sulawesigirl4 02-28-2002 05:36 PM

So where were the Radiohead Grammies last night?

Sicy 02-28-2002 06:36 PM

I think they won like best packaging or some crap.

The Wanderer 02-28-2002 08:49 PM

I'll assume for a moment this is actually a serious question and answer: Amnesiac didn't receive much radio play at all, the videos (despite being creative and original) were not played on MTV or VH1, and the album itself didnt sell in large volumes. It may not have been Album of the Year, but it certainly was worthy of at least being nominated for Best Alternative Album, and Radiohead as a band were certainly worthy of being nominated for best rock performance.

foray 02-28-2002 11:20 PM

Amnesiac for a Grammy? ... I think since it is like Kid A part two, the academy didn't think they needed to award Radiohead another one? Who knows how their reasoning works. *mutter mutter steely dan mutter*


zooropamanda 03-01-2002 10:08 AM

Radiohead only won 1 award at the Brits for best art work so theres no way theyd be getting any Grammy's this time around.
I'm actually surprised Coldplay did as well as they did.

Zoomerang96 03-01-2002 01:07 PM

coldplay is highly overated in my opinion.


foray 03-01-2002 09:32 PM


Originally posted by Zoomerang96:
coldplay is highly overated in my opinion.

That's because you heard them after the hype and not before like I did http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif .


zooropamanda 03-02-2002 12:21 AM


Thats HairymanThom on the right

Calluna 03-02-2002 01:04 AM

Thom looks wierd!

We plants are happy plants.

Sicy 03-02-2002 01:09 AM

The Wanderer 03-02-2002 01:26 AM

Thom looks like a pimp.

He could be the new-age Ludwig Van of rock.

The Wanderer 03-02-2002 01:29 AM

actually he could pass as Axl Rose in that pic

zooropamanda 03-02-2002 02:42 AM

no i do think he was trying to take over where Michael jackson left off at the start of the Thriller vid.

LOVE MUSCLE 03-02-2002 03:01 AM


Originally posted by The Wanderer:
actually he could pass as Axl Rose in that pic
"I'd like to thank my motherf*****g mom, my motherf#####g dad, my F#####g grandma, F***, my motherf^^^^^g...."

Ohhhhhhh which G'nR bandmember was it that said all that a few years back...

S|aney 03-02-2002 05:05 AM


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