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She Is Raging 05-18-2002 04:33 PM

Shoes anyone?
I'm starting to worry about myself... does anyone else here have more shoes than they could possibly ever wear? I'm getting really bad... I went out shopping yesterday for a dress for a wedding, and came home with no dress and four new pairs of shoes!!

bono-vox 05-18-2002 04:37 PM

Leave them back u have a dress to buy http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/tongue.gif

I wanted about 60 pairs last week but i only got 1 pair...they were pink...and soo nice i have a real ting for pink stuff this month

I have my RED Dm boots

and a pair of school shoes

and a pair of kickers

and high heels i wear with skirts when i go out

aaaand sandals

im planing on getting: Red sketchers, Blue trainer type tings and another pair of sandals

I dont have a lot of shoes tho....i prefer buying clothes http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Sicy 05-18-2002 04:40 PM

Hmm I have about 10 pairs of shoes.

They're all black.. except my nike's that are black and white. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Sexy poshin' sugar snarlin' rock and roll ...
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She Is Raging 05-18-2002 04:48 PM

Well so far I have justified them as saying I need sandals for summer (but do I really need 7 different pairs?)

Sneakers I justify because I wear them to work everyday and go through them pretty fast, now i've started buying the backless ones for summer http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

As for Doc's/black shoes- I wont embarass myself ! And I still dont have a dress yet...lol


Say Goodbye, Don't Follow.

Rest in Peace Layne.

AcrobatMan 05-18-2002 04:49 PM

I have 2 pairs of shoes in all and I am wearing one of them now. My poor other shoe. He is all alone http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/frown.gif

Hallelujah Here She Comes 05-18-2002 04:59 PM

I have six pairs of shoes...so I guess you could say I don't share your obsession. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/wink.gif

cass 05-18-2002 07:12 PM

don't mention the "shoefarm"* lmao.
I'm here aren't I?The topic heading drew me in,lol.
I confess http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif
Well it's hard to find a comfortable pair and it's also hard to part with them....just in case they should suddenly become comfortable.

*shoefarm -n. invented by cass' room mate/husband.

speedracer 05-18-2002 07:24 PM

I have seven pairs of shoes.

One is a really old pair of brown leather shoes.
One is a nicer pair of brown leather shoes.
One is a pair of low-top pseudo-hiking Adidas shoes.
One is a pair of formal black leather shoes.
One is a pair of running shoes.
One is a pair of football cleats.
One is a pair of hockey skates.

[This message has been edited by speedracer (edited 05-18-2002).]

hotpepper 05-18-2002 07:26 PM

I have a shoe problem too and I don't want to get better. Shoes are fun!

tiny dancer 05-18-2002 07:27 PM

I own about 20 pairs of shoes. That includes both for winter and summer. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

jezebel 05-18-2002 07:40 PM

Oh god, don't talk to me about shoes

My husband has twice as many shoes as I do!

I went shopping yesterday for shoes, what a fiasco! When you have a double wide foot, it is NO FUN http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/eek.gif

U2Bama 05-18-2002 07:52 PM

And I really like the way you look in your imitation leather shoes.

-Widespread Panic

Miss MacPhisto 05-18-2002 08:27 PM

Um, I have 2 pairs of shoes. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/redface.gif
And i dont even know where the 2nd pair is! http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Look...look what you've done to me...You've made me poor and infamous, and I thank you...

My name is MISS MACPHISTO...I'm tired and i want to go HOME...

"Well you tell...Bonovista,that i said hello and that my codename is Belleview" - Bono before opening night of Anaheim Elevation concert

Well tonight thank God it's them, instead of you...

zooropamanda 05-18-2002 10:33 PM

Judging from this thread I am a shoeaholic.
Only 2 pairs of shoes??!!
I'd hate to even count mine. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/eek.gif

I am a cowgirl of funk

*Last Train to Bono*

Mrs.Clayton 05-18-2002 11:10 PM

I stand on concrete everyday...and I've learned a few very important lessons...
#1. You can't have a "foot transplant", so you better take care of your feet, no matter what.
If I had little to no money, I would at least make sure I had good shoes.
#2. Sometimes the $135 pair of shoes is no better than the $30 pair of shoes...
That said, I only have 10 pairs of shoes(or that's at least all I can remember) of those 10 pair, I only wear 7 of them, unless it's snowing...

So everyone remember rule #1....
Now I want to buy new shoes.... http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/wink.gif http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Angell 05-19-2002 12:30 AM

I am sooo hooked on NYLA shoes recently! I think the last 4 pairs of shoes I've bought have been NYLA heels.....don't have many places to wear them, but they're soooo cool, I just can't pass them up! http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

"Love is a verb..."

Angela Harlem 05-19-2002 03:33 AM

I have 1 pair of Vans. 1 pair of Adidas. 1 pair of work shoes. 1 pair of sandals 1 pair of masseurs and 1 pair of big black boots. Oh and one pair of sheepskin slippers. I have shoes for any occasion. I hate buying shoes. I can never find any that fit cos of my stupid feet. And I prefer not to wear them anyway. Shoes are stupidity.

Woe are shoes.

LarryMullen's POPAngel 05-19-2002 11:06 AM

If I could walk around barefoot 24/7 I would! I have about 10-15 pairs of shoes, but only wear about one or two. Add to that two or three more pairs when it's summertime (sandals) and when I'm working.

Don't even get me started on shoe shopping. I hate it! I'd rather go cd shopping, hehe http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

Let's pray for something
To feel good in the morning

U2_IRELAND 05-19-2002 11:19 AM

Well I got 2 pairs of shoes my black ones for going out and my trainers for basketball, running karate and stuff like that

WildHoneyAlways 05-19-2002 11:32 AM

I easily have a shoe problem. I have 25 pair if I have one.

~I have three pairs of running shoes, one mostly white, one gray and blue, one blue and white
~I have 4 pairs of flip flops in pretty colors
~I just bought 2 pairs of $70 Steve Madden sandals, one in black, one in camel
~I have at least three other pairs of black sandals, not to mention 3 pairs of brown ones
~I have black high boots, black low boots and these kick ass $150 dark red boots that I got on sale for $30

I could go on and on but that would require me to dig them all out. My shoe problem has been under control for a while now. But hey, I'm also the girl with 17 bath and body works sprays not to mention all my real parfumes...Yes, I have a problem. My debit card hates me.

LarryMullen's POPAngel 05-19-2002 11:37 AM

Ok, I can relate to the Bath and Body Works thing. Sucky thing is, I'm running out and can't exactly blow $20 on new stuff. Bah...but I'm sure I will. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/redface.gif

I need a job so I don't feel as guilty when I spend money. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/tongue.gif

Bonochick & drgnwolf 05-19-2002 11:54 AM

BC: *has a couple dozen pairs or so*

drgn: *doesn't have nearly enough shoes*

unforgettableFOXfire 05-19-2002 01:41 PM

I have a pair of shoes and a pair of boots, shoes for summer, boots for hiking/winter. Dont need any more than that, I never go anywhere that requires dress shoes.

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