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Naya 03-03-2002 10:50 PM

Stars without makeup

I know, it's a bitchy thread. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif






speedracer 03-03-2002 10:53 PM


Not only do they lack makeup, they also look like they've been continuously awake for 96 hours or are on narcotic drugs.

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z edge 03-03-2002 11:01 PM

This thread scares LOVE MUSCLE! Especially the Jackson monkey http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/eek.gif

Hiya Naya

ABEL 03-03-2002 11:06 PM

*runs away from this thread*


adam's_mistress 03-03-2002 11:56 PM

Hmm. I guess this just goes to show that these peeps can look just like us when we first roll out of bed or when we're having a crap hair day. Erm, maybe. I don't really look like a moneky or Michael Jackson when I roll out o bed each morning, but you know what I mean.

What a difference 10 lbs. of make-up makes. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/wink.gif

Naya 03-04-2002 12:08 AM

All my female friends, without makeup, look 100 times better than these girls.

Hiya z edge

Is your love muscle alright now?

KhanadaRhodes 03-04-2002 12:19 AM

is it just me or does it look like pamela is wearing a wig in the makeup-less pic?

Naya 03-04-2002 01:00 AM


Originally posted by KhanadaRhodes:
is it just me or does it look like pamela is wearing a wig in the makeup-less pic?
It's true ! It does look like a wig.

mad1 03-04-2002 06:20 AM

Had a feeling Z-Edge was Love Muscle.............gotta stop lovin him now........................!

famous rungi 03-04-2002 06:44 AM

Cameron Diaz looks the same!

brettig 03-04-2002 06:48 AM

Jacko looks like Helena Bonhome Carter

Diamond The U2 Patriot 03-04-2002 07:20 AM

Good one,Naya.
This goes to show you that these are just people like you and I, -except MJackson-freak.


Ms Diaz looks the best.

[This message has been edited by Diamond The U2 Patriot (edited 03-04-2002).]

Ana 03-04-2002 11:04 AM

LMFAO at Michael http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

PrincessBadgirl 03-04-2002 11:14 AM

LOL I never imagined Michael to be so beastly without makeup!! http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif Christina Applegate looks scariest though... ::shiver::

bonovista 03-04-2002 11:27 AM

Oh my gosh this is so funny!!

LMFAO @ Michael's pic!!!!

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