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Discoteque 10-10-2001 08:21 PM

was that OUR Awakening on the Edge chat!???
There was a question on the Edge chat from "Awakening" asking : BOXERS OR BRIEFS (a girl's gotta know!)???

Edgie says: BRIEFS!!! http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/biggrin.gif http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/eek.gif http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/biggrin.gif


Anyone know if that was our Awakening who got to ask the question?????


Discoteque 10-10-2001 10:14 PM

oops, I was incorrect! http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/smile.gif

U2Question from EdgesGirl: Boxers or briefs??? A girls gotta know ;-)

U2Question from awakening: on a different note. Why did you smash up the guitar in Boston?
cause I thought we murdered the song.

martha 10-10-2001 10:17 PM


Originally posted by Discoteque:

U2Question from EdgesGirl: Boxers or briefs??? A girls gotta know ;-)

Sweet dreams are made of this... http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

...a highway with no one on it, a treasure just to look upon it...

"The skeletal structure of your foot is not normal." -- my podiatrist 8-6-01

J-Tree 10-10-2001 11:39 PM

Awakening was in chat! http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/smile.gif
She asked about Edge smashing his guitar in Boston!

And he said it was cuz they murdered the song! http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/frown.gif

Hip Pontiff of Sparkyism

"Bass guitar.. born to have it.. and have it he shall" - Bono, Slane 2

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Shygirl 10-11-2001 06:07 AM

I was so glad somebody asked him that question, boxers or briefs!! I've always wanted to know that!! Although I was a little shocked to learn he was a briefs man... I'm partial to the boxer myself...

AM 10-11-2001 06:11 AM

thumbs up for awakening http://www.plauder-smilies.de/happy/xyxthumbs.gif

Im so glad someone from Interference got through http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/smile.gif http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/smile.gif

Action-Packed Mentallist

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mad1 10-11-2001 11:28 AM


If it had have been me I would have asked:

'do u read Pleba'

or 'what cha think of us sexy vixens at Pleba'

or, 'whatcha think of Bono's elevated thread, jealous?'


madamc 10-11-2001 01:25 PM

theres a guy who chats in the chat room all the time, eggman, and he got to ask edge a question...

<eggman> U2Question from eggman: what to you think about mantra meditation edge?

<edge> let me think about that one!


yay for eggman! http://forum.u2wdd.org/u2feedback/biggrin.gif


"What fish don't know"--Marshall McLuhan


awakening 10-12-2001 02:55 AM

Yesssss!! I got in!!! He answered!!!!!


I would have loved to have asked the briefs one, but hey, now we now!

Briefs! Yeah!!!!!! (was hoping for briefs!)

Now back to my hundreds and hundreds of pages of reading......
Oh, wait, gotta run to class! How am I going to talk about intellectual history with thoughts of Edge in briefs running through my head????

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