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u2zed 02-01-2002 09:29 PM

I haven't read older threads on this topic, so I don't know how much of this has been covered before. But.

I wonder if it's only audio that's taken from June 5th, not video. Of course they made changes to correct Bono's mishap in Gone and erased him saying "going live to the NBA" in Streets, but might they have done this only with the audio track? Just a thought.

Also, it doesn't really do any good to wonder which songs are from the 5th and which are from the 6th. Any footage and audio from the 5th that has worked its way in isn't going to be in the form of an entire song. It's just going to be patchwork on the stuff from the 6th. So for example, we have a version of Streets without the NBA reference, which suggests it's from the 5th, but as you watch it you see that it is in fact the same Streets that was broadcast on the 6th -- it's just been tampered with a little.

Finally, 2 things I don't see mentioned here.

One, the end of the Fly has been doctored in the DVD, at least visually. Bono ran through the crowd and out the back of the arena at the end of the song on the 6th (I know because he ran smack into my hands as he passed). But as you all know, on the DVD he's shown running in circles around the heart. This is either extra footage from the 6th of when he was running in circles earlier in the song, or it's from the 5th.

The other thing is the infamous "Bono cam" shots. These are all from June 9th, as that was the only night he wore the camera in his glasses. As the mention in the "making of" video, he couldn't be persuaded to wear it during official taping because it required some bulky gear.

Incidentally, if you read the reviews on amazon.com of the DVD, there are a whole lot of people who are unhappy with the camera work on this recording. And I think PopMart isn't necessarily the best example to look to for quality "traditional" cutting -- that would be Zoo TV in Sydney.

(Personally, when I first watched the Elevation DVD, I thought I was going to have a seizure out of frustration at the quick camera cuts -- does Hamish Hamilton have ADD?)

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the olive 02-01-2002 09:41 PM


Originally posted by Angel:

You're talking about the pay per view right? 'Cause 'Lemon' was cut from the video.

Hmmmm. You're talking about the remix before they come out in the Lemon right? I haven't watched the official video in a while, did they cut it?

the olive 02-01-2002 09:46 PM

I just checked the video, Lemon (remix) is in there. At least on the canadain release the full show is there.

Angel 02-01-2002 10:01 PM


Originally posted by the olive:
I just checked the video, Lemon (remix) is in there. At least on the canadain release the full show is there.
Well smack me upside the head, I haven't watched it in it's entirety, but 'Lemon' ain't listed on the set. Hmmm http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/confused.gif

*Inserts Popmart Mexico in VCR...

the olive 02-01-2002 10:06 PM

The band never actually performed the song on the tour, the remix was just played while they entered the "super futuristic fruit spaceship".

Angel 02-01-2002 10:09 PM


Originally posted by the olive:
"super futuristic fruit spaceship".

LMAO!!!!! http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif I can't believe I missed Popmart.

the olive 02-01-2002 10:24 PM

The whole Lemon thing seems silly in hindsight, but to actually stand at the b-stage when that thing came out was a near religeous experience! The lemon would open and 50 thousand people would cheer, and the band would all keep totally straight faces. They were serious! About what I've never been able to figure out, but I miss Popmart. Sure Elevation was the real honest U2 up close, but Popmart was U2 playing with your head, your eyes and your ears.

Angel 02-02-2002 03:03 AM

I know, the dropping of songs, just doesn't make sense.
I heard they dropped 'TTTYAATW' from ZooTv Sydney because legality reasons, and an underaged person onstage drinking alcohol... but the songs left out on the DVD just don't make any sense. The lighting for Mysterious Ways was so beautiful and One is such a classic. It pisses me off.

elevatedmole 02-02-2002 03:18 AM


Was Zootv and Popmart filmed over two nights?
ZooTV Sydney: they originally planned on practicing the first night and filming the real thing on the second night, but Adam was "sick" and had to get some backstage guy -- Stuart, I think? So they only taped the second night.
Popmart Mexico City: They were only there one night, if I remember correctly.

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