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OzAurora 01-29-2002 08:06 AM

What is your honest opinion of 'In God's Country'????
A few of you may know that this is one of my top 5 fave U2 songs, however I am really curious to know what everyone else thinks of it. Lately I have been listening over and over again to the liver version from Rattle that I downloaded and it is amazing, it is such a raw song, I love the lyrics and Edge's guitar solo is one of his best, if not the best in my opinion, it is one of the few songs that always maked me want to get up and dance, it just has such a great vibe to it, actually I am going out on a limb here and going to claim it as my fave U2 song of this week, what do you all think of it- love it or not????? http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

Kieran McConville 01-29-2002 08:15 AM

Honest opinion? Well, yeah I love it. I consider In God's Country among the best songs on The Joshua Tree. It has the totally out-there vibe of a lot of mid-late 80s U2: such a feeling of space and wide open sensation. The Edge's trumpet-like solo is defiantly unlike anything else around at the time. The lyrics are probably misunderstood: ie. God's country, like a cruel lover, like a bad dream. I see a connection between this song and Spanish Eyes, actually ('dressed up in ribbons and in bows, like a siren she calls to me'... 'comes in colours, is she gonna turn the daylight on'....

Anyway, yeah. I love it. Rant over.

"And you'll be standing there, while the boats go by
While the boats go by on a Friday evening
Shining your light, shining your light on a Friday evening
Got to slip away, got to slip away down that ancient highway
In a town called Paradise, in a town, in a town
All along, all along that road, all along that road
All along that road with the trancelike vision..."

martha 01-29-2002 08:48 AM

It is a great song, possibly in their top five ever. The band's playing is incredible, and Bono's singing and lyrics are great. When Edge fires up his guitar, I have to crank up the volume every time. It's my favorite desert driving song.

I'd use better adjectives, but it's early, even for me.

bono_man 01-29-2002 08:56 AM

Its an amazing song with amazing lyrics. I would love to hear them do it live (when im there!) http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

"we're free to fly the crimson sky...the sun won't melt our wings tonight..."

*Stormy* 01-29-2002 09:01 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's got beautiful lyrics, a great tune, and mesmerizing music and vocals. I can't say enough good things about it. It actually makes me FEEL it!

"I was born a MacPhisto"

sulawesigirl4 01-29-2002 09:26 AM

Honest opinion? One of my favorite U2 songs. I love it to death! It invokes yearning and shimmering landscapes and journeys. It's delicate yet strong, evocative and emotional. Definitely near the top of my list.


u2loopy 01-29-2002 09:26 AM

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! My favorite behind One Tree Hill!

Work like you don't need to
Love like you've never been hurt
Dance like no one is watching

~LadyLemon~ 01-29-2002 09:31 AM

This is one of my favorite U2 songs ever!!!!
I was so bummed that they didn't play it in St. Louis, because they had played it a couple shows prior to it, and then a few shows afterward. Anyway, I don't know how to describe it, but it just exhilarates me--it's my favorite driving song!


You will believe in me
And I can never be ignored

madonna's child 01-29-2002 09:54 AM

love it!!!

)|( Vande )|(

"A word I've always liked more than happiness is joy. Happiness is a mood that comes and goes, whereas joy is just there." -Bono

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ouizy 01-29-2002 09:59 AM

honest opinion =

I thought it was always a good song. I enjoyed the version in Rattle and Hum especially watching it, but I have to tell you that I have a new found love for the song now that I am totally addicted to the acoustic version they played on Elevation.

It is a great raw electric song, but when played acoustic I think the emotion level gets raised by 10.

Achtung Zooropa 01-29-2002 10:05 AM

My honest opinion of In God's Country is that it is one of the better songs on Joshua Tree (after WOWY, WTSHNN, and RTSS), but not one of their best songs. The lyrics are nice visually and the beat is fast paced, but the song as a whole just doesn't do as much for me as other songs. It's a great listen and the live Rattle and Hum version is great and fun. The acoustic version was decent, I saw it at the final show in Miami and Bono played harmonica at the end which was especially cool. I don't mean to be negative or anything, but In God's Country is just one of those U2 songs that underachives, in my opinion of course. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

"I swore to my father I'd never do hamster-style again."

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looking for the father of my two little girls
got the swing got the sway got my straw in lemonade
looking for the face i had before the world was made." - MOFO

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IvanClaytonJnr 01-29-2002 10:21 AM

Great tune with good lyrics , very intersting , optimistic song , Studio version is soooooooo great

Angel 01-29-2002 10:22 AM

It's always been a favourite of mine on the Joshua Tree. I had have to say the only songs on that album that precede it for me are WTSHNN and WOWY. In God's Country just rocks, and really does make you want to get up and dance. Even when you are driving! http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif

snutes1 01-29-2002 10:33 AM

It is actually my favorite U2 song ever. Too bad it is so short. Like a roller coaster ride.


Giant Lemon 01-29-2002 10:46 AM

I love that song! There's just something about it- I can listen to it on repeat for hours. http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif

Diemen 01-29-2002 11:31 AM

There's something about that song that just conveys a sense of freedom for me. It just sounds so alive and vibrant.

One of the best driving songs, too.

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jezebel 01-29-2002 11:38 AM

My fav U2 song.

Still beating myself up over the fact that I couldn't go to Phoenix #2 when they played the song in full for the first time in, what, 12 years?

joyfulgirl 01-29-2002 11:42 AM

I fell in love with that song listening to it on my walkman on the NYC subways when I used to live there when JT came out--it was my escape song. I used to fantasize that I was living in the desert instead of an apartment with some great fire escape views. Now I do live in the desert and have an even greater appreciation for it. Hitting the wide open desert highway on a warm spring day with that song blasting, well, it's heaven.

NicaMom 01-29-2002 11:44 AM

I love In God's Country!!!
It's a beautiful song all around, the lyrics, the music, Bono's voice, everything! http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/smile.gif
I could listen to it over and over again.

jezebel 01-29-2002 11:48 AM


Originally posted by joyfulgirl:
Now I do live in the desert and have an even greater appreciation for it. Hitting the wide open desert highway on a warm spring day with that song blasting, well, it's heaven.
joyfulgirl, which desert do you live in if you don't mind me asking.....

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