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Don Vito Corleone 01-25-2002 10:45 AM

Favourite non-U2 album openers and closers?
I think this is hard: Which album-openers are the best ones? We had U2 openers and closers some days ago, now I'm looking for non-U2.

Radiohead: Everything in its right place (the first secounds show what the album is like)
Travis: Sing (how beautiful!)
Beck: Devil's haircut (kickin' ass)
Grandaddy: He's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot (9 minutes, far away)
R.E.M.: Drive (best song on Automatic, IMO)

I know, I forgot Enter Sandman and Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Nirvana: Something in the way (fantastic acoustic song)
Air: Le voyage de Penelope (very good instrumental)
Oasis: Champagne Supernova (Brilliant. Undescribable.)
Portishead: Glory Box (good bass-line)
Pulp: Sunrise (unbelievable guitars!)

Take the money and run

Monkey79 01-25-2002 11:03 AM

The Stones....Start Me Up (Tattoo You)

Foxxern 01-25-2002 12:34 PM

Oasis - Rock and Roll Star (Definitely Maybe)

Radiohead - Street Spirit (The Bends)

ericb 01-26-2002 10:05 PM

The best opener and closer to an album I've heard is Thunder Road top open Springsteen's Born To Run album and Jungleland to close it.

UnforgettableLemon 01-26-2002 11:47 PM

Blur-Boys and Girls, Tender
Metallica- Enter Sandman
Guns n' Roses- Welcome to the Jungle
Oasis- D'You Know What I Mean, Fuckin' in the Bushes, Rock n' Roll Star
The Who- Baba O'Reilly
Dave Matthews- I Did It
The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony
Travis- Sing, Writing to Reach You, All I Wanna Do is Rock
Stone Temple Pilots- Dead and Bloated
Red Hot Chili Peppers- All Around the Round
Nirvana- Serve the Servants, Teen Spirit
Radiohead- Airbag, Everything in it's Right Place
Bush- Everything Zen
Smashing Pumpkins- Everlasting Gaze
PJ Harvey- Big Exit
Led Zeppelin- Black Dog, the Song Remains the Same

Oasis- Champagne Supernova
Green Day- Macy's Day Parade
Ozzy Osbourne- Road to Nowhere
PJ Harvey- We Float, Is this Desire
Dave Matthews- Every Day, Proudest Monkey
The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again
The Doors- The End
Van Halen- Top of the World
58- Who We Are

IvanClaytonJnr 01-27-2002 12:28 AM

Favourite opener : RHCP - All Around The World

Favourite closer : Queen - The Show Must Go On .

CrashedCarDriver 01-28-2002 10:55 AM

Massive Attack- Safe From Harm- Blue Lines
Bjork- Hidden Place- Vespertine
Radiohead- Everything In Its Right Place- Kid-A
Portishead- Mysterons- Dummy
R.E.M- Drive- Automatic for the People


radiohead- street spirit (fade out)- the bends
R.E.M- find the river- automatic for the people- total kick ass album
Madonna- take a bow http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/biggrin.gif , oh wait.. that was the video for it wasnt it http://forum.interference.com/u2feedback/tongue.gif

The Blunt Edge 01-28-2002 01:56 PM


Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts 1 to 5, One of These Days, Speak to Me/Breathe
Led Zeppelin - Black Dog
Dave Matthews - So Much to Say
REM - Drive
Radiohead - Everything in its right place, Airbag
Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
54-40 - Casual Viewin'
The Who - Baba O'Reilly

Pink Floyd - Eclipse (where I think Bono got the inspiration for the end of Walk On), Outside the Wall, Echoes, Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 6 to 9
Jimi Hendrix - Red House
Radiohead - Street Spirit
Dave Matthews - Everyday
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

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Achtung Zooropa 01-28-2002 08:08 PM

Protection - Massive Attack
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
I Wanna Be Adored - The Stone Roses
The Everlasting Gaze - The Smashing Pumpkins
The Only One I Know - The Charlatans
Once - Pearl Jam
Everything In It's Right Place - Radiohead
Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
D'You Know What I Mean? - Oasis
Baba O'Reiley - The Who
Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy
Finest Worksong - REM
Now My Heart is Full - Morrissey
Want - The Cure
La Femme D'Argent - Air

Release - Pearl Jam
Only In Dreams - Weezer
We Float - PJ Harvey
Roll It Over - Oasis
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths
A Day In the Life - The Beatles
When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin
Brain Damage/Ecplise - Pink Floyd
All Apologies - Nirvana
End - The Cure
Goodbye - Elton John
Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul McCartney
Motion Picture Soundtrack - Radiohead

"I swore to my father I'd never do hamster-style again."

"looking for the sound thats gonna drown out the world
looking for the father of my two little girls
got the swing got the sway got my straw in lemonade
looking for the face i had before the world was made." - MOFO

mug222 01-28-2002 08:54 PM


Originally posted by The Blunt Edge:

Pink Floyd - Eclipse (where I think Bono got the inspiration for the end of Walk On

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that. It's a brilliant song, by the way.

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