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Hitman 10-10-2001 10:15 PM

Serious - Why is U2 so unwilling......
to mix up/ and or take a chance on the setlist? I am glad to see them playing NYD, but why are they so against playing a song like (Unforgettable Fire, Two Hearts Beat as One, October, Gloria, Trip through your wires, Ultraviolet, Heartland, Hawkmoon) I wonder if they don't realize that thier audience knows and LOVES these songs....I mean who would not go nuts if they heard TTYW or Heartland or something like that. It would make U2 concerts (which are already so amazing) that much better, since everyone reads the setlists online anyway. Anyway, I was just wondering for thoughts on this matter.....

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Zoomeranger 10-10-2001 10:19 PM

What's gooooooing on

Hitman 10-10-2001 10:26 PM

Ok, that was pretty cool!

u2zed 10-10-2001 10:45 PM


I mean this in the nicest possible way, but really U2's audience does not know and love all or even most of these songs. They're playing for the whole crowd, not just long time fans who are familiar with the total catalog. These are the vast masses of people who, like the couple next to me at Boston 6/8, need to ask what song Out of Control is.

And even people like me who know all the songs you mentioned backwards and forwards don't always love them. I, for one, would no be at all happy to hear TTYW or Heartland. In fact, out of all those songs you mentioned, I think I'd only like to hear Ultraviolet. (Which isn't to say I think the others are crap, but I have my reasons... anyway, the point is, it always comes down to a matter of personal taste, not what "everyone" would love).


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Zoomerang96 10-12-2001 01:34 AM

why is radiohead so unwilling to play creep anymore? its just one of those things i guess, bands just begin to disown songs, albeit unfortunate.

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