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Headache in a Suitcase 05-18-2017 06:16 AM

Chris Cornell, R.I.P.
God damn

trevgreg 05-18-2017 06:43 AM

Very sad. Looks like Soundgarden just played a show last night too?

LadySpinHead 05-18-2017 07:11 AM

Too young. RIP, Spoonman.

MrPryck2U 05-18-2017 07:16 AM

Horrible. :sad:

YBORCITY 05-18-2017 07:21 AM


u2popmofo 05-18-2017 07:33 AM

Huge bummer. I had just been re-listening to Audioslave in the first time in years recently, I'd forgotten how fantastic their first album was.

Hewson 05-18-2017 07:50 AM

Was shocked when I heard this on the radio in the car this morning.
Some reports now suggesting suicide possibly. (one report said he had "a band" wrapped around his neck)

Saw Soundgarden 3 times (twice in 91, once in 2011), saw Audioslave in a club on their first tour and saw Cornell solo once. This sucks.

david 05-18-2017 07:52 AM

What. The. Fuck. :(

Numb1075 05-18-2017 07:56 AM

Fucking brutal....Such a talent.

saw them in concert twice. They were absolute monsters.

You just never know what's going on in someone's head/lives.

RIP, I'll be listening to Soundgarden/Audioslave for the rest of my life.

djerdap 05-18-2017 08:06 AM

Unbelievable talent. Incredible voice and songwriting. Soundgarden was a fantastic band that was innovative, melodic and musically fascinating; Temple of the Dog was such an unforgettable, special project and a wonderful dedication to a late friend - while another friend, Eddie Vedder really got his chops there with Hunger Strike.

A bit more reserved towards Audioslave and his solo career, but both have their share of gems.

Three songs that are for me the most fitting ones for this day:




Diemen 05-18-2017 08:16 AM

Well shit.

david 05-18-2017 08:22 AM

Soundgarden just performed last night. ☹️

YBORCITY 05-18-2017 08:28 AM

There's a video on youtube that I saw years ago where he mashed up U2 and Metallica's One... check it out, just unbelievable.... :sad:

Numb1075 05-18-2017 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by YBORCITY (Post 8165782)
There's a video on youtube that I saw years ago where he mashed up U2 and Metallica's One... check it out, just unbelievable.... :sad:

I actually posted this video to my FB wall. It's ridiculous.

JTNash 05-18-2017 08:45 AM

Loved him 2nd favorite songwriter 2nd to Bono

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