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U2FAN4LIFE 04-05-2017 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by lazarus (Post 8153052)
Bombast and grandiosity is how they became huge. So it's ok on JT but not on No Line?

I agree with the sentiment above. Though I have no problem with a bit of bombast and grandiosity as long as it's not book-ended by crap/wtf moments.

Every U2 album has it's moments of bombast & grandiosity, it just feels to me like the other tracks play an outsized role in framing how we may perceive those bombastic moments. With respect to NLOTH this would be the reason that so many folks lament not having Winter and/or Mercy instead of the most cringe worthy moments (pick 2 of SUC, Boots, Crazy Tonight).

zoopop 04-05-2017 12:35 PM

I remember listening to tracks 1-4 in bed the night it leaked and thinking holy :ohmy:!!

Unknown Caller (I know many people don't like it but it just flows and wraps up the epic 3 song beginning)

But after that......:sad:

Boots has not aged well at all. I don't think I can say this about any U2 song.

Crazy & SUC feels like 1,000 ideas crammed into 4 minutes.

I enjoy WAS & Fez but it doesn't help what U2 were going for after the 3 craptacular songs before it.

Things get back on track with Breathe and the dark closer/mood of Cedars is refreshing.

NLOTH & MOS are 2 of my favorite U2 songs. MOS is a top 10 song in my book. Really out there as far as U2 standards.

If NLOTH would have been the lead single and maybe do a double release single w/ MOS, people would have turned their heads towards U2 again. In a musical/artistic way.

corianderstem 04-05-2017 02:14 PM

I remember after first listen, the two songs that made me sit up (metaphorically, as I remained lying down with my headphones on) and take notice were the title track and Cedars of Lebanon. Like "This is cool and interesting."

The rest of the album quickly grew on me, but I always like it when I hear an anticipated album for the first time and there's stuff that makes you go "Whoa" on first listen.

Fun fact: "Stuff That Makes You Go Whoa" was the alternate title for C&C Music Factory's hit.

Hewson 04-05-2017 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by corianderstem (Post 8153416)

Fun fact: "Stuff That Makes You Go Whoa" was the alternate title for C&C Music Factory's hit.


MrPryck2U 04-05-2017 09:43 PM

Boots and Stand Up take a beating, but I really enjoy the other songs on the album with Moment, Magnificent, and Fez being my top favorites. I thought that Cedars and Snow also had an awesome vibe going on. Now, yes, Stand Up and Boots are my least favorites, but I can still listen to them.

U2FAN4LIFE 04-06-2017 11:21 AM

So I listened to NLOTH on my way into work (I have a long commute) and nothing has changed for me... it starts well, it ends well but those middle 3 tracks :doh:

Makes me wonder what NLOTH could have been like as a 6 or 7 track EP... though who know's what the band would have cut!

My "nightmare" 6 track EP... (no offence to the 2 tunes I quite like :reject:):

White as Snow
Crazy tonight
Bonus... Boots remix

trevgreg 04-06-2017 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by U2FAN4LIFE (Post 8153602)
Bonus... Boots remix

Truth be told, I actually tolerate the remix for it a lot better than the song itself.

corianderstem 04-06-2017 02:17 PM

yeah, the Boots remix I'm thinking of is actually pretty great. I'd been disinterested in 95% of the remixes they'd put out for a long time, but NLOTH was a very pleasant surprise, remix-wise.

womanfish 04-06-2017 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by corianderstem (Post 8153619)
yeah, the Boots remix I'm thinking of is actually pretty great. I'd been disinterested in 95% of the remixes they'd put out for a long time, but NLOTH was a very pleasant surprise, remix-wise.

The RAC Remix of Magnificent is one of my favorites ever.

BVS 04-06-2017 03:20 PM

SUC(there really wasn't much we could do with this) remix, was meh

super fly guy 04-06-2017 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by LemonMelon (Post 8153026)
Unknown Caller is a far more interesting and worthwhile track than Song for Someone. Virtually everything bad about 21st century U2 is contained in SFS, it's just missing an overproduced rock section.

Spot on,can't listen to SFS. Just so boring.

Catman 04-06-2017 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by Nick66 (Post 8152896)
I don't know that it's U2's most "underrated" record, but it's certainly superior to SOI, given that NLOTH, despite its unevenness, sounds like a band who still has their soul.

You are dead to me.

Catman 04-07-2017 03:20 AM

But to extrapolate for a moment on my previous content, I felt that SoI rectified one of my chief gripes with "modern" U2--the lyrics!

Bono probably impressed me most on the record; specifically, his lyrics were on point and thoughtful. What kinda bothered me about the band's previous couple of albums was the fact that some songs didn't really know what they wanted to be (other than adhere very generally to a basic guideline of "be uplifting!" or what have you). I mean, I get that his lyrics can be intentionally vague so as to be more open for interpretation, but he seemed to rely a bit too heavily on that philosophy for the past decade or so.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is, when listening to SoI (and in comparison to NLOTH or HTDAAB), there's a cohesion to the work as a whole which makes it greater than the sum of its parts (despite the record never quite reaching those singular peaks of MOS or COBL).

Nick66 04-07-2017 06:21 AM

  • Moment of Surrender is U2's best song since Streets.
  • NLOTH (the song) is one of their best of the 00's. The production on that track is extraordinary.
  • Fez-Being Born is lovely. Wonderful hearing something like that from U2.
  • Breathe, Magnificent and yes the undeservedly maligned Boots are solid, but not extraordinary, U2 tracks.
  • Unknown Caller doesn't deserve the hate it gets around here. I like it, even if the lyrics are bit clunky. I think Bono was trying to make a commentary on how ways we interact have changed.
  • White as Snow & Cedars are pleasant, if unremarkable. I don't give either much thought.
  • Crazy and SUC are definitely the weak links are, and the record would have been better of without them.

I agree with those who think MOS should have been the single. Yeah, it's not radio friendly, and a lot of people would not have known what to make of it, but I frankly don't think it would have impacted sales much and I think it would have been offset by getting much more favourable press than Boots.

It's a better, more ambitious record than SOI. It's evolutionary from where U2 was with the previous two records. It was U2 trying to do albeit in a compromised way, what everyone say they want U2 to do. And while SOI lacks NLOTH's clunkers, it also doesn't have anything that touches that record at its best.

U2 is not the same band without Brian & Danny.

Headache in a Suitcase 04-07-2017 07:16 AM

Unknown Caller is the most infuriating song they've ever done.

I absolutely love the instrumentals... but christ the chorus is the fucking worst. The. Fucking. Worst. Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh..

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