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Scrumtralescent 04-01-2017 09:36 PM

No Line On The Horizon: the most underrated album?
Excuse me, I've had a bit to drink and I'm revisiting NLOTH. Eight years later, and I still think this album is so underrated by both the mainstream and the fan community. I LOVE it. Even the middle three!

I remember hearing it for the first time, after downloading the torrent at work and risking my job (lol), it seriously brought me to tears, I had to go to the bathroom and compose myself. I think I would rank it my 2nd favourite U2 album, to be honest, (after AB, and competing with TJT.)

Anyone with me?

trevgreg 04-02-2017 12:01 AM

I'm more in the camp of 1/3 terrific, 1/3 good or somewhat listenable, and 1/3 horrible. But that's just me. I do remember hearing it for the first time after it officially came out, and after listening to NLOTH and Magnificent as the first two tracks, I had excitement that this was shaping up to be a very solid album. Unfortunately, outside of 1-3 songs, the rest felt like a bit of a huge let-down afterward. Coherent themes/sounds or not, I just could never find it a consistent listen overall.

david 04-02-2017 12:41 AM

I think we all agree what songs are good as well as bad on this album.

nbelcik 04-02-2017 01:22 AM

No Line on the Horizon
Moment of Surrender

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Fez (Being Born)

Unknown Caller
White as Snow
Cedars of Lebanon

Get On Your Boots
Stand Up Comedy

hasin73 04-02-2017 04:01 AM

The most underrated U2 album must be...... POP.

kabigon 04-02-2017 04:28 AM


Originally Posted by hasin73 (Post 8152855)
The most underrated U2 album must be...... POP.

Across the general U2 fan base, maybe. Definitely not on Interference.

rennowba 04-02-2017 05:31 AM

No Line On The Horizon: the most underrated album?
Loved it when it came out but hasn't stood the test of time for me and it would be rock bottom of the pile alongside October.

I never ever revisit the album and if I do it's live tracks of no line on the horizon, breathe and moment of surrender.

Get on your boots wasn't bad live but can't remember the last time I had it on.

I know some people like cedars on here but I think it's the worst song on the album.

2 out of 5 for me and that's being kind

It's all a matter of opinion though I mean I still listen to songs of innocence from front to back. Really connected with that album and would probably stick it in my top 5. A lot of people wouldn't say that

LemonMelon 04-02-2017 05:40 AM

Flawed, but far more enjoyable than most of their 21st century work, including SOI. They overanalyzed matters for sure, but there is real inspiration to be heard on here and I'd rather have that along with a few clunkers than the sleepwalking through the past that they did on SOI.

kabigon 04-02-2017 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by rennowba (Post 8152858)
2 out of 5 for me and that's being kind

It's all a matter of opinion though I mean I still listen to songs of innocence from front to back. Really connected with that album and would probably stick it in my top 5. A lot of people wouldn't say that

SOI Album / Live out of 10

7 / 8 The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
8 / 5 Every Breaking Wave
8 / 7 California (There Is No End to Love)
6 / 5 Song for Someone
6 / 5 Iris (Hold Me Close)
5 / 5 Volcano
8 / 9 Raised by Wolves
7 / 5 Cedarwood Road
9 / x Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
9 / x This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
8 / 9 The Troubles

That stretch of Iris / Cedarwood Road / Song for Someone just made the live shows drag on a bit. I wish EBW got a full band treatment and some of the other songs got more of a go.

No Line I have to revisit the album / 360 shows to rejig my memory.

Galeongirl 04-02-2017 08:06 AM

I still love it completely, it's my 2nd favourite album of theirs. Only song I couldn't connect with for years was Cedars of Lebanon, but even that is slowly starting to grow on me now.

mikal 04-02-2017 08:16 AM

Very good album. Much better if you use this track list.

No Line On The Horizon
Moment Of Surrender
Unknown Caller
White As Snow
Fez - Being Born
Cedars Of Lebanon

drt4 04-02-2017 08:55 AM

Yeah, this is by far the album I enjoy the most of their post 90's work. ATYCLB and HTDAAB have not aged so well. This is really the only late era album I put on now. (Sometimes an abbreviated version of SOI - but I don't like that album as much).

Though I'd disagree with nbelcik - I'll go crazy if i don't go crazy to night is probably my least favorite song.

I actually quite enjoy Get on Your Boots, which puts me in the minority. I think it gets spoiled for people by its distractingly goofy lyrics (a common problem with late-era U2)- but I think it's a cool rocking song - better than Elevation or Vertigo.

lazarus 04-02-2017 09:57 AM

There are very few U2 songs I dislike, where I would actually skip them every time I listen to the album.

Crazy Tonight and Stand Up Comedy are two of them.

Drop those and insert Winter and Soon and it's a legitimately great album.

georgemccauley 04-02-2017 12:02 PM

Always nice to see a positive thread on NLOH, for me it's one of my favourite albums and it was one that I bought when I was in Waterford, Ireland at the beginning of 2009. I'd heard the classics from U2 but this was the first U2 album I listened to the whole way through and I was impressed.

It's a hugely underrated and underappreciated body of work. Over time I think it's eased somewhat but NLOH is easily one of my favourite U2 albums, the cohesion and flow is excellent, the only snag would be the choices for the singles. I would have had Magnificent or Breathe as the first single. Get on Your Boots is unfairly criticised, it has a great groove.

Favourites for me are:

Unknown Caller
Get On Your Boots
No Line On The Horizon
I'll Go Crazy

The list goes on, it's almost the whole album

Nick66 04-02-2017 12:34 PM

I don't know that it's U2's most "underrated" record, but it's certainly superior to SOI, given that NLOTH, despite its unevenness, sounds like a band who still has their soul.

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