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yolland 07-31-2012 04:06 PM

GOP Nominee 2012 - Pt. 5

PhilsFan 07-31-2012 04:33 PM

I think it will be Mitt Romney.

deep 07-31-2012 04:36 PM

you know, we are weeks away from the nomination
you should have put that in a spoiler tag

digitize 07-31-2012 06:00 PM

There are probably some Ron Paul fans who still think that he will win

MrsSpringsteen 07-31-2012 06:19 PM

I really don't miss Rick Santorum. But women all over the US are lost without him-regarding what to do with their lady parts. I hope he's still staying on top of all that, so to speak.

financeguy 07-31-2012 08:56 PM

I very much hope that Mitt Romney will be the next president, and I expect that if elected he'll do a decent job under the circumstances.

Moonlit_Angel 07-31-2012 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by MrsSpringsteen (Post 7548255)
I really don't miss Rick Santorum. But women all over the US are lost without him-regarding what to do with their lady parts. I hope he's still staying on top of all that, so to speak.

Oh, I would bet that he is. It's like a weird, deeply creepy obsession with him and others who share his beliefs.

BonosSaint 08-01-2012 11:41 AM

Oh, Ricky calls in to our local radio talk show about once a month or so, so yes, he's still on top of it and I can listen adoringly while swooning simultaneously (the political definition of a woman multitasking). And best of all, I don't have to go too long without hearing his honeyed tones. :help:

MrsSpringsteen 08-01-2012 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by BonosSaint (Post 7548584)
Oh, Ricky calls in to our local radio talk show about once a month or so, so yes, he's still on top of it and I can listen adoringly while swooning simultaneously (the political definition of a woman multitasking). And best of all, I don't have to go too long without hearing his honeyed tones. :help:

Didn't you confess to voting for him? :p I'm jealous, is that show online?

I guess he's temporarily busy with Chick Fil A. After that he can get back to the lady parts.

BonosSaint 08-01-2012 11:53 AM

Actually, you can get the show online.:hyper:The host is quite Republican, but hers is the only talk show I know of that actually plays Leonard Cohen bumper music.:heart::heart: so much is forgiven.

yolland 08-02-2012 09:52 PM

The Daily Show, 8/1/2012 - "You, Harry Reid, Are Terrible"

BonosSaint 08-02-2012 10:52 PM

That was fun.:heart:

Moonlit_Angel 08-03-2012 12:37 AM

Can't exactly argue with that segment, no.

He also did a fantastic bit tonight about yesterday's Chick-Fil-A appreciation thing. When the video from tonight's show goes up, I'll share the clip here.

And to those who support Chick-Fil-A's position, he does actually find a point of agreement with you guys, on the whole cities banning the restaurant thing.

maycocksean 08-03-2012 09:26 AM

I think most, if not everyone who has posted on this forum agrees that the Boston mayor was out of line.

I can't help but wonder what would be the response from the right if the situation were reversed and it was some mayor suggesting he wouldn't approve of having say a JC Penny open up in his town. There seems to be much less of an ability for the kind of self-criticism found in the John Stewart video recently posted and among many of the "left-leaning" posters in here and the right. If it happens, I guess I don't see it. Granted it's hard to be self-critical when you are in the minority, but I don't find it happening in the world outside this forum either.

anitram 08-03-2012 09:33 AM


Agree with that. Don't think it's any business of a mayor of a town to get into organized boycotts of private businesses, aside from withholding licences from people who carry on criminal enterprises and so on.

Loved this blog post about the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day: The Chick Fellatio: stuck in the craw | Owldolatrous Productions

Particularly this part:


If things were reversed, I’d stand up for you.

Please think about this: How would you feel if KFC came out tomorrow and said they were spending money against equality for Asian Americans, or African Americans, or religious people? Really. Think about it. What would you do? How would you feel? How would you feel if, after their announcement, there was a big increase in KFC sales and I was all over Facebook supporting KFC. Please stop reading right now and imagine this. I’m serious.

You can stop now because it’s ludicrous. It would never happen.

Oh, I don’t mean the part about KFC being against some group. That COULD happen. I mean the part about me supporting them. Let me tell you something, and you can damn well believe it: I’d sign on for the boycott IMMEDIATELY.

Why? Well, because I believe in equality for all people, that’s why. But also, personally, from the bottom of my heart: because you are my friend, and I don’t willingly support people who harm you for just being you. How could I? How could I, really? But, more importantly for our purposes, how could you?

Seriously, how could you? What has Chick-Fil-A ever done for you? Sold you some fatty chicken at a ridiculous mark-up? Made you chuckle at semi-literate cartoon cows? You mean more to me than KFC possibly could. If I, in turn, don’t mean more to you than a chicken sandwich from Chik-Fil-A–if my life, my quality of life, and my dignity are such afterthoughts to you that you’d not only refuse the boycott, but go out of your way to support someone who was hurting me? if I let this stand, if I don’t stand up to the bullies and if I let my friends egg the bullies on, what does that make me?

Well, it makes me a Chikin.

Yeah, so suddenly it is cause for anger, ridiculous or not.

But I’m not going to stop being Facebook friends with anyone over this issue.

Instead, I will remain. And, when you see my face with my partner’s in my profile, maybe you will examine not simply what your opinions are about gay people, or gay marriage, or the first amendment, even; maybe you’ll examine not merely your opinions but your values. What is friendship to you? What is loyalty? How important are human life and dignity to you? Are they more important than fitting in with your social group? Are they more important than loyalty to a corporate brand, or a political party, or some misguided church teaching?

That’s why we’re so angry. This is personal for us. There are times in your life when you have the opportunity to stand up for your friends. When you let that opportunity pass, your friends notice. It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, but it diminishes you, and it diminishes the friendship. That’s how it is, no matter what the issue or what the venue.

So stand up. Stand up for us. Do the right thing. You don’t have to agree with us on everything, but repudiate Chick-Fil-A. Unlike them on Facebook. Withdraw your support for them. Join us in the boycott. If you can’t do that, then please ask yourself whether I’m your friend.
Another great one, from a Christian POV here:



Yesterday’s hoopla surrounding CFA did nothing to prove that Christians don’t hate gay people. Oh I know that most Christians will say, “I don’t hate gay people!!”
But did supporting CFA Appreciation Day prove that?

Trust me, I understand that most people who ate chicken sandwiches at CFA yesterday did not do that as an act of hate. I get that. And that’s cool and all, but did the act of going out of your way to CFA prove that to be true? Do you think that the GLBTQ communities believe you? Would you, if you were gay, believe you?

Now before you answer that, remember that yesterday’s CFA Love Day was just one action in a long line of many. Because let’s face it: Christians go WAY out of their way to “hate the sin”–i.e., by voting against gay marriage, voting against civil unions, voicing their angst about gay people adopting children (just to list a few). Is it possible that Christians lose the ability to truly “love the sinner” because they’re so busy “hating the sin”? Do Christians put anywhere near the energy into “loving the sinner” as they do “hating the sin”?

All I know is that the GLBTQ communities are becoming quite used to feeling unloved by Christians. And with good reason.

How many times do we hear Christians say something like, “I don’t hate gay people. I may not agree with their lifestyle. But I don’t hate them… ”

If you were gay, would you believe that? Think about it. Would you feel loved by somebody if they included rules, context, and/or explanations about your lifestyle every time they spoke about how much they don’t hate you? Only when talking about gay people do Christians feel the need to preface their “love” or “non-hate” with some variation of “I don’t agree with your lifestyle, but…” Christians don’t talk about any other group of people like that–only gay people.

So, I want to believe Christians when they say “I don’t hate gay people.” But sometimes proof of that is necessary. And yesterday did not prove that. Honestly, yesterday proved little more than how shallow Christians can be sometimes.

Not only did supporting CFA Appreciation Day declare that Christians believe that an issue is more important than people, that declaration was made by the mass consumption of junk food. That fact doesn’t need a punch line. It is a punch line.

Yes, on some level, yesterday was successful. I’m sure that today CFA feels really loved. And I’m sure Mike Huckabee feels loved, too. And I’m sure lots of people, many Christians included, feel great pride for supporting the cause. But there’s also a large group of people, good people, people you might disagree with, that today, feel really unloved.

If it’s true that Christians don’t hate gay people, today would be a really good day to prove it.

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