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Lila64 01-25-2011 10:06 AM

83rd Annual Acadamy Awards
Nominations are out!

Best picture
"Black Swan"
"The Fighter"
"The Kids Are All Right"
"The King’s Speech"
"127 Hours"
"The Social Network"
"Toy Story 3"
"True Grit"
"Winter’s Bone"


Javier Bardem, "Biutiful"
Jeff Bridges, "True Grit"
Jesse Eisenberg, "The Social Network"
Colin Firth, "The King's Speech"
James Franco, "127 Hours"

Annette Bening, "The Kids Are All Right"
Nicole Kidman, "Rabbit Hole"
Jennifer Lawrence, "Winter's Bone"
Natalie Portman, "Black Swan"
Michelle Williams, "Blue Valentine"

Supporting actor
Christian Bale, "The Fighter"
John Hawkes, "Winter's Bone"
Jeremy Renner, "The Town"
Mark Ruffalo, "The Kids Are All Right"
Geoffrey Rush, "The King's Speech"

Supporting actress
Amy Adams, "The Fighter"
Helena Bonham Carter, "The King's Speech"
Melissa Leo, "The Fighter"
Hailee Steinfeld, "True Grit"
Jacki Weaver, "Animal Kingdom"


Darren Aronofsky, "Black Swan"
David O. Russell, "The Fighter"
Tom Hooper, "The King's Speech"
David Fincher, "The Social Network"
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, "True Grit"

Animated feature
"How to Train Your Dragon"
"The Illusionist"
"Toy Story 3"

Adapted screenplay
"127 Hours"
"The Social Network"
"Toy Story 3"
"True Grit"
"Winter’s Bone"

Original screenplay
"Another Year"
"The Fighter"
"The Kids Are All Right"
"The King’s Speech"

Foreign language film
"In a Better world"
"Outside the Law"

Art direction
"Alice in Wonderland"
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I"
"The King's Speech"
"True Grit"

“Black Swan”
“The King's Speech”
“The Social Network”
“True Grit”

Costume design
"Alice in Wonderland"
"I Am Love"
"The King's Speech"
"The Tempest"
"True Grit"

Documentary feature
"Exit Through the Gift Shop"
"Inside Job"
"Waste Land"

Documentary short
"Killing in the Name"
"Poster Girl"
"Strangers No More"
"Sun Come Up"
"The Warriors of Qiugang"

Film editing
"Black Swan"
"The Fighter"
"The King's Speech"
"127 Hours"
"The Social Network"

“Barney's Version”
“The Way Back”
“The Wolfman”

Sound mixing
“The King's Speech”
“The Social Network”
“True Grit”

Original score
“How to Train Your Dragon”
“The King's Speech”
“127 Hours”
“The Social Network”

Visual effects
“Alice in Wonderland”
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”
“Iron Man 2”

Original song
“Coming Home” from “Country Strong”
“I See the Light” from “Tangled”
“If I Rise” from “127 Hours”
“We Belong Together” from “Toy Story 3"

Sound editing
"Toy Story 3"
"Tron: Legacy"
"True Grit"

Animated short film
"Day & Night"
"The Gruffalo"
"Let's Pollute"
"The Lost Thing"
"Madagascar, carnet de voyage" ("Madagascar, a Journey Diary")

Live action short film
"The Confession"
"The Crush"
"God of Love"
"Na Wewe"
"Wish 143"

powerhour24 01-25-2011 10:48 AM

OK, that is a fine BP lineup (and I've seen all 10), and Darren Aronofsky is finally recognized by these twats, but they remain totally irrelevant for some bonehead moves, snubbing: Andrew Garfield, Danny Boyle, Ryan Gosling, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Chris Nolan, oh and Tron Legacy's technical categories.

lazarus 01-25-2011 11:18 AM

While I haven't seen Winter's Bone, it's nice to see a relative-unknown like John Hawkes make it to the big stage. Plus, I'm pretty sure he's the first actor from LOST to get an Oscar nom.

Also nice to see Bardem get in with a groundswell of outspoken supporters after getting ignored for most of the season.

My favorite nom overall? The Illusionist. By far, as it's currently my #2 for the year.

powerhour24 01-25-2011 11:20 AM

Hawkes nom was well deserved, and while I liked what Ruffalo did with his role, but not over Garfield.

purpleoscar 01-25-2011 12:00 PM

Yay True Grit! :hyper:

I was thinking that The Social Network was going to take the cake but The King's Speech is looking better and better. Winter's Bone was ho-hum and easily could be replaced by Inception or Shutter Island, but Hawkes was good and disturbing in his performance. I really need to see The Fighter and Biutiful.

powerhour24 01-25-2011 12:03 PM

The potential BP winners are the ones with a film editing nom, there's (almost) never a winner without a nod in that category.

Lancemc 01-25-2011 12:10 PM

12 nominations for an unremarkable film hardly anyone gives a shit about is the major story here, even though it was inevitable (for some unholy reason... as these boring populist circle-jerks tend to be).

My support in each category should be fairly obvious. Black Swan in the majors, True Grit practically everywhere else (including cinematography). TSN for editing, mixing, and score. The Illusionist for animated feature of course, though I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it yet.

Otherwise the single most unexpected and happy nomination here is Unstoppable in sound mixing. Huzzah.

Headache in a Suitcase 01-25-2011 12:12 PM

who picks the songs for the oscars these days? eddie vedder gets the shaft again.

not as big a shafting as with into the wild, but a shafting none the less.

good to know randy newman got nominated for the 10,273rd time. :rolleyes:

Lancemc 01-25-2011 12:13 PM

Oh also, the foreign language category is at least slightly less painful than usual. Dogtooth the favorite, Biutiful the requisite eye-rolly shoe-in, two films nobody I know has probably heard anything about (with good reason likely), and Incendies which I've at least heard of but don't recall the kinds of reactions that went with it. I think they were favorable if I'm remembering right.

deep 01-25-2011 12:36 PM

they were selected from this short-listed nine

OSCAR: Academy Chooses 9 Films For Foreign Language Race – Deadline.com

Don't know why Uncle Boonmee did not make that list.

lazarus 01-25-2011 12:37 PM

I'm assuming by "favorite" you meant your favorite for Dogtooth, because while many were holing for it to make the final cut, it wasn't a given. Pretty awesome news and it may very well be the most fucked-up film to ever compete for an Oscar. It's also one of my favorite films of the year.

purpleoscar 01-25-2011 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by deep (Post 7106369)
Don't know why Uncle Boonmee did not make that list.

From personal experience it's a boring ass pretentious movie that will put you sleep. :giggle: I know there are fans of it in this forum but I thought it didn't come close to its hype.

Carek1230 01-25-2011 01:06 PM

Looks like a great list, some films I've seen and love...a few I should rush out to see!:applaud:

powerhour24 01-25-2011 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by Headache in a Suitcase (Post 7106355)
who picks the songs for the oscars these days? eddie vedder gets the shaft again.

not as big a shafting as with into the wild, but a shafting none the less.

good to know randy newman got nominated for the 10,273rd time. :rolleyes:

Maybe so, but Randy Newman's song deserved a nom, as did "If I Rise". Of course I'd give that award to "Furry Walls" from Get Him to the Greek :lol:.

bono_212 01-25-2011 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by powerhour24 (Post 7106305)
Andrew Garfield

You beat me to it. What the hell?

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