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WithoutSpeaking 04-13-2010 04:53 PM

Lost Highway - Chapter 6
Title: Lost Highway
Author: 1screamingangel & wo_speaking
Rating: R
Disclaimer: None of these fine Irishmen are mine, and this is complete and utter fiction.
A/N: Paul has Mel just a little confused but he has her in his charms doesnt he? I have to keep reminding myself that Paul is a fictional character and is not a real person. He is a combination of everything a girl looks for in a man. As for Sam, she is sweet on Creepy Guy. Our girls have no idea...


Mel opened the door to their room and found Sam sitting quietly by the window – the sunlight glaring in on her.

“Hey, I didn’t expect to find you awake this time of day,” Mel said to Sam.

Sam answered simply with a quiet “hey” back to her. Mel became a little concerned. One that Sam was up this early, and two, she didn’t even turn to look at Mel when she walked in.

“What’s wrong Sam?” Mel asked. Sam turned to look at Mel and looked like she was in a daze.

“Where have you been, Mel? Was that you in the car that just pulled in?” Sam said, ignoring her friend’s question.

Mel knew that she had to start talking and then Sam would just burst in and tell her story about why she seemed so odd this morning. She had a contemplative look on her face and was so much more quiet than normal. Usually she’d be jumping on Mel with a hundred questions about her night with Paul. She seemed physically ok, so Mel just started talking.

“Sam, you would not believe it. We did not have sex! Honest to God we didn’t. It was surreal in so many ways. We drove to Bodie and dug around in different buildings, ending up in the saloon drinking whiskey of all places. In fact, it was the whiskey you got from your creepy loverboy at the bar last night. Then we lit some candles, sat on his sleeping bag, sat, can you believe it? And we talked for hours. He listens and is a great person to talk to. I told him all about growing up in a hippie commune and being home-schooled until high school and all about my family and then we watched the sunrise over the desert. It was very … romantic? I guess…” Mel stopped when she saw the way Sam was looking at her.

“Oh my God Mel! You’re really falling for this guy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am afraid I am. It’s like he cast me in his spell. He is magnificent, Sam,” Mel answered her best friend honestly. She could often only be honest with herself when she was talking to Sam.

“What am I going to do? I can’t leave him yet. I want to spend more time with him. I want to get to know him more. I want him. I can’t help it. I need to spend a night or two with him and maybe a few days as well, but that will only make it harder to leave. Maybe we should just leave, I don’t know anymore,” she sighed as she threw herself down on Sam’s bed and her head landed on the black Stetson hat on the pillow. She hadn’t even noticed it when she’d first walked in – her head was in the clouds thinking about her beautiful Irishman, the gentle lilt of his voice still echoing in her ears.

“What the hell, Sam? He ... you ... oh my God what are you doing with his hat??? You didn’t!” she exclaimed, stunned, jumping up from Sam’s bed and stepping toward her.

Mel’s tone seemed to snap Sam out of her daze.

“He came to me after you left, I must have forgotten to lock the door. He asked me if he could kiss me and I let him. Mel – he isn’t creepy at all, he was so sweet when he was first whispering into my ear. He’s Irish too, isn’t that weird?”

Sam then proceeded to tell Mel everything, leaving out no detail of her night visitor. She usually would have kept some of the details to herself, but she still felt like she was dreaming, as if she was watching herself from above. Yet Sam needed to tell Mel because, more than anything, she needed to be honest with what she was thinking and feeling. This is what the two girls did for each other – they provided that honest voice. Even though they were very different, they complimented each other perfectly, and could often finish each other’s sentences. Mel was speechless – of all the crazy things that Sam had ever done, this took the cake.

Mel was upset with herself. Not only had she gone off into the desert with some guy she had allowed to charm her into a false sense of security, she had allowed Sam to be alone in potentially a very bad position. Sam was an adult and could look after herself to a certain extent, but Mel liked to just keep an eye on her and at this she had failed.

Paul was one thing, creepy black coat guy something else. He would not even tell Sam his name as he screwed her against the wall! What kind of man did that? Mel wanted to scream what the hell were you thinking? but knew that it would only anger Sam. Mel would often get upset with her over the years for her choices in men and this one was about to top that list.

“Are you joking me? He snuck into your ... our room? While you were sleeping?” Mel asked, incredulous. “Doesn’t that creep you out? Not only did it not creep you out, you let him ... don’t tell me he – oh my God Sam, he didn’t ...”

“No ... no – it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t one sided, Mel – trust me on that ...”

“You’d better be telling me the truth, Sam ...”

“I need to find him today,” Sam interrupted, “I need him, just as much as you seem to need your sweet little bartender that you didn’t screw last night.” Sometimes Sam was so blunt.

“Sam, listen to me! You have gone completely crazy for him! Are you are saying you will not leave here with me today?” Mel asked. She didn’t want to of course, but now she was very concerned about Sam’s safety.

“No, Mel, I don’t think I can. I need to see him again. I know he is waiting for me – why else would he leave his hat? You don’t want to leave either – and you know it.”

“No, I guess you’re right. Let’s just be careful Sam. I am seeing some red flags here and I want us to be careful. Both of us, just in different ways. OK? Promise me you will be careful?”

“I promise, and anyway Mel, that is why I have you, to watch out for me”

“I didn’t last night though, did I?”

“I didn’t want you to watch out for me last night, Mel. I love you dear, but I am a grown woman now, remember?” Sam got up and hugged Mel, knowing that would help to ease her anger.

Sam was right, it did, but only a bit. Mel was still more than a little upset that Sam allowed herself to be caught in such a potentially dangerous situation. Mel pulled her nightgown out of her suitcase and stepped in to the tiny bathroom to change.

“Are you sure that he did not force you to do something you didn’t want to do, Sam? That’s rape you know – he didn’t have any right to sneak in here and and force you! Christ, you don’t even know his name!” Mel called from the bathroom. She was letting her exhaustion get the best of her. She wasn’t a hundred percent convinced Sam was telling the truth about her wanting creepy guy to do the things he did. It just sounded too weird, even for Sam.

“Mel, it’s okay ... can’t you trust me? It’s okay for you to go out to some deserted ghost town with Paul without even telling me where you were, but when I ...”

“It’s different,” Mel protested, fully changed into her nightclothes and collapsing into her bed, dog-tired.

“Is it?” Sam glared at her, leaving her perch in front of the window and flopping on her own bed, wrapping herself in the smell of him which still remained on her sheets.

“Sam, I need to catch a few hours of sleep. Can we talk about this after that? If you get up before me, go and make sure Hester knows we will be staying at least another night. Doubt that will be a problem ...”

Mel’s voice trailed off as she started to fall asleep. One more thought occurred to Mel, right before she drifted off to dream about her cute bartender with the Irish accent and blue eyes.

“Don’t go looking for creepy guy without me Sam, promise me.”

Mel didn’t see Sam cross her fingers behind her back as she answered, “Sure Mel, you just get some rest and we will talk later.”

Sam started to wish she knew his name now, if only so Mel would stop calling him creepy guy.

Both of them fell asleep quickly. Sam started awake in the early afternoon; dreaming that he was back in the room staring at her from under his hat. She couldn’t get him off her mind. Where would she find him? She knew he’d be back at the saloon tonight if what Paul told them was true – he’d be there to have his 4 whiskeys and play some pool, and she’d leave with him after that, wouldn’t she?

She didn’t want to wait that long but she’d have to.

She got up, showered, got dressed and gently coaxed Mel awake.

“I’m going down to talk about the room – we slept through checkout! Can you imagine doing that in a fancy hotel? Thank goodness it’s just Bridgeport,” Sam giggled.

“Mmm k,” Mel mumbled, sitting up and pulling her arms into a long catlike stretch behind her back, “guess I’d better get my ass out of bed, huh?”

“I won’t be long. I’ll be back, I’m not going to find my man with no name, just going to see Hester ...” Sam giggled. “I probably shouldn’t wear his hat – would that be weird?”

“God Sam, you’ve really got it bad for him, don’t you,” Mel shook her head at Sam, looking down at the bed and smiling.

secretly alone 04-13-2010 09:53 PM

I love how they call him Creepy Guy! :lol: "Creepy Black Coat Guy" :giggle:

*wonders what shall happen next*

AnCatKatie 12-29-2010 01:00 AM

I'm going to have to call Edge Creepy Guy at some point now. Goodness, why did you have to make that his nickname?

I like that he left his hat :D

WithoutSpeaking 12-29-2010 03:11 PM

LOL! "Creepy guy".

You do have to admit that he looked pretty creepy back then - I thought it was sexy, but now I look at him and he was really quite scary. HA!

I'll find and link my other chapters here for you - so glad you are enjoying :)

AnCatKatie 12-29-2010 03:17 PM

Since when? I thought h was just cute http://www.rockpeaks.com/files/image...d-Hum-1988.jpg

See? Cute! :)

They're only really scary when they're playing 'Exit' in Rattle & Hum, and that's just the lighting.

Awesome :) I'm kind of addicted to this story

WithoutSpeaking 12-29-2010 03:23 PM

OK... here is 7




Those will keep you busy for a while - I'll post the others in Chapter 10 to keep you going tonight ;)

He's cute in R/H for sure - but check out those old JT pictures and pics of him in Bodie with his hair out of the ponytail.... growl! LOL!

AnCatKatie 12-29-2010 03:30 PM

I can't tell which ones are from Bodie, but I did find this one

http://static.gigwise.com/gallery/9479428_8_Joshua.jpg Yum.

I'll get to reading them after I do a bit of writing...

WithoutSpeaking 12-29-2010 04:01 PM

Here's a couple ;)



AnCatKatie 12-29-2010 04:08 PM

Oooo ;) That combined with Chapter 4...hmm...

WithoutSpeaking 12-29-2010 05:23 PM


Originally Posted by AnCatKatie (Post 7085149)
Oooo ;) That combined with Chapter 4...hmm...

Ha ha... most definitely my muse!

You'll have a lot of reading to do now - I linked 11 in Chapter 10 for ya and sent 12/13 ;)

I believe I've only posted up to Chapter 21 so far, I have 19 more chapters to post yet. I kind of kept them to the Live Journal community as there are quite a few now that I CAN'T post, but I still need to post the ones that I can ;)

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