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Chill Mike D 10-19-2009 08:57 PM

Line Output Power Level Question
I have a Vox AD15VT that I regularly play through, but all of my recording is done with my Pocket Pod and Zoom G2.1u pedal. The problem is that, while I like both of my effects units, I definitely prefer the amp models that are on my Vox.

However, my Vox does not have the attenuator that the larger ones have, and I live in an apartment in New York, so I can't really crank the master volume to drive the tube fully in an attempt to mic the amp and record that.

So, here's my question:

The Vox amp has a headphone line-out that (I think) goes through the tube portion but obviously bypasses the speaker. If I run my chain like this:

guitar > Vox with master cranked >>line out>> effects pedal > Laptop

Will that do anything bad to my effects pedal? Are they made to receive a high-output signal like that?

theedgeu2 10-20-2009 05:13 PM

Hmmm...good question. Ya know I've never really thought about that. Here's a bump for you. I don't think it'd do any harm to your effects pedal. But I am not 100% sure on that. I'd say you get the right answer before doing anything.

Chill Mike D 10-21-2009 12:54 PM

The more I think about it, the more I think it'll probably be ok, since the line out can be used with headphones. I'd imagine that if headphones can take it then my multifx pedal can too.


The_Pac_Mule 10-21-2009 03:46 PM

Get a bigger amp :D

The_Pac_Mule 10-21-2009 03:54 PM

I will say this however, I feel that the sound that comes out of the line out of the vox AD series is kinda crap, is it possible for you to be able to record somewhere else?

the tourist 10-22-2009 01:41 AM


Originally Posted by The_Pac_Mule (Post 6471649)
I will say this however, I feel that the sound that comes out of the line out of the vox AD series is kinda crap, is it possible for you to be able to record somewhere else?

I don't think that's limited to that particular amp. I've always thought line out from any amp sounded like crap. Might as well just get one of those modeler pods or whatever.

Chill Mike D 10-22-2009 11:18 AM

Hmm. I suppose I'll have to compare the two, I'm not sure I've ever actually listened to the line out on my Vox.

The_Pac_Mule 10-24-2009 04:42 PM

Its not pleasent :huh:

Chill Mike D 10-25-2009 01:19 AM

Interesting. Does the signal that goes to the line out bypass the tube portion or something?

The_Pac_Mule 10-29-2009 09:33 PM

I don't think so, the problem is that it bypasses the speaker(s), which is where half your tone comes from.

Chill Mike D 11-02-2009 11:12 AM

That makes sense. Hmm. I may have to find a practical way to record my amp, or run it into just a cab model, or something.

MajONeZ 11-02-2009 06:15 PM

It will not harm your effect because what you get from a line out/headphone jack is a signal that comes from the pre-amp section of your amplifier and is not "boosted" by the power section so you should be fine.

I suggest however you switch your order. Plug your guitar into your effects and then the amp, and use the line out for your laptop. You'll be able to crank it then since no sound will come out of the speaker.

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