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vaz02 01-15-2009 02:25 PM

Depeche Mode
Depeche Mode are to release new studio album, ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ on April 20, 2009 on Mute.

Recorded in Santa Barbara and New York with Ben Hillier, the band returned to their pioneering electro roots, using a lot of vintage analogue synthesisers and drum machines. Lyrically the release contains many of the group’s enduring obsessions plus more overt black humour than any of their previous collections.

Like their 2005 studio album, ‘Playing The Angel’, ‘Sounds Of The Universe’ features writing credits for both Martin Gore, the group’s primary songwriter, and Dave Gahan who after honing his talents on two solo albums, has earned his place as Depeche Mode’s second writer. The release also marks a reunion between the band and producer Ben Hillier (Blur, Doves, Elbow), who worked with the band to help give their new album its timeless sound. The album contains the first single from the release, ‘Wrong’. Other standout tracks include Martin Gore's velvet-lined Scott Walker croon on the sensual lounge-music ballad ‘Jezebel’, to the sci-fi gospel-blues hymn ‘In Chains’ and ‘Hole To Feed’..

As one of the most influential bands of the post-punk era, with global sales in excess of 100 million, Depeche Mode belongs to a select premier league of super groups who have survived from the early 1980s with their ideals, creative vision and core members intact. Formed in 1981, Depeche Mode - Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy 'Fletch' Fletcher - continue to win critical and commercial acclaim across the world both in the studio and on the road. All of the band’s 11 studio albums have reached the Top Ten in not only the UK and USA but 20 plus countries around the world. Additionally, since their inception Depeche Mode’s live shows continue to be a must-see attraction, with the group playing to 2.8 million people across 31 countries on their last tour alone.

Their ‘Tour Of The Universe’ kicks off in Tel Aviv, Israel, May 10th, which features a sold out date at London’s O2 Arena, May 30th. For more information please go to depeche mode dot com


Ive recently only just got into DM and im really enjoying to the lyrical content of a lot of their songs. Gore is an amazing songwriter and i cant wait for this new album.

Enjoy The Silence is probs my fav song by DM and live its a total killer.

Sicy 01-15-2009 02:29 PM

Wow DM is still goin strong eh? I was a huge fan in 88-89.. saw them a few times on tour. Lots of good stuff. :up:

phanan 01-15-2009 02:30 PM

Looking forward to this.

Screwtape2 01-15-2009 02:50 PM


Bonochick 01-15-2009 03:35 PM

Oooh...:hmm: :hyper:

u2popmofo 01-15-2009 03:49 PM

Playing the Angel had some really good songs on it, hopefully this one does as well.

Drowningman 01-15-2009 03:50 PM


This is great news. DM is probably second on my list after U2.

Has anyone seen David Gahan's Bono impersination?

I think its a little extra bit on their "One Night in Paris" DVD

Of course it was done all tounge-in-cheek as Dave and Bono are good friends

coemgen 01-15-2009 04:43 PM

I'm looking forward to this. I hope it's a strong album. :up:

greenlight7-11 01-15-2009 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by Drowningman (Post 5748698)
Has anyone seen David Gahan's Bono impersination?

I think its a little extra bit on their "One Night in Paris" DVD

Of course it was done all tounge-in-cheek as Dave and Bono are good friends

I have the ONIP DVD and I don't remember anything like that. I think maybe you're referring to this:

U2inUtah 01-15-2009 11:56 PM

New DM:up:

Looking forward to it

Spring should be good for new music

U2DMfan 01-16-2009 01:09 AM

I didn't even know anything about this.

My, how times have changed. I was a huge DM fan from about 91-98
<<<<obviously my username is severely dated.

FitzChivalry 01-16-2009 02:19 AM


Originally Posted by U2DMfan (Post 5751735)
I didn't even know anything about this.


DM is one of my faves. I've seen them about 5 times from the 90's on, although their 80s output is far and away my favorite. I don't think even U2 can match the 1 - 2 - 3 pure greatness and high-quality conistency of Black Celebration, Music For The Masses and Violator. Those 3 albums together are almost an unbeatable feat for the mega-bands from the 80s.

Color me f***ing excited for this new album! :hyper:

RedRocksU2 01-16-2009 02:36 AM

yes, I am excited.

Slipstream 01-16-2009 05:24 AM

Awesome! Cool studio clips on the website as well.

ShipOfFools 01-16-2009 06:54 AM

Sweet! :) After U2 and Radiohead, Depeche Mode is my favorite band. I hope their new album is as good as Playing The Angel; I wasn't too thrilled with "Exciter."

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