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No spoken words 12-27-2008 12:26 PM

Israel attacks Gaza
GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Israeli airstrikes pounded targets in Gaza on Saturday, killing at least 170 people, Palestinian medical sources said. An Israeli army spokeswoman said her country is ready to continue the attacks "as long as it takes."

A Palestinian boy wounded by an Israeli missile awaits treatment Saturday outside a hospital in Gaza City.

Palestinian medical sources said 110 people were hospitalized in Gaza in serious to critical condition. Earlier Saturday, the sources said at least 250 people had been wounded in the raids.

The militant group Hamas, which controls the government in Gaza, vowed to retaliate.

The strikes followed several days of rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.

Hamas police stations were hit, killing many senior police commanders, a reporter in Gaza said.

Maj. Gen. Tawfeeq Al-Jaber, a senior commander in the Hamas police force, was killed, as was Ismail Jabari, who headed the special police force in Gaza, Palestinian sources said.

Israeli Maj. Avital Leibovich told CNN the military began the attacks "in order to preserve the security situation in Israel."

"We are prepared for any type of scenario right now. We have our own operation and assessments as we go along, and we are ready to continue this operation as long as it takes," Leibovich said by phone from Tel Aviv. Watch panicked Palestinians try to help the wounded

Not long after Hamas called for retribution, an Israeli woman was killed when a rocket fired from Gaza hit a house in Netivot, about six miles east of Gaza, Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said. Hamas acknowledged firing the rocket.

Two other Israelis were listed in "medium to serious" condition at a hospital in Bersheba, Rosenfeld said.

The Israeli Defense Ministry issued a statement saying Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered the military into action based on a decision by the Cabinet.

"The action will continue and will widen as much as is demanded according to the evaluation of the situation by the high command of the army," the statement said.

Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi, speaking from Ramallah in the West Bank, accused Israel of ignoring the terms of the tenuous six-month cease-fire that expired a week ago.

"This is certainly a very cruel escalation, a relentless bombardment of a captive civilian population that has already been under siege for months, that has been deprived of basic requirements like food and medicines and fuel and power," she said. Watch Ashrawi condemn the airstrikes »

The Arab League scheduled an emergency meeting in Cairo, Egypt, at 7 p.m. (noon ET) Sunday to discuss the outbreak of violence.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe called on Hamas to cease its rocket attacks on Israel and urged Israel "to avoid civilian casualties as it targets Hamas in Gaza."

A statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Israeli aircraft attacked "a series of Hamas targets and infrastructure facilities."

"The Air Force activity came as a result of the continuation of terror activity by Hamas terror organization from the Gaza Strip, and the duration of rocket launching and targeting Israeli civilians," the IDF statement said.

Video showed severely wounded people being loaded into cars and driven to hospitals.

Inside one Gaza hospital, doctors appeared overwhelmed; the floors were covered with wounded men and some children.

"Many killed and many injured," a Gaza-based reporter said. "People are running in the streets."

The Egyptian government sent 20 ambulances, along with medical personnel, to Rafah at its border with Gaza to help with the wounded, an Egyptian official said.

The reporter, who is not being named for safety reasons, said the attacks were the biggest he had seen in his decades in Gaza.

The IDF said the targets "include Hamas terror operatives that operated from the organization's headquarters, training camps and weaponry storage warehouses."

The shaky six-month truce between the Hamas government in Gaza and Israel expired a week ago. Under the Egyptian-brokered deal, Hamas agreed to end militant attacks on Israel from Gaza, and Israel agreed to halt raids inside the territory and ease its blockade on humanitarian goods.

Israel on Friday opened three border crossings for the first time in 10 days to allow food, medical supplies and other humanitarian goods into Gaza, but Palestinian rocket attacks continued.

financeguy 12-27-2008 06:20 PM

Israel is a terrorist nation.

financeguy 12-27-2008 11:18 PM

Boycott Israel


DrTeeth 12-28-2008 12:52 PM

The traditional dick swinging between the extremists on both sides continues, and as usual, the innocent pay the price.

Bluer White 12-28-2008 03:49 PM

"If you want to kick the tiger in his ass, you'd better have a plan for dealing with his teeth."

That's what Tom Clancy says, anyway.

coolian2 12-28-2008 03:57 PM

It's more newsworthy when they aren't killing each other, tbh.

mobvok 12-28-2008 08:10 PM

After 50 years of pacifism and tolerance, I am interested and intrigued by this new strategy of violent reprisal Israel is employing.

Surely, faced with this response the Palestinian people's inevitable revolt against Hamas will come any moment now. (along with a Western-style liberal democracy)

Muldfeld 12-29-2008 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by financeguy (Post 5697727)
Israel is a terrorist nation.

Well said. The mainstream US media is always kissing butt to the Zionists. There are lots of Jews who are critical of Israel, but all of America is made to think they are anti-semites like the Nazis if they criticize it. All the US media outlets state that the Israeli attacks are "in response to" Hamas' attacks. However, Israel has violated every cease-fire by going after Hamas members. They are the ones who have violated agreements. Second, Hamas has told Jimmy Carter it is willing to recognize Israel in an interrim way to create peace; it cannot accept Israel permanently because then it will have no recourse for action. Third, Hamas is only 27 years old! It's time the US and Israeli media stop blaming Hamas for every act of terrorism. Israel has done plenty of dehumanizing, criminal things for decades before Hamas entered the picture.

What we have -- even among news men like PBS' David Brancaccio -- is apologies for Israeli terrorism and a kind of disgust for Muslim terrorism. Israel gets carte blanche because Muslims have to pay for the crimes of Hitler and the West's cowardice before and during WWII, apparently.


Originally Posted by mobvok (Post 5699463)
After 50 years of pacifism and tolerance, I am interested and intrigued by this new strategy of violent reprisal Israel is employing.

Surely, faced with this response the Palestinian people's inevitable revolt against Hamas will come any moment now. (along with a Western-style liberal democracy)

Israel was founded on terrorism -- killing and ethnically cleansing Palestinians and bombing UN workers. This is the same old strategy Israel has been using since its inception and American helicopters and arms allow them to do this and America shares responsibility for this. So, Americans had better remember this the next time a terrorist wants to attack America.

A_Wanderer 12-29-2008 12:16 AM

Do you think that a two-state solution is a desirable outcome?

mobvok 12-29-2008 01:33 AM

This war could end, if we wanted it to.

I doubt those in power, however, have any real interest in solutions that will end the violence. That's why we have a trade embargo against Cuba.

U2One 12-29-2008 01:37 AM

What pisses me out the most about this is the lack of coverage by American media on this issue. When the Bombay attacks happened, about the same number of people died, it was talked about nonstop for the next few days. I understand it's the same old Israel killing innocent Palestinians but a mass murdering of people is appalling in any situation.

And it pisses me off how everytime this happens the American government uses some sort of excuse to not place blame on Israel while the American people just turn a blind eye to that. Wake up people!! America has always been in bed with the terrorist government of Israel. At the very least the should place equal blame on both sides.

Either way, in the end our opinions aren't important as much as our peace & prayers to the innocent people who've had to, and are currently suffering through this war

A_Wanderer 12-29-2008 02:38 AM

Its disproportionate force, but does that render Hamas meek and mild?

Egypt on Sunday blamed Hamas for not letting hundreds of Palestinians wounded by Israeli air strikes leave the Gaza Strip for treatment, with dozens of empty ambulances waiting on the border.

More than 270 Palestinians have been killed and 600 wounded since Israel began hammering the Gaza Strip with air strikes on Saturday, but no wounded have yet left via Rafah, the Hamas-ruled territory's only Arab border crossing.

"No one has come in, we don't know why they're closed on the other side," a senior border security official told AFP. Several plane- and truck-loads of aid are also waiting to be allowed into the Gaza Strip, a security official said.

"The wounded are barred from crossing" into Egypt, Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit said in Cairo, blaming "those who control Gaza. We are waiting for the wounded to cross."

In the divided town of Rafah, the road leading to the border crossing was lined with 20 riot police vehicles, an AFP correspondent reported, with 40 ambulances and several pick-ups full of medicine waiting to cross into Gaza.

"We are preparing a list of casualties. There are just so many dead and injured," Dr Mouneer al-Borsh from the Hamas-run health ministry told AFP at the border.
He had arrived at the border with a ministry truck and was waiting to take medical supplies into Gaza.

Asked when the wounded would arrive at the border, Borsh said: "I don't know when. I can't say."

An Egyptian medic said that "sometimes they (Hamas) say they're going to bring people, sometimes they say they're not going to bring people. Now they say they want medical supplies for the wounded."

Gaza has been crippled by an Israeli blockade of all but the most essential supplies, with even basic medicines lacking in the impoverished territory. But no emergency medical aid entered on Sunday.

A security official said that an Egyptian plane with 50 doctors on board as well as medical supplies had arrived in nearby El-Arish. Two Qatari aircraft carrying 50 tonnes of medical supplies were waiting at the same airport.

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has also ordered three planeloads of medical aid to the Gaza Strip via Egypt, MENA said, and offered to airlift the wounded.

"The Rafah border crossing was opened by the Egyptians yesterday, but no Hamas people showed up" on the other side, an Israeli military spokesman said.
AFP: Egypt says Hamas not allowing wounded to leave Gaza

yolland 12-29-2008 02:47 AM

The extent of coverage devoted to the Mumbai attacks was most likely a one-off, and not likely to be repeated; the 2006 bombings in Mumbai killed many more people but received far less attention. Likewise, more people died from terrorism in Pakistan during the last year than anywhere else in the world; most of those incidents received little to no coverage either. And that's just the terrorist disasters, let alone the ongoing carnage in Congo that we seldom hear about. In print media at least, I'd say that if anything the present attacks on Gaza are getting more coverage than the aforementioned. But I don't watch TV, so I couldn't comment on that coverage.

The looming Knesset elections in Israel are almost certainly the main reason why an attack on this scale is being carried out at this time. Likud is leading in the polls, but both the Kadima and Labor PM candidates are in the present government--as foreign minister and defense minister, respectively--and if this 'goes well' for Israel (whatever that might mean, and they've certainly been reluctant to spell it out), then presumably the hope is that would clear the way for a Kadima-Labor coalition. But even as a cold-blooded political calculation, it's a fool's gamble, since even if it did 'succeed,' the pall it would cast over future negotiations would only be setting the process back further. It's just as likely that the end result might only be to strengthen both Likud and Hamas, thus ratcheting up tensions even more.

Irvine511 12-29-2008 02:54 AM


back in '09.

AchtungBono 12-29-2008 03:53 AM

Financeguy and Muldfeld.....

You are both pathetic little worms who wouldn't know a good thing if it bit you on the behind. I have no idea how you two managed to finish school seeing as both your brains aren't big enough to fill a thimble.....

Your sick, twisted way of thinking is a credit to every terrorist organization in the world and you deserve to be in the Al Qaida hall of fame.

P.S.: there's a point to this post.....

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