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LarryMullen's POPAngel 04-16-2008 10:59 AM


Originally posted by Sicy
Jason :hyper:
YES! :hi5:

theFly51 04-16-2008 11:21 AM

It'll be Corey next week

Hewson 04-16-2008 11:35 AM


Originally posted by Hewson

I don't think there's one of them I'd want cooking me a hot dog on a George Foreman grill.

After watching last night I fel the need to retract the above statement...

...and change it to I wouldn't let any of them make me a slice of toast.

Wow do they suck.

Doozer61 04-16-2008 12:56 PM


Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel

I wasn't giving it my full attention last night.


kafrun 04-16-2008 01:12 PM

:silent: me, that was brilliant :lol:

:headbang: :laugh:

RavenBlue 04-16-2008 11:05 PM

I love it when Gordo gets all wound up and starts spitting swear words like venom :drool:

theFly51 04-22-2008 12:35 PM

oh shit today's tuesday!

Sicy 04-22-2008 02:33 PM


kafrun 04-22-2008 03:09 PM


Thank goodness for the Food Network and Kitchen Nightmares for giving me my Gordon fix between Tuesdays :drool: :love:

LarryMullen's POPAngel 04-22-2008 04:18 PM

I'm going to miss it.

Times like these a TiVo would be fantastic. :mad:

gman 04-22-2008 07:58 PM

As a Scotsman...i think Gordon Ramsey is a national treasure! You guys get the Kitchen Nightmares with him in it too? Where he goes in and turns around failing businesses? The man knows his job!

Sicy 04-23-2008 01:33 AM

"Punk!" :lmao:

Bye bye Craig :wave:

Hewson 04-23-2008 06:59 AM

Did Ben bang Ramsey's wife or something?

Mr. Green Eyes 04-23-2008 10:51 AM

I am so happy that Craig is gone!!:yippie: Is it just me, but does Matt always look like he about to start crying?

Sicy 04-23-2008 10:53 AM


Originally posted by Hewson
Did Ben bang Ramsey's wife or something?

Matt always looks so pissed and grumpy. I wonder if he's even capable of smiling.

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