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U2inUtah 06-20-2007 01:43 AM

NOW PLAYING....Summer Love!!
Duran Duran - Taste The Summer

(from Astronaut)

U2inUtah 06-20-2007 01:47 AM

Incubus - Anna Molly

(from Light Grenades)

U2inUtah 06-20-2007 11:32 AM

U2 - Heartland

LemonMelon 06-20-2007 11:52 AM

Beastie Boys - Electric Worm

Total U2 Nut 06-20-2007 01:54 PM

Muzzle - Smashing Pumpkins

martha 06-20-2007 03:27 PM

White Stripes--Icky Thump

martha 06-20-2007 03:31 PM

White Stripes--Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

Popmartijn 06-20-2007 03:38 PM

The Waterboys - Carolan's Welcome
(from the bonus disc of the 2CD edition of Fisherman's Blues)

into: Killing My Heart

But... :scratch: why a new thread? :confused:

martha 06-20-2007 03:42 PM

White Stripes--You Don't Know What Love Is

Because not everyone reads Inside Broadcast :shrug:

martha 06-20-2007 03:44 PM

White Stripes--Rag and Bone

martha 06-20-2007 03:47 PM

White Stripes--Little Cream Soda

Popmartijn 06-20-2007 03:49 PM


Originally posted by martha
Because not everyone reads Inside Broadcast :shrug:
Yeah, it looks like it. Big-bellied egomaniacal slackers! :mad:

me: The Waterboys - When Will We Be Married?
(from Fisherman's Blues (bonus disc))

Well, Martha... :flirt:

martha 06-20-2007 03:53 PM

Hi Marty. :kiss:

White Stripes--A Martyr For My Love For You

Popmartijn 06-20-2007 03:55 PM


The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues
(alternative version on the alternative disc of the album with the same name)

martha 06-20-2007 03:56 PM

White Stripes--St. Andrew


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