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trevster2k 03-04-2007 01:31 AM

Randy Couture is amazing
Tonight, I watched 43 year old Randy Couture come out of retirement to defeat 30 yr old Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight title after a year layoff.

Couture overcame an 43 lb weight difference, 12 inch reach advantage and 6 inch height advantage along with 13 years in age difference held by his opponent. Tim Sylvia is 6 ' 8'', 264 lbs, and an 84' reach yet the smaller and older Couture surprised many with his performance. He dominated the standup part of the fight with great striking ability keeping Sylvia offguard. He took Sylvia off his feet multiple times to use his ground and pound to bewilder Sylvia. Couture dominated every round leaving Sylvia with a closed left eye and in shock at losing to the older and smaller athlete. He won a unanimous decision after 5 5-minute rounds of competition.

Regardless if you watch or respect the world of mixed martial art fighters, this is an almost unheard achievement by an athlete facing such odds. It was a breathtaking achievement to witness.

One for the old guys. :up:

HolyMeximofoJoe 03-04-2007 01:44 AM

That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen

He completley dominated Sylvia the whole time I was holding my breath just thinking is this really happening? Absolutley incredible... Was watching the whole fight with my friends the minute it was over we all erupted...We were all at a loss for words and everyone was smiling ear to ear we just kept telling ourselves we just watched somethign special....

It's just amazing how he always pulls out those incredible upsets over and over... Going into this fight i was fearing he would be ktfo by Sylvia, just like how everyone expected it to go.... but wow complete and utter domination even though everything was stacked against him... MAN I CANT DESCRIBE HOW IM FEELING RIGHT NOW!!!!!

WAR RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

trevster2k 03-04-2007 02:33 AM

Now I wonder if we are going to see an eventual Crocop vs Couture match.

Couture will definitely be an underdog against that monster. Mirko Crocop is way scarier than Sylvia.

UFC is gonna make some big money on PPVs with the Rampage/Liddell matchup and this one. Although I love Pride fighting too.

I guess Randy Couture is a real life Rocky Balboa. But check out the monster he might face in the coming months.


HolyMeximofoJoe 03-04-2007 02:50 AM

Well Cro Cop does have to get by Gabriel Gonzaga but that is something he definitley should be capable of... So yeah looks like Couture vs Cro Cop is going to happen...

Don't know what to think, Cro Cop is just on another level compared to Sylvia... Possibly the #2 fighter in the world.... Possibly the greatest striker in MMA... would really suck to see Randy recieve the LHK.. but just imagine if he should somehow pull it off!!

Rampage and Liddell should definitley be a great fight. I think Chuck will take that one simply because Chuck has looked better than their first fight while Rampage hasn't looked like the old Rampage recently. But I definitley wouldnt be suprised to see Rampage pull it off.

If there is ever to be made a movie about MMA Hollywood needs to look no further than the incredible career of "Captain America" Randy "The Natural" Couture.

trevster2k 03-04-2007 02:59 AM

Yeah, Rampage used to be one scary mofo but recently he seemed to have lost his rage in the ring. I don't think the Rampage/Lidell fight will occur until near the end of the year or early next year.

I put Fedor as number one, and Crocop at number two. I wish UFC had some consistency in standing up fighters. Like Matt Hughes in the 3rd round just smothered his opponent without doing very much at all except overpowering him with position. The first round of Couture /Sylvia was the same yet ref wouldn't stand them up. Then in the later rounds of the Couture/Sylvia fight when they were on the ground with both fighters actually throwing punches and being active, he stands them up. Huh? I prefer Pride to UFC most times, I like the bonus/penalty system they have along with no cage prop to use to get leverage or balance. I hate when UFC fighters grab the cage to get position and then get warned by the ref. By then it's too late, they have already improved their position by using the cage.

HolyMeximofoJoe 03-04-2007 03:22 AM

Yeah that 3rd round of the Hughes/Lytle fight had everyone in the room yawning although I thought the first 2 rounds were pretty good, I think Lytle put up a much better challenge than most expected....

I think the reason that BJM didn't stand up Couture and Timmy in the first round was because Randy had Timmy's back and therefore still had him in danger...just a theory though...

I would prefer UFC to Pride mostly cause it's on TV every now and then...I'm fairly new to the sport I got introduced to it on UFN1. Immediatley after the Griffin/ Bonnar fight I tried to learn as much as i Could about this awesome sport of MMA.

trevster2k 03-04-2007 03:36 AM

I have been watching off and on since UFC 1 when there were all kinds of problems. I then started watching the Pride PPVs from Japan years ago. I'm sure you are aware that today's fighters are way more skilled than those of the past. Original UFC, a boxer vs a judo guy, wtf? A sumo wrestler vs jiu jitsu guy, huh? That was the original concept but thankfully the fighters realized that they have to learn all aspects of the fight game to dominate in the ring.

Too bad Pride is having some financial problems right now. The sport needs two different leagues to be healthy. I do like how both are different so we can see the unique strengths of the fighters. MMA is great fun to watch.

HolyMeximofoJoe 03-04-2007 04:19 AM

Yeah I've seen some of the old school UFC fights... LOL at the commentary for UFC1.... Gracie Shamrock Severn Tank Kimo... etc.... Every time one of the old school fighters try to make a comeback they get embarrased:

Gracie/Hughes (though gracie impressed me by not even flinching during that nasty armbar)
Ken/Tito (though Ken showed heart at Ufc 40 but 2 and 3 really sucked for me since i grew up on wrestling)
Tank/Mir (What a joke! I laughed! Then i felt bad for the former bad ass)
Severn/Rizzo (Haven't seen it and I dont want to... gives up from leg kicks...)
Kimo/ummm 38 yr old Ken? (Well at least Ken got a win!)
Even if they were younger theyd only do slightly better I think.... but since theyre legends and pioneers i like to pretend at times that that is not the case...

And yeah ive heard about Pride's business problems... If Zuffa does buy Pride then they should keep it a seperate entity and not change their customs then every once in a while there should be a killer crossover ppv... imagine the matchups :drool: :drool: :drool:

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