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~BrightestStar~ 11-05-2006 10:44 PM


Originally posted by snowbunny00774

:lol: Before I became socailly inept I told an Arkansas joke to a Jenny Jones show audience:o

No Wai!!!!!


~BrightestStar~ 11-05-2006 10:52 PM

Goodnight kids.

Play nice now....

Reggie Thee Dog 11-05-2006 11:22 PM


Did I miss all the fun?

redkat 11-05-2006 11:32 PM


can anyone upload a Bad with norweigian wood snippeted?

My itunes is a mess and I can't retreive most of my music. It's driving me crazy :crazy:

Reggie Thee Dog 11-05-2006 11:33 PM

Shoot...I'm in SF all week and I don't have it with me.

Sorry kat... :(

redkat 11-05-2006 11:34 PM

:hyper: what are you doing there?

I haven't been in years, such a beautiful city :love:

Reggie Thee Dog 11-05-2006 11:37 PM

Oh I'm going to a conference for work. I'm just drinking in my room right now...:hmm:

I'm staying at the Holiday Inn downtown...and I have a gorgeous view of the city.

the rockin edge 11-05-2006 11:40 PM

i can upload :D

give me a few minutes...

VintagePunk 11-05-2006 11:45 PM

Hi everyone. :wave:

I just got home from the Elton John show. :happy:

the rockin edge 11-05-2006 11:47 PM

actually i dont have one on my computer. sorry Kat. :(

hi VP, show good?

snowbunny00774 11-05-2006 11:51 PM

Hi everyone & Zoot, who's apparently everyone's dad :huh: :wink:!!

redkat 11-05-2006 11:51 PM

thanks for checking adam :hug:

hi vp how was sir elton?

I've only stayed in the scariest of places while in SF Reggie ;)

zoot what?

hi snow :wave:

VintagePunk 11-05-2006 11:52 PM

It was amazing. :drool: :up: What a career he's had, and what a collection of material to choose from. Every time I thought it couldn't get better, he pulled out another great. Mid-show, he played 5 songs off the new album, and even though not knowing songs at a concert is generally a snooze-fest, these were really good! I'll be checking it out. He played for just over 2 1/2 hours straight.

Reggie Thee Dog 11-05-2006 11:57 PM

Let's see....Kat :drool:...and VP :drool:

And Snow....:sexywink:

And I'm all alone in this hotel room...:hmm:

Lila64 11-05-2006 11:57 PM

:wave: (can't stay, just lurking)

Kat - I'll look for the song on my other computer later. After I kick Maddy off VMK! :lol:

Glad to hear you had fun at the show VP

<<<runs out :shifty:

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