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Eliv8 06-23-2006 04:39 PM

Rip Totp
The fat lady gets ready to sing for Top of the Pops
By Adam Sherwin, Media Correspondent

IT STARTED with the Rolling Stones, but 42 years later Top of the Pops is finally conceding defeat, having failed to outlast its first teen idols. At its peak, the chart show attracted 16 million viewers to BBC One and prompted rows in family homes over the gender orientation and musical merit of its performers. But the internet, 24-hour music channels and the decline of the pop single has condemned it to oblivion.

Two years after its move to BBC Two, and with viewing figures barely reaching 1 million, the ailing show will be put to sleep after the broadcast of edition 2,204 on July 30.

The show is one of the BBC’s most successful international brands, seen in 112 countries, with local versions made in the Middle East and elsewhere. But a BBC strategy review found that, “in a rapidly changing musical landscape, Top of the Pops no longer occupies the central role it once did”.


My teen years would have not been complete without my Thursday TOTP. It used to come on just before Monty Python (First runs)

Tilli 06-23-2006 05:42 PM

It is a shame - I think the BBC kinda killed the show when they moved it to BBC Two (On a sunday I think).

RIP TOTP indeed:(

1stepcloser 06-23-2006 07:37 PM

The more MTV became accessible, the less popular TOTP became. I think it came to its natural conclusion.

I used to watch it all the time when it was on a thursday.


yertle-the-turtle 06-23-2006 10:10 PM


U2Fanatic4ever 06-23-2006 11:06 PM

what a shame! RIP...TOTP!! many great ones appeared on that show... So many....U2 of course... rolling stones.. the list goes on and on... certainly was a part of our pop culture and the generations before us even..:sad:

i agree with someone who said that MTV certainly has taken that spot and that this was just a natural end to what was inevitable..

Salome 06-24-2006 08:44 AM


when you look at the (british) charts though you can see that there's no way to make a decent weekly 1/2 hour music show

Laura M 06-24-2006 08:51 AM


Originally posted by Salome

when you look at the (british) charts though you can see that there's no way to make a decent weekly 1/2 hour music show

you can actually say that after suffering las 40 principales? :eyebrow:

TOTP should have finished a long time ago, in my opinion. It is a shame though.

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