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Lila64 01-21-2006 03:34 AM

Where poets speak their hearts then DESCRIBE
carry on my describing friends http://img.slickdeals.net/images/smilies/emot-wave.gif

the rockin edge 01-21-2006 03:35 AM

^just for the kiwis eh?:wink:

MacHat 01-21-2006 03:36 AM

^ :D:D

the rockin edge 01-21-2006 03:37 AM

^may well hear that song in concert this year:drool:

MacHat 01-21-2006 03:38 AM

^ Duuuuuuuude :drool: I sure hope so!

the rockin edge 01-21-2006 03:40 AM

:yes: well, whether you do or not the show will be awesome :rockon:

Lila64 01-21-2006 03:41 AM

I finally figured out what you meant TRE. I've just been listening to the song a lot this week, and wanted to try and find away to use a line as a Describe title tonite. I think it worked quite well. I hope they play it NZ/Australia, and then keep it in the set for Hawaii http://bestsmileys.com/drooling/1.gif

time for bed friends - Goodnight! http://img.slickdeals.net/images/smilies2/bye.gif

MacHat 01-21-2006 03:42 AM

^^ Hell yes :rockon:, man I'm excited! :hyper:

^ Night night! :wave:

Lila64 01-21-2006 03:43 AM

I edited :wave:

the rockin edge 01-21-2006 03:44 AM

^^^night lila :wave:

^^i'm assuming you haven't been to a U2 show?

my first U2 show (in april) was the best show i've ever been to, an amazing experience :combust:

MacHat 01-21-2006 03:46 AM

Yep it will be my first show, the last time they were here I was 9, a bit too young! :wink:

So far the best show I've been to has been David Bowie, but I think this one might knock him off the top, hehe

Lila64 01-21-2006 03:48 AM

:shifty: absolutely!!!


really leaving now :shifty:

the rockin edge 01-21-2006 03:51 AM

^how old is maddy? :hmm:


i was really lucky last year, saw several great shows but U2 was the best. Mark Knopfler put on a fine show too:drool:

<it's nearly 3 here, i'm going to sleep now :wave: night MacHat!

MacHat 01-21-2006 03:51 AM

^^ Hehe, nighty night again :wink: :wave:

^Mark Knopfler was here last year, didn;t get to go though dammit!

Doh everyone's going! lol ah well

Night night tre! :wave:

the rockin edge 01-21-2006 03:56 AM

^you'll find not many people are on at this time :( :wink:

<really going now :whistle:

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