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cobl04 07-24-2005 03:51 AM

Out Of Control
I heard it first on the SLane DVD, and I liked it. Downloaded it and listened to it a bit closer. IT's acutally quite good. I thought Boy would be all solemn and darkish, I think I made this presumption by the name An Cat Dubh which has about 12 lines of lyrics and goes for like 7 minutes. But I Will Follow, Out Of Control, it's got my vote! :up:

MacPhistoPT 07-24-2005 03:54 AM

An Cat Dubh it's really a good song, I love it.

Out of control... the best song on Boy! Out of Control, Stories for boys & The Electric Co. :rockon:

I actually love "Boy", great debut album, my 4th favourite. Can't say a song that I really dislike in it.

liamcool 07-24-2005 03:57 AM

Compared to some of the stuff on Boy, IMO, Out Of Control is an average track.

However, that doesn't mean it isn't great.

cobl04 07-24-2005 04:03 AM

I'm excited to what I hear about this. What's the general feel of the album? Is it like partyish music, U2 having fun? Cos that's the impression I get from OOC and IWF.

liamcool 07-24-2005 04:07 AM

I Will Follow = Upbeat

Twilight = Very downbeat, probably in a minor key, very dark.

An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart = Downbeat, dark...

OOC: Upbeat

Stories For Boys = Hmm, don't know how to describe this.

The Ocean = Very depressing, very slow, has a jug of water as an effect

A Day Without Me = See IWF / OOC

Another Time Another Place = Upbeat, but in a downbeat kind of way

The Electric Company = Upbeat, much like IWF / OOC / ADWM

Shadows And Tall Trees = Depressing, but it's the epic closer of the album that became tradition.

BonoIsMyMuse 07-24-2005 06:57 AM

I've just gotten in Boy over the last year and a half. I've had it for maybe five years and have never given it the attention it deserves. It's got dark undertones in places, but it's also an amazing introduction to Bono's songwriting skills. It's a very young, very raw album, but I think you can get a sense of a lot of what's to come for U2. Out of Control, The Electric Co, and Stories for Boys are my favorites.

I'm really hoping to hear Out of Control and/or The Electric Co live in the fall!

corianderstem 07-24-2005 07:42 AM

Out of Control never fails to get my foot tapping and my head bopping. Great song! Love the energy, no matter what version.

You should definitely get Boy. It's really grown on me lately, and I really appreciate it how good it is.

If they play Out of Control this fall in Portland, I can die a happy woman - it's the one song I'm waiting to hear live and have never seen in the 5 times I've seen them in concert.

VertigoGal 07-24-2005 08:14 AM

Cool song...

As an album, Boy may have some dark undertones or whatever, but it's still generally very energetic and youthful and not too serious.

the rockin edge 07-24-2005 08:22 AM

lots of energy in it :rockon: great song!

RademR 07-24-2005 12:11 PM

Out of Control, IWF, Electric Co, Stories for Boys, Twilight....all amazing songs, especially live.

BOY is a great debut album.

rock888nwo 07-24-2005 10:08 PM

boy is a great album, period. iwf, ooc, an cat dubh/into the heart, and the electric co are all excellent songs.

namkcuR 07-24-2005 10:17 PM

Out Of Control is somewhat overrated on Interference.

Still a pretty good track though.

Ellay 07-25-2005 12:36 AM

Heard them play it live during the elevation tour, but it didn't blow me away.

Have to be honest though and say I'd barely ever listened to it before that though, so perhaps it's one that will grow on me in the future.

thrillme 07-25-2005 12:38 AM

Stop to consider this for a minute, Boy was released when the eldest members of the band were 20 years old!

Bono actually wrote the lyrics to "Out of Control" when he was 18.

Boy is my # 5 U2 album.

I think you'll enjoy it, but judge for yourself.

cobl04 07-25-2005 12:54 AM

thanks for that liamcool!

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