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U2democrat 07-18-2005 06:05 PM

"X-Files" Appreciation Thread
I admit it, I was sucked into this show and an avid viewer. I own the movie...and yes, maybe even a book or two on the series. I even had this really really cool X-Files computer game that had the real actors in it...it was like an episode in and of itself. I even dressed up as Agent Scully for Halloween. I was obsessed (obviously).

The other day I was watching a rerun of it and I realized how much I missed the show. There's nothing like it on anymore. :sigh:

anitram 07-18-2005 06:11 PM

I almost bought all the DVDs on Ebay one cold winter night.

Great show in the beginning. The end was awful.

hippy 07-18-2005 06:19 PM

My friends and I used to have "X-Files" parties where we would all gather each week at someone's house for the weekly viewing of the new episodes :drool:

I miss it too :sad: There are just no good "conspiracy" shows on anymore ;)

I used to get really excited when another piece of the puzzle suddenly "fit" because someone or something showed at the right time and place to reveal some essential piece of information.

And I LOVED the CSM :hug:

The truth is out there...

Anyway, loved the show... but I have to admit that I stopped watching the last season after Mulder left...

jobob 07-18-2005 06:22 PM

I was a huge Phile back in the late 90s. Joined Internet fan groups for it and everything. I probably could have been a bigger U2 fan back then if the XF hadn't distracted me.

At its best, The XF had it all wrapped up in one weird and wonderful hour of television: Sci-fi, mystery, drama, comedy. Two very talented lead actors and one heck of a supporting cast. And, yes, I know it kills half of its fans to admit it ... that wonderful Mulder and Scully Romance.

I still miss The XF. Still watch XF reruns once in awhile on weekends. Still have a few friends I made though its online fandom. Thanks for the appreciation thread.

corianderstem 07-18-2005 06:22 PM

I was a SERIOUS X-Files geek. Fanfiction, bought all the paraphernalia, you name it. Most of my online friends were met through the X-Files fandom, and I'm still friends with most of them.

Sadly, I'm still pretty bitter about the way the last few seasons panned out (if they had ended the series after Mulder was abducted and JUST BEFORE Scully said she was pregnant, it would have been perfect). I have the DVDs, but haven't been able to bring myself to watch them in ages.

Soon, I hope. It was a great show.

U2democrat 07-18-2005 06:41 PM

Yeah...i don't know why they continued the series when mulder left. What made them think it would be any good? He was the heart of the show! :tsk: Anyway, there are few shows on that could compete with the quality of X-files.

And i'm glad to see i'm not the only x-file geek around here :hug:

elevation2u 07-18-2005 06:44 PM

I like the movie :up:

I didnt see the show much, I remember seeing it a couple times with my bro when we were younglins and wanting to be detectived when we grew up,


U2democrat 07-18-2005 06:48 PM

My gosh i had the craziest crush on david duchovny. I'm ashamed to say how many photos i had saved on my computer of him at one point :reject:

JOFO 07-18-2005 07:12 PM

excellent show from 1993 till 1999.....after that :down:

fav. episodes:

the one where they go to area 51 and mulder gets captured.

the one where they find an alien frozen in ice in antartica.

the one where.....oh man, it's been so long I can't remember them all.......

mdw3935 07-18-2005 07:29 PM

I too was an X-Filer!! :D I have a couple of books on the show, have a few seasons on dvd. None of the last couple of seasons. I stopped watching once Agent Mulder wasn't there anymore. I didn't like that new guy or gal they brought in after he left.
What a great show it was. What great characters it had, The LoneGun Men, Alex Krycek, Chain-Smoking Man, Mr. X, Skinner, Well Groomed Man, so on and so on. :drool:
Agent Mulder and Agent Scully, I loved their relationship they had with each other. Of course Agent "Spooky" Mulder was :combust:.

Some of my all time favorite episodes are: Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space, Home, Arcadia, Tooms, DPO, all the conspiracy episodes, just to name a few. I know I'm a dork. I do miss that show also, but I do watch the re-runs of the show on the different channels it is show on now. Nothing like it on now. :sad:

U2democrat 07-18-2005 07:36 PM

I had so many favorite episodes...my favorites were usually the more humorous ones, which were usually written by david duchovny.

lmjhitman 07-18-2005 08:38 PM

i'm a HUGE x-files geek. :reject:

my favourites were the funny episodes, too - the ones written by darin morgan:

clyde bruckman's final repose
jose chung's 'from outer space' (best. episode. ever.)
small potatoes

yeah, it definitely jumped the shark in its last few seasons, but i have to say, i've never been hooked on a show as much as i was on this one.

and david duchovny... :drool:

Halifax 07-18-2005 08:41 PM

Count me in as an X-Filer was well!!

My favourite episode would have to be the one where Mulder FINALLY finds his sister. I know its not a particular popular episode with other X-Filer's, but the scene at the end where Mulder is walking through the crowd of ghost children, finally finds his sister and hugs her, while Moby's "My Weakness" is playing at the background. Chokes me up everytime.

corianderstem 07-18-2005 08:48 PM

Me too! The whole "gone up to be starlight" concept was so insanely STUPID, especially after all the buildup about Samantha, but something about Duchovny's acting in that last scene, and the music ... damn. I need a tissue, every time.

lmjhitman 07-18-2005 08:54 PM

from jose chung's 'from outer space':

Blaine Faulkner: "...the proper authorities showed up with a couple of men in black. One of them was disguised as a woman, but wasn't pulling it off. Like, her hair was red... but it was a little too red, you know? And the other one, the tall lanky one, his face was so blank and expressionless. He didn't seem human. I think he was a mandroid. The only time he reacted was when he saw the dead alien."

(Mulder makes a strange high pitched whoop)


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