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muh2o 05-29-2005 02:22 PM

Just got back from Boston 5/28
Been a fan for over 20 years.

Certainly haven't set a record for seeing live shows, although I generally see them 3 to 5 times per tour since Unforgettable Fire.

This is the first time I've seen them on the Vertigo tour, and because of my hectic schedule, have not really read much or heard much about the tour thus far.

I got in line with my wife about 4:30am. We were #47 and #48. That seemed pretty good for me, knowing that a lottery existed for entry into the elipse. I figured no matter where we ended up, we were in good shape. They handed out wristbands around 8:30, went back to my sister-in-laws, rested up. Got back in line around 5:00, and we were let into the last holding line before entry to the floor. Overall, I would rate the Fleet Center's handling of the GA crowd as the best yet. MSG being the worst (last tour).

This is where the night started to really get interesting. While we were waiting there, on the stairs, we could hear U2's soundcheck. Everyone got ridiculously excited when we heard them play "Whos Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses". When they finished it, a huge roar went up from the faithful.

They started entry procedure shortly after 6:00, and lucky us, my ticket scanned for entry into the elipse. And what is becoming status quo, we found ourselves in the exact same spot we stood for three shows on the Elevation Tour (Albany, 2 New York), front row, right between Bono and the Edge (closer to Edge).

You all know the set list...Personally, I was ecstatic to hear "An Cat Dubh". If they played every song off of "Boy", that would have been enough for me. I told my wife that if they played An Cat Dubh, and Party Girl, I would die a happy man. Well, I'm not dead, but good lord, did not think that was actually going to happen. And then Wild Horses, you have GOT to be kidding me!
Before they started Wild Horses, all four converged near Larry, and started playing it. I could see them talking to each other to make sure they were all on the same page. That was a great moment. And then Bono flubbed Party Girl. He said "Give me a chance", as he was laughing, then started it over again (sort of). Before they launched Vertigo the second time, I could swear I heard Bono shout to the band, "Out of Control", which I thought would have been a great closer, but it was "Vertigo". Bono said something about how they used to play the same song twice in one night.

The other highlight of the night for me was "Elevation". In my mind, the best opening song ever, but I loved the the slow start, the AUDIENCE shouting out el-e-va-tion! WOW! Great stuff.

I can't wait to hear the audio for this show. As I looked around there was only one small stretch where I noticed anyone sitting down. The crowd was into it from start to end, and I think everyone thought they would come back out after the second Vertigo. With the lights down for some time, the audience was shouting the verse of "40". But then the lights came on.

Best show I have ever seen U2 perform. Having been in the elipse, I think I can say that I do NOT agree with the random selection of elipse entry. First come, first served is how it should be. We may not have ended up in the front row, but I still would have been happy whereever we ended up.

Can't wait for the Fall leg. For those who will be seeing them in Europe, have a great time. They are in prime shape right now.

KUEFC09U2 05-29-2005 02:44 PM

great review :)

*Ally* 05-29-2005 02:50 PM

great review! thanks for posting... i was at the show too- i probably met you, as i was running the line from 6-8 am on saturday morning (i'm pink-scarf girl). i can't believe we heard 'wild horses'- that made the night for me! and i love that bono took so many 'props' from the crowd: the sparkly hat, the feather boa, and the flower... he was in a great mood last night!

oh, and congrats on winning the lottery! :up:

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