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indra 03-08-2005 10:04 PM

music memorabilia
A piece of very interesting music memorabilia from my favorite band popped up on eBay a couple of weeks ago see the auction here and got me thinking.

It's clearly authentic, but there is no explanation of who was selling it or how it came to be up for sale. So what I want to know is, if it (or some similar piece of music memorabilia) was from a band you like and you wanted it (not much point if you didn't want it) what would you do? Would you bid on it? Would you contact the seller and ask questions? Would you try to contact the band/musician? Would you even care why it was up for sale and/or who was selling it?

Angela Harlem 03-09-2005 01:39 AM

There'd be 2 things to consider I guess. One is, what is your limit. You can (or should) only bid what you can afford. But you do need to have at least some kind of idea of the value and authenticity of the item. This is where auctions can go way out of hand. In your case, you knew the background and the legitimacy of the book, but without knowing that, it seems only wise to try and find out as much as you can, however you can. You might be willing to fork out $1,000 for something which might only be worth a few hundred, but if you really want it, then so be it. Still I reckon knowing exactly what led it to being for sale is necessary information.
Contacting bands or their minions can be a pain in the arse but fans are a good place to start.

....on a sidenote, that bidding history is insane. It looks kinda dodgy actually. But I'm no eBay nerd.

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