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pax 02-25-2005 12:37 PM

The Octagon Bar: No Wars, No Politics, Just Beer

~BrightestStar~ 02-25-2005 12:39 PM

Excellent title! :up:

nurse chrissi 02-25-2005 12:42 PM

excellent title all the way around pax

~BrightestStar~ 02-25-2005 12:43 PM

*toasts pax*
(and I mean with a drink....not other things lol)

Hmmm...seems we've lost some in transfer....
*realizes she forgot the pups..runs back to get them*

I Move in Mysterious Ways 02-25-2005 12:45 PM

(in a bad mood)

nurse chrissi 02-25-2005 12:46 PM

padded walls still right:yikes: and rounded corners?

~BrightestStar~ 02-25-2005 12:47 PM

*quickly makes bar modifications*
No worries, it's now Chrissi and Drunk proof! :wink:

Cheer up IMIMW :hug:

nurse chrissi 02-25-2005 12:49 PM

:D - I'm beinging to think the whole world needs to be Chrissi proofed

cold refreshing Budweiser products for all

Vorsprung 02-25-2005 12:50 PM

Looks like a great spot for a good after-party!!! First I'll be off to a real bar for some real beer :drool:
So, maybe I'll see y'all later tonight. Anyway, Happy Weekend!!!

PS: Why no tequila this time???:sad:

pax 02-25-2005 12:52 PM

:: puts on German bar wench costume, serves copious beers to everyone ::

Wilkommen! ;)

~BrightestStar~ 02-25-2005 12:52 PM

Hi Vorsprung! :wave:

*throws em a tequila* happy?

nurse chrissi 02-25-2005 12:54 PM

better? - also brings the limes and salt:D

~BrightestStar~ 02-25-2005 12:59 PM

Chrissi..are you suggesting body shots?

I hope so!
*runs to get bono :D *


pax 02-25-2005 01:00 PM

:: hollers out toward the cranky patrons ::

Your beers are getting warm!


stray dog 02-25-2005 01:02 PM

There are some hot babes in here tonite:drool: (sits on barstool) damn i'm thirsty.

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