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verte76 02-04-2005 12:55 PM

it's official # I hate it when hammering is going on in my neighborhood
I hate this :censored:! I hate noise! I know it's part of life in the big city, but hey, if there were a law that I had to like it I'd be doing life without parole.

neutral 02-04-2005 02:58 PM

I hate that too :madspit:

dandy 02-04-2005 03:06 PM

i hate noise in general. bulldozers, construction, hammering noises are the worst. not even music can drown those noises out.

:mad: :down:

verte76 02-04-2005 04:23 PM

I know, I have to turn up my fan full blast just to try to keep this s:censored:t out.

Bonochick 02-04-2005 04:28 PM

Which would you rather listen to: hammering or screwing?

dandy 02-04-2005 04:39 PM

that all depends on the level of er, enthusiasm involved in the aforementioned activities.

ideally, neither would perfection. :up:

trish0860 02-05-2005 01:42 AM

I have jackass neighbors that feel 7:00 a.m. on Sunday morning is the ideal time to mow their frigging lawn. :mad:

dandy 02-05-2005 06:23 AM

lawnmowers and snowplows :mad:

snowplows at 5 am plowing out the used car lot across the street from my house. between the revving of the engine and the beep-beep-beeping every thirty seconds when the plow backs up...

:crazy: :mad:

Party Boy 02-05-2005 06:47 AM

man you want to listen to my neighbours. Live in a 2 bedroom flat with a friend from Dublin here in London. Next door neighbours are muslim. Am not anti-muslim or anything but they are constantly chanting or praying. Not only that, they argue a huge amount of time and their little kid is alway screaming. On top of that, they perform Bollywood-type music. And they practice in their flat. And they won't stop when they are asked... very very painful!

Party Boy 02-05-2005 06:50 AM


Originally posted by Bonochick
Which would you rather listen to: hammering or screwing?
I know this is going to sound slightly disturbing and slightly voyeuristic.. but listening to people screwing is not the worst sound in the world!

verte76 02-06-2005 10:04 AM

I'd definitely take screwing over hammering. :wink:

Party Boy 02-06-2005 12:07 PM

absolutely! not sure where the chanting fits in on the 1-10 of annoying sounds. How about the guy I have living downstairs underneath me who is learning to play guitar and so far, has managed to murder Stairway to heaven 100 times over...

MissVelvetDress_75 02-06-2005 01:04 PM

Bollywood music. :huh:

Party Boy 02-06-2005 01:08 PM

I got bollywood music next door and various songs being murdered downstairs. Makes for interesting evenings.....

KhanadaRhodes 02-06-2005 04:47 PM

i live right alongside the interstate and it just so happens to be the stretch where they're doing construction. i have no idea what the hell they're doing but it's incredibly noisy. i can't hear road noise (except for sirens - i live near a fire station as well - and sometimes i can hear the train horns if i listen for them) but i can hear their banging around. asses.

verte76 02-07-2005 07:14 AM

Now some jerks are doing something *else* to that f:censored:g construction site next door, something has been going on there for almost two years, the noise is terrible. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, I'm supposed to forgive, and here my luck has me just about wanting to kill someone instead. I'd better go to confession this weekend.

Party Boy 02-07-2005 07:56 AM

How long is this construction site going to be next door to you? If builders are anything like they are here in London, it could be quite a while.. may suggest moving to have a bit of peace... 2 years is def a long time to put up with hammering!

dandy 02-07-2005 08:23 AM


Originally posted by Party Boy
2 years is def a long time to put up with hammering!

neutral 02-07-2005 08:31 AM

2 years?! :no:

KhanadaRhodes 02-07-2005 06:46 PM

hahaha there has been construction going on I-40 since i moved here. i moved here ten years ago :yikes:

i live right off that interstate but thank god it's not the part they're working on.

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