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u2bonogirl 11-22-2004 09:33 PM

hero 25
"Oh my gosh. Bono, hey. You gotta see this!"
Ria waved her hand around to attract bono's attention over racks of strange clothing in a brightly lit store.

Bono popped up quickly right beside her, scaring her enough to make her drop what she was holding and stifle a scream.

"Sorry" he blushed with a pouty smile taken directly from the sweetest thing video.

"S'okay. here"
she picked up the fallen items and held out a pair of pants.

"Holy shite. Thats incredible." he poked the leg of the pants in curiosity.
"Theyre like bubble wrap"
already, he was conceiving ideas of wearing them onstage.

"Theres a matching jacket too, see?" she handed him the pants and held up the jacket. Bumps all over it too.
She pulled it on and sashayed around Bono happily, grinning from ear to ear.
Edge noticed her and wandered over, examining the jacket like a scientist.

"Wow, Ive never seen anything like that Ria." Edge poked a bubble and looked at Bono
"So I suppose you'll be wearing that on stage now."

He said it so non chalantly that Ria had to stop and think about what he just said.
He must know bono so well.
Maybe someday I......
Bono disappeared into a dressing room and emerged triumphantly holding the pants.

"Thank God I fit into the bleedin' things. Couldnt stand another fat joke. "
He walked up close to Ria and kissed her cheeks.

"Thank you for finding me a perfect stage outfit"

Giving her a last kiss he continued buzzing about like a polenating bee amid all the clothes racks.

Larry found Ria hovering quietly in a corner, looking exhausted.

"Hey you, feeling worn down?"
He looked her in the eyes with concern.

"Yeah, I guess. Playing lifeguard wears you out. What are you up to?"
She tried to appear somewhat perkier. Was it that obvious she felt like passing out?

Ria's attention was drifting towards Bono.
A hysterically giggling girl was asking Bono for an autograph.
He glanced over and winked at Ria.
Snapping out of her trance she looked at Larry and started listening again.

"Waiting for these women to get their shopping done so we can go. Were supposed to be meeting a friend at a photo shoot to say hi in an hour. A model, you know. One of Bono's many friends who will probably end up in a tabloid with him. Buncha wank."

She smiled and fixed her stare back on Bono, who was hugging the girl
kissing her on the cheek
She just couldnt stop looking.

Am I the only one in the world that gets nervous at the thought of putting my hands all over him?
She kept staring
not knowing how she felt about some girl putting her fingers in Bono's hair
pressing up against him
she cringed

"Dont worry, he's like that with everyone. just cant help himself, its part of the job being a lead singer and all."
He realized by watching her just how much she really cared about Bono. His heart softened, his tough image shedding off.

Picking her hand up and squeezing it he pressed his mouth into her ocean water hair and kissed her.
With a whisper he spoke gently

"You wont have to wait forever Ria, love. Someday you'll be ready and it will be beautiful.

Immediately pools formed in her eyes.
Had Larry really just been so gently and sweet?
Her eyes tore from the smiling, flirting Bono across the room and fixed on Larry.
Still serious, mouth in a line, his eyes smiled at her.
Ria wrapped her arms around his neck, sighing heavily and whispering a
"thank you Lare's"
she felt a tear slide down her cheek and watched it land on his shirt
seeping into the blue fabric and expanding in a circle.
He smiled, and touched her cheek with a finger

"You making a move on m' girl again? Thought we settled this on the plane"
Bonos voice was full of cheer, trailing off when he noticed the tear streak on Ria's freckled cheek.

"hey, babyface. whats wrong?"

Larry stiffened up into regular form

"Nothing Bono. im fine" Ria insisted
Larry gave Bono a quick look that discouraged bonos questioning.

"Okay, well. You want to walk with me down the street while I get a drink ? Were supposed to be leaving soon to see a friend."

Bono shifted weight on his feet, feeling nervous with all the tension in the air. Sensing that it had something to do with him.

"Yeah, Larry told me. Sure, I'll walk, Im thirsty anyway.

As Bono led Ria off through racks of endless color Larry watched them go, trying to figure out why God sent Bono somebody so sweet. Equal to his emotion, his passion for life.
He laughed
One to frustrate him as badly as he did everyone else.
who could make Bono have to chase her

Shaking his head, he headed to talk to Edge, wishing that Anne was there to hold.

Bono looked concerned as they walked back to where the others were waiting for them, sneaking peeks at her from the corner of his eye every time he thought she wasnt looking.

Thoughtfully, Ria took a slow sip of her juice and looked ahead.
She didn't know what to say

Helpless, she looked at Bono with pleading eyes and he took her hand
wrapping his fingers with hers
refusing to let go

"Im worn out and emotional right now, Bono. Im sorry, dont worry."

"If you want we can just go back to the hotel, we dont have to go to the photo shoot."

He looked so sweet, she thought, rubbing his hand with her thumb
enjoying the feeling of having his hand even remotely close to her body.

"No, really I'll be fine" she smiled " i think i can handle being around a bunch of beautiful, malnourished women for a little while. Just as long as no one points a camera in my direction."

They arrived at the limo and crawled in.

Adam had a lap full of makeup and an eager look

"Look what I have for you."
He opened up a bag full of cream, powder, and puffy things.

"Is that all going on my face?" She groaned

"No, I just got variety so we can see what works. Im going to keep it simple. Just cant wait to bring out those dark eyes of yours and put some color on that pouty mouth of yours."

She could hear Bono mumbling something to Larry

"What?" Ria asked defensively

"Nothing" bono said quickly, looking shy. A flush of red swept through his neck.

"You're just gonna- be- beautiful....." Bono said quietly

As she turned the color of a tomato, Ria sat by Adam so he could start his work on her.

"You guys, please dont look until he's done" Ria begged.
Bono grinned
"cross our hearts"

"Is somebody going to say something?"

Ria stopped breathing. Was it really that bad? Theyre just
Bono's head was cocked to one side and a boyish grin appeared

"Damn" Edge finally said

"Adam take it off, they think it looks bad"

"No no no" bono shook his head, coming for a closer look

"Ria you look- wow."
He knelt by her feet and stared

"See, I told you to trust me. You want to see now?" Adam held out a small mirror.

Ria cringed and looked at her reflection.
He'd lined her eyes with charcoal color, extending the ends out a bit.
The darkness brought out the green edges of her eyes.

A light dusting of a nude sparkling powder rested above her eyes, glimmering in the sunlight from an open window.
Her skin was radiant with sparkling cheekbones.
She stared at her mouth, wondering if it was the one she'd had all her life
it was so dark and full. and shiny.
all simple and elegant.
she donned a slow smile

"Not so bad Ad's. I dont look like a clown."

"more like a model" he smiled

"I wouldnt go that far. Now its your turn."

Bono kissed Ria's knee and sat back in his seat.

Pretty soon Ria was done with Adam and she presented him to the group.

"sexy" Bono teased

All she'd done was put eyeliner and shadow on him, and glossed his lips.

"This could definitely be a new trend" he said, looking at his reflection.

"I was going for the pharaoh look" she laughed

Taking her seat back next to Bono they rode in silence, looking out the window at all the buildings, people and fruit stands.

Bono couldnt help but steal glances at Ria when she wouldnt notice.
Every beautiful thing about her face stood out double now.
He imagined her in a black velvet dress....
hair shining
the line of her leg atop high heels.

Oblivious to Bono's thoughts, Ria leaned back and closed her glittering eyes until the limo stopped and the rush of warm air entered through the open doors.

Lady Val 11-22-2004 09:49 PM

Thank you for the new chapters! Again, I'm loving this story and can't wait to read more.

Lil'Bono 11-23-2004 04:33 AM

This is so good!!:sad: Gets me all emotional inside, he's so god damn sweet!!
Anyhow, we want some more!!Soon, if possible, thanks!!

Lucy3011 11-23-2004 10:23 AM


*Beth* 11-25-2004 12:37 AM

Very, very nice story so far. Can't wait to read more.....soon, hopefully! :p

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

u2bonogirl 11-25-2004 03:01 PM

happy thanksgiving to you all too!
more soon:yes:

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