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ABEL 11-19-2004 12:02 AM

pepsi holiday spice

i just saw a commercial for this tonite.

i must try it :drool: :hyper:

has anyone else had it yet?


JessicaAnn 11-19-2004 05:30 AM

I heard a hilarious commercial for it, but I must say, it sounds revolting. :up:

Doozer61 11-19-2004 05:34 AM


Se7en 11-19-2004 06:02 AM

it doesn't taste all that great. don't get your hopes up. :drool:

dandy 11-19-2004 08:21 AM

depends on what they spice it up with...


Bonochick 11-19-2004 08:22 AM

That seems so wrong.

HelloAngel 11-19-2004 09:04 AM

Ok - my boyfriend is a sucker for anything that remotely has a tinge of "holiday spice" - so naturally, we picked up a liter.

OMG. :barf:

Basically, it tastes like Pepsi, only it has a slightly brick-red coloring on top of the usual soda brown. Once you swallow the liquid, wait a few seconds and cherish the slight cinnamon and nutmeg aftertaste.

meegannie 11-19-2004 09:07 AM

What other strange and exciting colas have been introduced in the US in the past 12 months? :hyper:

Golightly Grrl 11-19-2004 09:54 AM


Originally posted by meegannie
What other strange and exciting colas have been introduced in the US in the past 12 months? :hyper:
Coca-Cola introduced Vanilla Coke. Nasty!

ABEL 11-19-2004 11:09 AM

i'm drinking vanilla coke now :drool:

LarryMullen's POPAngel 11-19-2004 11:38 AM

Diet Vanilla Coke :drool:

This holiday spice stuff sounds gross.

AvsGirl41 11-19-2004 11:43 AM

Don't knock Vanilla Coke. That stuff is awesome. :drool:

I haven't had any in a long time. So good.

UnforgettableLemon 11-19-2004 11:53 AM

Vanilla Coke is good.

Vanilla Pepsi, on the other hand, is :yuck:

JessicaAnn 11-19-2004 12:09 PM

Coke & Diet Coke with Lemon :barf:

Laura M 11-19-2004 12:22 PM

Vanilla coke has been here for a while now :yuck:

The only version of Coke I like is the Diet kind.
I can't remember the last time I had a sugary fizzy drink.

Meggie have you seen the ad for Cillit Bang?? :lmao:

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