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I was GA on the rail about mid-shaft and I found Edge's guitar sounded low in the mix. It really seems to be different depending on your location.

Awesome show last night, Stuck and Elevation are by no means favourites of mine but damn are they fun live.

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Acrobat, you guys were awesome

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I've only ever been to one other U2 show before, Vertigo 05/14/05 in Philly. It was my first show and it was excellent, but I remembered leaving the show feeling like it wasn't quite as "epic" as it should have been. This is the only other U2 concert I really have to compare last night's to, but it was superior in every way.

My friends with the tickets (a lovely Interference dweller and her equally lovely daughter) met me at about 7:45 - barely a lineup, no issues with the tickets at all. After a short walk I got out onto the floor at about 8:10. People Have the Power started maybe three minutes after I got onto the floor, and I just walked right up to a spot behind someone on the rail. I honestly have no idea why anybody would line up on this tour. Last time we lined up at 7 am and I was in just as good a spot last night, but even better I had room to move around, I went back and forth between the I and E stages and all along the catwalk, I was at the back when I wanted to see the screen and if I wanted a closer view I could just walk on up without having to be a douchebag and push people aside, it was great!

Air Canada Centre - Toronto, ON - July 6, 2015

---------- People Have the Power ----------
01 - The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)
02 - Out of Control
The crowd still seemed a little dazed at this point and people were still filing in from the bathroom or the bar. The Miracle was a bit odd with all the house lights still up during the song but people still got into to the "woooahhhooohohhohhhhohhhh" part of the chorus. I was surprised at how many people knew all the words to OOC.

03 - Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (snippet) / Vertigo / God Save the Queen (snippet)
Bathroom break. I've heard Vertigo before.

04 - I Will Follow
This was the point where I could sense the crowd and the band had really started to settle in.

05 - Iris (Hold Me Close)
06 - Cedarwood Road
07 - Song for Someone
I'm not a big fan of the new songs but I have to say that they really sound great live. I've been to shows of "legacy" bands where they toss in a couple new songs that not many people know or care about, get through them with a big ho-hum, and then crank out the hits. U2 plays these songs well and they play them with a lot of passion - you can tell they enjoy playing the new stuff.

08 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
09 - Raised by Wolves / Psalm 23 (snippet)
An excellent duo to go together - the crowd was singing along just as loudly for the chorus of RBW as for SBS.

10 - Until the End of the World / Love and Peace or Else (snippet)
A great version of UTEOTW - it amazes me how Edge can wander around the way he does and play as much as he does during a track like UTEOTW, Cedarwood Road or EBTTRT. The confetti was cool at the end too although I thought it was a little distracting. I realized after the song was over that I hadn't actually watched the band at all for nearly the entire last minute of the song because of some pages ripped out of Alice in Wonderland.

---------- INTERMISSION: The Wanderer ----------
Beer break.

11 - Invisible
12 - Even Better Than the Real Thing
The stage inside the screen was put to good use here. It was a cool effect but I do wish they had some more room to move around inside it or to come in and out of it a bit, although I also understand the technical issues probably make that pretty tough.

13 - Mysterious Ways / Burning Down the House (snippet)
Another excellent version of a song I was excited to hear live for the first time. The belly dancer was great (and gorgeous) and Bono was having fun with her. She came up to Edge and he seemed to want very little to do with her, though

14 - Elevation
I can't stand the studio version of this song but is it ever an ass-kicker live. Everyone around me was into it. With about a minute left in the song I noticed a mirrorball hard hat on the other side of the catwalk and thought to myself "oh, there's U2BROTHR, he's got a really great spot". Little did I know...

15 - Desire
Acrobat did a great rendition. I couldn't really see any of the other guys that well at first and thought Gabe was wearing a DARE shirt

I only heard one complaint, a guy behind me said "damn, I really would have liked to hear REAL U2 play that song" and his buddy immediately said "shut the fuck up, that was wicked".

"U2: Band Performs Song With Local Tribute Act During Toronto Concert" is the top trending topic on my Facebook right now and has been all day.

16 - Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
17 - Every Breaking Wave
Not the most exciting portion of the concert for me, I must admit. I spent a good part of these two songs taking pictures of the band, texting Gabe, and finding a good spot in GA closer to the I stage.

18 - Bullet the Blue Sky / 19 (snippet)
Not the best rendition of BTBS I've ever heard, but definitely better than the "Jesus, Jew, Mohammed it's true/Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" bullshit.

19 - The Hands That Built America (snippet) / Pride (In the Name of Love) / Give Peace a Chance (snippet)
20 - Beautiful Day / Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) [snippet] / Give Peace a Chance (snippet)
Pride was great - when I heard it on Vertigo it was as lifeless and uninspiring as a trout left out in the sun for a week. The crowd was just as dead for it (and then it went straight into "AFRICA! AFRICA!" - ugh) Last night they played it with energy. The crowd was bouncing during the opening riff.

The "Give Peace a Chance" singalong was great fun. Everybody around me was belting it out. It was a pretty standard version of BD, but it's the kind of song that gets the crowd going even if it's mediocre.

21 - Bad / Moment of Surrender (snippet)
Easily the highlight for me. Bad was the one song I had never heard live before that I desperately wanted to hear them play. I was at the back of GA near the Red Zone entrance when the synths kicked in, I looked up at the arena and I was taken away. It sounds silly after the fact, and it's hard to describe, but it was emotional transcendence. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried a little bit (manly tears, natch). It was truly a high on life moment and will undoubtedly be the first thing I think of forever when I think of this concert.

Sorry Gabe

Those 5-6 minutes are exactly the reason why I still love this band.

22 - With or Without You
No Shine Like Stars, but honestly I didn't even notice. I was still awestruck at how amazing Bad was.

---------- Stephen Hawking Video ----------
23 - City of Blinding Lights
Even the fucking song from HTDAAB is played better now than it was on Vertigo. The light posts were pretty cool.

24 - Mother and Child Reunion (snippet) / Where the Streets Have No Name / California (There is No End to Love) [snippet]
I never was a fan of the Mother and Child to Streets transition, but it really works live for some reason. And again, it's better than The Lion King (snippet). Streets was great - to say the crowd was into it is an understatement. Someone mentioned the crowd in the upper deck wasn't really amped up, it was the exact opposite in GA.

25 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Stand by Me (snippet)
I don't think I'll ever get used to ISHFWILF as a closer. About halfway through I started getting pushed and shoved a bit by people heading for the exits, and since I was near the back of GA at this point I was having a hard time paying attention to the song. I ducked out as soon as the guys started playing the last couple chords of Stand By Me.

The sound quality was good for the instruments, and good for when Bono was singing loudly, but pretty poor when he was talking. I had a really hard time hearing pretty much everything he was saying other than during the Mother and Child speech, but he seemed to be more interested in enunciating his words then also.

Bono's voice was great. Fuck anybody that says his voice sucks now or that he can't sing the way he used to. He rocked it. They all did. The Edge is a wizard (I caught him impressing himself with one of his own licks at one point with a little smirk), Adam was clearly having a blast, and Larry even looked to be enjoying himself.

The leather fringed jacket Edge was wearing when he first came out was glorious and I want to purchase one immediately even though I know I will never wear it out of the house. And I absolutely was not kidding when I said Bono grabbed a big handful of Edge's ass as they went out for the encore break. For a guy in his late 50's, it looked reasonably firm.

The last thing I'll say is that when I saw them in Philly, it felt like they were just playing the songs. This time it felt like they were having fun playing the songs. What a great show.

EDIT: I am also 97% certain that I saw Anthony Bourdain in GA last night.
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I greatly enjoyed this review.

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Here's another RS article (interview with gvox)

How a Canadian U2 Tribute Band Got Onstage With the Real Thing | Rolling Stone
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U2 tribute band from Toronto performs onstage with Bono - Toronto | Globalnews.ca

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It was great seeing you guys perform, the corwd was really happy as well.
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Originally Posted by Diemen View Post
Wow, that's strange to hear. I, too, thought it had been sounding tired the last few tours, but thought it tore the roof off in Chicago.
100% agree!

My girlfriend doesn't even like the song and said it was the coolest thing she's seen/heard live ever.

Poor girl has grown up on a diet of indie bands. I feel like she first saw a real concert those two back to back nights in Chicago.

Sucks to hear that people were just sitting down in some places. Perhaps some of U2's audience needs to retire since they can't move on with the music.
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Originally Posted by Sicy View Post
Post your experiences and photos here.

Gabe, Mark and Jess.. I'm talking to you.

I guess I could post this here then


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Originally Posted by gvox View Post
I guess I could post this here then


Sent from my ass crack

and another article.

U2 pulls local tribute band on stage in Toronto | Toronto Star
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You guys are for real famous all over the world now. Just saw it on Perez too.
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Hi everybody! I only have a few minutes here at the landing (which has wifi) before I leave for the lake for a couple of days of no internet (gasp!) I wrote up my experience in the car. It's kind of a long story......but here goes!

Oh, and here's the video...in it's entirety.

And just the MW part...view from the screens:

The Miracle

July 6, 2015. A fantasy 23 years in the making comes true. But before I regale you with the details, a little background info might help to provide context. Those of you who know me, know that I have WORSHIPPED U2 for almost 30 years, since my first show in 1987 – at CNE stadium in Toronto. Since then, U2 has shaped every aspect of my life, from my work, to my worldview, to my friends and even my choice of husbands!

Including that transformational day, I have seen the band live 44 times (one for every year of my life) in various parts of the world, meeting friends in the U2 community first through the Propaganda pen pal listings and then online or in the GA line. Some have become my best, lifelong friends. This is a huge part of the U2 appeal for their fans.
In Toronto, at a Grammy viewing party in 2001 (was it 2000 or 2001?), the Toronto fan group “U2 GTA” formed. This was a Yahoo group that met practically weekly to discuss U2 and dance with great abandon for our favourite local tribute bands. It was about this time that I also joined Interference with the handle “Mrs. Edge” and became an old school PLEBAN who wrote wild fantasy stories for the lustful ladies that frequent that forum. Looking back, I can see why people thought we were crazy. But it was so much fun. Kind of akin to Beatlemania. And my passion for the Edge (despite my adoration of Bono, Larry and Adam), has continued unabated this entire time. He is my hero.

I have been colossally fortunate in that I have had a couple of incredible band encounters in my life. In 1992, I hung out at the band’s hotel and Bono came and had coffee with a small group of us. The experience culminated in getting to sit on his leather panted lap for a photo op! In 1997, I got Edge and Larry’s autographs on my tickets. I also got Edge’s signature on my ticket in 2005. In both cases, all I could muster to say to him was, “Thanks, Edge!” Brilliant, amazing eloquence. UGGHH!

It goes without saying that after the Zoo TV tour, I developed the fantasy of becoming the band’s belly dancer. My initial jealousy of Morleigh gradually abated (though who are we kidding…I envy her) and after countless years training as a classical ballet dancer, I decided to take up belly dancing. Gradually I began to love belly dancing as an actual art form, and not as a way to fantasize about U2! I continued studying it and performing for many years, and am currently certified to teach it. For most of the 2000’s I was the belly dancer of Toronto-based Tribute band Elevation. We traveled all over Canada and the US and it was an amazing experience, although some of these locations were definitely far from glamorous! I remember my first entrance through a kitchen, tiptoeing through fields of food debris, trying not to soil my costume and dancing slippers. It was character building!!

Then, in 2005, I decided to take Bono up on his statement that he can’t resist a belly dancer. I created a sign that said “Belly Dancer for Hire, One Night Only, Costume Included” and that did the trick…..he tried to pull me up (they didn’t play MW!!!) for With or Without You, but couldn’t find me again in the audience! So later he pulled me up for Bad instead. It was an amazing moment in the company of my friends from the U2 GTA. It was the best 2 minutes of my life to date. But one thing made me kick myself after it was all over…..I TOTALLY got wrapped up in dancing with Bono and forgot to even LOOK at the Edge!!!!

Fast forward 10 years, and U2 were set to play at the Air Canada Center, the same location of my previous encounter. I debated for weeks whether I should attempt an “anniversary” reunion with Bono. I only had one GA ticket on the whole IE tour, so after much consideration, I decided I had nothing to lose. I created a banner that had a picture of my dance with Bono, which said “10 Years Later, Same Building, Same Belly Dancer, Different Costume. Encore?”

A couple of days before the Toronto show, I went to see U2 in Chicago. I got the Edge to sign my banner. AGAIN I was thrilled speechless and barely said a word to him. I can’t even remember what he said about my banner, but it was all very brief as there was a long line of fans to get through.

Then finally the day arrived. There was a LOT of competition to get pulled up. Someone had a sign that said that she danced with Bono in 1987 (that sounds compelling!). Mark Baker, the very famous “U2 Brother” who had just been pulled up in Montreal was also there in his mirror ball hat. How I wondered, could I compete with that??? Mark assured me that he wasn’t interested in Mysterious Ways. He was hoping that his band, Acrobat, would get pulled up to do Desire. Mark (the bass player) and Gabe, their singer, are also members of the GTA group.

I chose my spot at the very tip of the “e” stage, near the staircase. This is a great location but the only drawback is that Bono tends to look out towards the rest of the audience and not as much in our area. The excitement could be cut with a knife. The whole GTA group was out in full force. My husband (cydewaze from interference) was in a seat, and my friend Frank (who was attending his first U2 show) was next to me. If my mission was a success, it was Frank’s job to film the action and make sure my banner didn’t get stomped on!

I was almost sick with worry for the whole first part of the show. What if Bono didn’t see me. What if I made an idiot of myself walking around in this crazy costume? Throughout the first part of the show I would hold up the banner but Bono would look everywhere BUT at us. It wasn’t looking good. I didn’t want to hold the sign up too high and block people’s view. FINALLY, it was the end of EBTTRT and Adam comes strolling over to us. He plants himself RIGHT in front of my sign, and reads it with his bemused smile. We made eye contact and grinned at each other.

The song ends and the crowd cheers. Adam strolls over to Bono who is shading the light from his eyes and staring out into the crowd….the exact opposite direction from us. Adam talks into Bono’s ear. OMG. Is he doing what I think he’s doing??? Bono turns around and looks at the people a few feet to the left of us. “Adam Clayton tells me that there is a handsome…” and gets interrupted as Adam points and steers him over to us (my new hero!). Bono says something like “Oh!” and reads my sign. “I remember you!” he exclaims. I find that hard to believe, but I’ll take it!

He says something like “I’ll take it! Let’s go!” And gestures to me. The Edge starts those chords that I have been listening to and fantasizing to for 23 years. I just thought..”OMG, here we go.” I looked around hoping that the security would let me go through the gate, which was right next to me. But no. The big burly security guard reached over, and scooped me up over the barricade (poor guy…I am not light!) and in the melee, I step on my skirt and pull it partially down. “OMG!!! Is my underwear showing in front of this entire crowd?” I madly start adjusting my skirt while climbing the stairs as Bono reaches out and says “Come on!” or something like that. I get on the stage and start dancing towards Bono while fixing my skirt on the fly. This is the kind of stuff that happens on stage, and I felt no nerves at all. It felt like a professional gig! All those years of performing really paid off. I was going to make this one count and enjoy every second.

I hadn’t actually rehearsed what I was going to do. It was pure improvisation. All I knew is that I HAD to interact with the Edge and leave the stage with no regrets. Bono looks at me through those glasses…his eyes a glowing blue. He is like a long lost friend. I shimmy and swirl to the best of my ability, trying not to get dizzy and knock us both off the stage. I can’t stop smiling. He starts singing something I don’t recognize. Later I realize it’s a snippet of Burning Down the House! How awesome is that?? The energy is crazy. I dance over to Adam and mouthe “THANK YOU!!!” at him and he smiles. I dance for Larry, and he ignores me, of course. And then…..right beside me is MR. THE EDGE. I face him and soak him in with my eyes and my dancing goes on auto pilot. There he is. He has been the love of my life for much of my life. How many hours had I spent watching him and listening to him and generally adoring him. And here he was with that guitar from Zoo TV inches in front of me. This was not a tribute band. This is U f-ing 2. It was mind blowing……

I am probably the only female Bono has brought on stage who spent more time with the other band members than with him…hopefully he didn’t take offense to this. But I turned my attention back to him our eyes locked together. As the song ends, I strike a belly dancerish pose and look out at the cheering crowd. Bono is on his knees kissing my hands. Then he gets up and says (without microphone unfortunately), “incredible. You were INCREDIBLE.” “Thank you!” I squeak, not knowing what to say. The greatest compliment I could possibly get. Then he asks me my name and asks me where we danced 10 years ago. I tell him it was here in this building, which he announces to the audience. There is a HUGE roar like a tsunami as we stand there with our arms around each other. I wouldn’t believe any of this if I didn’t have video proof!!!

Then he asks if since I am so in touch with my ancient self (referring to belly dancing) would I be interested in trying some modern technology and I knew it was time for Meerkat. This was the part I was less confident about. What if I drop the phone? What if I turn it off by accident? A million things could happen. He shows me the phone and the screen, explaining it all to me even though I knew all about it from the previous two shows I had seen. He announced this is a global telecast! I turn around 360 degrees and film the audience. Another jet engine roar. Then he says, (hahaha….get this…) “Jessica, this is The Edge!” and points out the Edge to me. And he introduces Larry and Adam. Then he says “this is Elevation!” (kind of appropriate since my tribute band is Elevation and that song was huge when I first joined interference and the U2 GTA!)
So, I am on my own with the camera and I start to groove along as I film. I think about how I need to give all the band members equal time so that everyone can see their favourite for a decent length of time. At one point, Bono, Adam and Edge all stood in a row posing for me in a playful, flirtatious way. I didn’t think it could be better than that, but I was wrong. I am in the process of filming Bono and he points out that Edge has started his guitar solo. I turn around to face the Edge and get a closeup of his guitar. Then, he gets down on one knee. Then the other and then he lies back, playing on his knees before me, every inch the rock guitar god. The Edge. On his knees. For quite a long time. I am told he doesn’t normally do this. I’ve never seen him do it. Not like this. He was really into it! It was all I could do to maintain my composure!

Eventually the song came to an end. Bono takes the camera from me and I rush over to the Edge and give him a huge hug. “I Love you, The Edge!” I say into his ear. I have been waiting 28 years to say that. The 16 year old me is thanking me across the space-time continuum.

I then almost run into Bono and kiss him on the cheek. Why I didn’t give him a big hug I don’t know….again, I hope he wasn’t offended. I just felt like I had to hurry off stage. I made a bee line for Adam and hugged him too, and told him “You made my LIFE!” I didn’t think it was wise to hug Larry, so I shook his hand. Then I was escorted down the stairs and through the gate this time, as Bono said something like “Let’s hear it for Jessica”.

I spent the rest of the show with a smile glued to my face. Actually, 3 days later, the smile is STILL glued to my face! All the way home, people kept calling my name! “Jessica, hey Jessica!” People I had never met in my life knew my name. It was VERY strange. People asked me for selfies. I have no clue why anyone would want to take a selfie with me, but it was very flattering and fun.

I looked at the video footage later, and was pleased to see that my underwear was not showing to a global audience, and that my dancing actually looked OK, all in all. The only tiny regret I have is that I didn’t give Bono more love, but I think he gets enough of that from everyone else. He knows I love him, I hope.
What a band. What an evening! What a SHOW!!!!!
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Jess, I had a seat that night (had GA night 2), but my daughter was standing just a few down from you. We were right next to you at the '05 show when you got pulled up, too! So happy for you, you were awesome.

Gabe, I've got a great picture to send you!
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This show was just incredible. I'm still in awe. Congrats to Jessica and Acrobat!
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Awesome write up. Nice to re-live that night and great to catch up with you the last few days!

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