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8 October 2010 Olympic Stadium, Rome IT

Please post pics, reviews and experiences here.

Also please upload your photos to our gallery.

October 8, 2010 - Olympic Stadium Rome IT - Interference.com Photo Gallery (U2 Photos, U2 Concert Photos, Member Photos)

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This will be a pictureless post until Tuesday when I can upload my claw porn.

So, I had pretty big expectations going into this show because of the quality of this leg and the reputation of the Italian audiences. And it didn't meet those expectations, it completely obliterated them.

Getting to the show was an adventure. I left pretty early and was glad I did. I have figured out the Metro, but the other trains are a bit confusing. I made one minor error, but quickly figured it out and got on the right train. It was a very crowded train. Got to the stadium and it took quite a while to get in. I must say as disorganized as the crowds look, they were very calm and no pushing. In line I met an awesome UK couple. It was the wife's first show. So by the time we get to the pitch, Interpol was starting. They were improved from the last time I saw them live in '04 so there's that. It could also have been the company and the beer. Italians serve very good Belgian beer. Beats Miller Lite every day.

Showtime. I love Stingray, and live it was better. Then the crowd goes ballistic when Beautiful Day starts. It was pretty freaking awesome. When I Will Follow starts, I start bouncing. Boots and Maginificent are great as always. I bounced like our friend Elevation squirrel during Elevation. I love that song live.

So I had heard they were planning something for ISHFWILF and wow, they pulled it off. It was amazing. The entire stadium was red white and green. Simply breathtaking. Combined with the sing along it was spinetingling.

Now I am wondering what was next, when I heard the first note of Bad I nearly fainted. It was incredible, and Bono sounded great. Then he went into the AIWIY snippet, more near fainting. Mercy was great live. I think it will eventually make a great opener. No one near me knew it, but they all seemed to like it. I was so freaking happy that I even loved IALW. It sounded better than I remembered. The opera in MS was awe inspiring. The rest of the show was great. The crowd was really, really into it. Crazy Tonight was awesome. It was a huge U2 dance party on the pitch. Really, really fun. Vertigo and COBL remain crowd favorites and I love the claw during those songs.

Having listend recently to my Rose Bowl boot, I was astounded how much better they sound right now. Case in point, SBS. There was an energy there that was missing in Pasadena. The same for WOWY. They are all on fire, not just Edge.

One and Streets were awesome. I really love the new intro. You go Bono! I also LOVED the graphics showing the band in the trabant during one and in Joshua Tree for Streets. It got me all verkempt. Streets, is streets and is of course exhilarating.

So now we get to the 2nd encore. I was praying all day for HMTMKMKM, almost lit a candle for it at St Peter's, and my prayers were answered. That song just ROCKS live. I may have even head banged a little. It was epic, and the mike swinging was mad. WOWY sounded great, he is singing it again. Then he threw in SHINE LIKE STARS! Even if it was just the one line, I still loved it. MOS closed and was way better than I remembered. It finally worked for me as a closer.

So yeah, that was the best concert I have ever attended.

Getting home took a while but thanks to my awesome Rome train app, I walked to the metro and didn't get lost.

So is it June yet?

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Oh, really glad that you enjoyed the concert..thanks for posting! Viva, Rome..viva, Italy!!
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GREAT show in Rome, with an amazing Bad/All I Want Is You (snipped)

Viva Italia!!!

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This looked an absolute blast.
The Bad/AIWIY version was superb, on my ipod now

Did Bono actually play anything while he had the guitar ?
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Originally Posted by trojanchick99 View Post
It got me all verkempt.

Dawn't cry dawl, you'll ruin yah mahscarra!! (And you'll make me verkempt, too!)

So glad you got your HMTHKMKM... and the AIWIY snippet in Bad must have been a-freakin-mazing to hear/see live!
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So I guess you liked the concert a little bit, huh, Trojanchick?

I can't wait til June either.
"Baby, it's a Red Flag Day"
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The Roman mob was happy, or those inside the arena were at least: I could hear their deafening roars through the walls. Unfortunately I was stranded, ticketless, outside the concert at the Stadio Olimpico last Friday night, along with hundreds of frustrated Italian U2 fans. I had tried for many hours to find an affordable ticket, but without any of the luck that I had had in Vienna, and Coimbra 1 and 2.

Fans with tickets had to pass through two security checks at two security gates to enter the gig, the first of which was about one hundred metres from the stadium. Fans without tickets were supposed to be kept beyond the first gates by security personnel. When I heard Space Oddity start, I decided that I wanted to hear the concert clearer, closer and louder. I deviously managed to sneak quickly past an inattentive security guy at one of the first gates to get access to the area directly outside the stadium.

Fans entered the stadium by having their tickets scanned by a barcode reader at seven-foot high turnstiles inside a large cage-like structure. A green light flashed when the ticket scanned, and the turnstile could be pushed open; otherwise a red light indicated the turnstile wouldn’t move. There were a set of turnstiles every twenty metres or so around the stadium. Furthermore, there were large, heavy, green metal doors close to each set of turnstiles, which could only be opened or closed from within. Otherwise there was a ten-foot high fence surrounding the stadium. The turnstiles, gates and fences were all topped with an outward overhang to prevent people climbing over them.

And people probably would have.

I was walking around the perimeter fence during I Will Follow when suddenly there was a very large mob of people desperately stampeding from one of the external gates where tickets were initially checked. They had obviously managed to run into the stadium grounds when another inattentive security person at the first gate left his post. The crowd sprinted up to the turnstiles but were immediately rebuffed from getting into the stadium.

Then one of the green metal doors near the turnstiles opened. Instantly, there was a frantic stampede involving perhaps 100 people running towards it. Italians are clearly not shy about charging en masse into a concert they don’t have a ticket for. Other people saw these fans running toward the open gate and they ran excitedly towards it too. From left and right, near and further away, fans were desperately charging towards the gap in the fence.

I initially got caught up in the excitement to, thinking “What the hell? When in Rome ...” I did follow, and joined the stampede. But I stopped after a few seconds when I was forced to, as the guy running in front of me stumbled. If I hadn’t stopped running then I’m sure that I would have knocked him over. I’d heard about U2 fans getting trampled on as over-excited fans rushed over them into the stadiums in Turin and Seville when the GA gates opened.

“I don’t wanna be a part of this madness”, I self-righteously told myself, so I walked out to the side, safely away from the rush.

The gate was closed within a few seconds. The large throng of people started turning back and walking away. Some fans stayed and banged on the gate, trying without success to get it to reopen. Some fans then skipped around to the next turnstile to the left, whilst others skipped to the right, to try to blag or use (et tu) brute force to get entry.

Then a second metal door opened further away for a couple of security personnel to come out. Again, there was a frenetic stampede of people sprinting towards the open door from all angles, like a flock of starving pigeons swooping on a discarded panini.

This door-opening-and-stampede happened another two times in the next few minutes, but I don’t think a single person managed to get into the stadium, and certainly not into the gig. The steps leading directly to the seats inside the stadium were another thirty metres from the gates, and there were more security guys patrolling this gap.

I sat on a bench near the stadium to listen to the concert, and also to watch the crowd swarming around the turnstiles and doors. Further stampedes happened again occasionally during the gig when a fan or a security person came out through a door or turnstile. From my small distance removed from the stadium I could see that some of the dashes were blatantly false alarms; but if one person ran towards a gate thinking he could get in, immediately there were dozens of others following him. I was tempted to run around a bit at random just to create some Follow-Me! diversions, but I’d been walking around all day and my abused feet were demanding some me time.

But there was something primal, feral, about some of the fans’ attempts to get into the arena. I’d never seen stampeding Italian stallions in the wild before. They desperately wanted something, and they were quite shameless about trying to get it by any means. Some fans were like the raptors in Jurassic Park in reverse, methodically testing the perimeter for any potential weak spot through which they could break in; others pleaded with security through the fence; others loitered by the turnstiles, probably hoping to be granted entry by a sympathetic attendant.

And all the while U2 were onstage playing.

Eventually most of the fans also gave up their futile attempts to gatecrash the gig, and sat on the benches or grass around the stadium to listen. And it sounded like an incredible concert, well worthy of closing the European 2010 leg of the tour.

I wasn’t too bothered about not seeing the show initially as luckily I’ve already seen twelve this summer. And I’d completely forgotten about the flash mob that U2place had organised. There were humongous, ground-shaking cheers for many of the big songs at the start of the show. Even these didn’t really stir too much jealousy or regret in me as I’ve been fortunate to be at gigs with very loud audiences in many other cities too. But then I heard the opening beeps of Bad. And then I really, really wanted to be in the stadium.

I have a flawless theory that U2 play Bad as a special reward for fans. Brussels 1 had a phenomenally loud audience, so they played Bad at Brussels 2 (which I missed). Rome got a Bad treat because of the stunning flashmob during ISHFWILF. (When I saw the flashmob on YouTube the day after the concert, I was very angry at myself for not upping my tight-bastard budget for a ticket.)

The raucous atmosphere inside the stadium spilled outside. People danced, clapped and sang, especially during Sunday Bloody Sunday and Streets. But my favourite moment was when some of the fans banged noisily on the metallic fences and doors to show their appreciation after Bono’s operatic solo in Italian during Miss Sarajevo. They didn’t need to see it to love it, and they loved it a lot.

And despite not seeing the concert, I actually loved it too!
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Your best review yet. Have visions of Mike Reids runaround!
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Brilliant Cathal! Love the raptors comparison!

I was there and had experience of the mob outside when i sold my spare ticket! As soon as i said "spare ticket" i was almost trampled by people thronging to get to me. I was glad to get in the stadium alive!

Shame i didn't see you Cathal, i didn't sell it for a lot.

All those ticketless folk outside and there was that enormous block of seats unsold....odd.

Any way, great review. Shame you didn't get in, as it was a truly great show.
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Cathal that is a great write up. I wish you could have gotten in.

The people right in front of me had fake tickets. I felt really bad, cause they were GA and I know they likely paid a high premium for them.

So, I come bearing claw porn.


The rest can be found here: Picasa Web Albums - Diana Gonzales - U2 Live in Ro...
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thank you for posting your impressions, great writing from a desperate fan.
What a pity for you and I`m thinking a lot about your power to follow U2 during their tour through Europe, in sometimes without ticket and hardwork to get the stuff for admittance into the stadium.
"What a hell", that`s right, a had the same thoughts about waiting in the sun, running into the stadium and the following time of exhausting after finding "MY" place into the FOS area. And positive thoughts about our short meeting a few minutes before the doors opened.
"The Hell" was starting with Beautiful Day and the were ending with tears in my eyes during Moment of Surrender.
Finally, I`m so glad, to saw some U2 shows this summer abroad from my country and during this time to met many crazy U2 fans.
I`ll never forget U2 2010, what a time, what for shows and especially, what for surprises in the setlist and what for a extraordinary mood into the band during their gigs.

THANK U2 in Europe 2010
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This was my first U2 show outside NA. And I'm glad I did something as crazy as this.

The night before the show, I loitered in front of the stadium and treated myself to the free light show as the U2 crew were testing the Claw's lights.

I did seats, so I spent part of the day of the show hanging out by the stadium and the GA line.

I also spotted the moving trucks that the band used to transport the Claw.

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Here are the pics I took before and after the show. Ignore the first pic of me in the foreground.

I didn't take pictures during the show, because my camera doesn't work in the dark.
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Oh, I messed up with tags, I'll try again.

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