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Old 12-17-2010, 12:21 PM   #1
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Songs that are being played on the current tour that you're f**king loving and WHY:

A wee list of what I like.

1) Stingray Guitar - cos it's quite funny

2) I Will Follow - cos it makes people jump up and down

3) Magnificent - cos it's the best song in the entire show

4) UTEOTW - cos it's an operatic mind f*ck to try to take in

5) ISHFWILF - cos it's a very nice all-together-now sing-along

6) Bad - cos it's good

7) Mercy - cos it's great

8) In A Little While - cos it's fun to watch the girl's reaction to being taken onstage, and it's fun to watch the crowd's reaction to seeing a girl being taken onstage

9) Miss Sarajevo - cos Bono sings it so f*ckin magically

10) One Tree Hill - cos it captured the mood of a difficult time for a specific place

11) Stuck In A Moment - cos it lets Edge show off his falsetto and playing, with Bono doing nice harmonies

12) City Of Blinding Lights - cos it's a dazzling light show

13) Vertigo - cos it sets off an atomic bomb in a stadium

14) Scarlet - cos it's tribally powerful

15) Walk On - cos it's a lovely song of hope and defiance against the odds, and the volunteers onstage makes people think a little bit

16) Amazing Grace - cos it gives me goosebumps

17) Streets - cos it's Streets

18) One - cos it makes everyone go all cuddly and gooey

19) Ultraviolet - cos it makes me want to eat the Claw

20) With Or Without You - cos it's a classic 45

21) Moment Of Surrender - cos it's a complicated, incongruous and utterly gorgeous show stopper

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So you think the set list is perfect as is. Ok.

Hold Me Thrill Me - Thought it would be perfect for this tour, love that they brought it back

Ultraviolet - no reason needed

Mothers of the Disappeared - Needs to be brought back

All I Want Is You - please keep in the set

Crazy Tonite - My favorite new song this tour, great energy

Magnificent - not as good as the studio version but still good

Boots - great intro

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Crazy Tonight. Because it fucking ROCKS.

And the majority of the setlist, sans the usual suspects. I'm even enjoying One this tour.
Originally Posted by GraceRyan View Post
And if U2 EVER did Hawkmoon live....and the version from the Lovetown Tour, my uterus would leave my body and fling itself at Bono - for realz.
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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me: Because this stage needs a song that fucking rocks, and it's about time this great song was played live again.

Scarlet: Sheer bliss, even if Bono craps on over most of it.

Crazy Tonight: The remix is off the hook.

New stuff in general: Novelty value! Plus some of it's really good.

Bad: Duh.

I Will Follow: One of the few overplayed classics that still sounds visceral and energetic.

And up until a few months ago, I would've said The Unforgettable Fire too.

A lot of it can go jump for all I care, though.
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Originally Posted by cathalmc View Post
A wee list of what I like.

6) Bad - cos it's good
17) Streets - cos it's Streets
No need for any superlatives for these 2 !!! This sums them up perfectly.

I'm extremely lucky as I got to hear 3 of my top 5 U2 songs in Sydney 2:

All I want is You - Spinetingling doesn't do this song justice!!!
Magnificent - My favorite U2 song!!! Best intro to any song I've ever heard. Sublime Edge Guitar!!!
Ultra violet - ring those bells edge!!!! SImply amazing!!! (ultra violet I first heard on the achtung tapes back before Achtung Baby in it's "Lady with the spinning head" format that I fell in love with INSTANTLY! That chiming guitar!!!!!) .

How can I possibly complain at that??????

I can't wait to see the posts next year when people are f'ing sick of em playing such as "God part II"," Hawkmoon 269 " and "Mofo" !!!
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Originally Posted by Axver View Post
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me: Because this stage needs a song that fucking rocks, and it's about time this great song was played live again.

Scarlet: Sheer bliss, even if Bono craps on over most of it.

Crazy Tonight: The remix is off the hook.

New stuff in general: Novelty value! Plus some of it's really good.

Bad: Duh.

I Will Follow: One of the few overplayed classics that still sounds visceral and energetic.

And up until a few months ago, I would've said The Unforgettable Fire too.

A lot of it can go jump for all I care, though.
Apart from I will Follow, I couldn't agree more. Throw in YBR too.
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Return of the Stringray Guitar - I loved Kingdom/Soon, but this is just so damned cool. I love the anticipation and excitement it creates in the audience. The band clearly have fun with this. It just evokes the feeling that you’re in for something special. Hope they keep it for the 2011 US leg.

Boots - its meant to be fun and its exactly that. Huge song live and packs tons of energy. It deserves to open the shows after Stringray, IMHO.

NLOTH - before they canned it, this song was outstanding every time. Of all the stuff they’ve played from the last album, this was by far my favorite. Please, U2, bring this rocker back, and not necessarily to promote anything related to the album or sales, but just because it was so fucking good.

UTEOTW- always been a fucking powerhouse of a song and it's sounding better than ever lately. I love the funky breakdown they came up for it during Leg 3.

Boy Falls From the Sky - we only have the one performance so far in Portugal but fuck don’t let that be the last. It has a little bit of a Dirty Day/HMTMKMKM vibe going on, and thats a great thing! Lots of potential and I hope they let it evolve. The Edge’s guitar really does scream ‘Spiderman’ to me.

ISHFWILF - don’t give a shit about the naysayers here, when you’re there it’s awesome, and sends chills throughout your body when you hear an entire stadium singing a verse and the refrain.

Streets - face it, it would not be a U2 show without Streets. It lifts the spirit up to a level unlike any other song. The Claw looks great in the trademark red, which I’m really happy they brought back.

Scarlet - MLK was not working for me but this does! Thematically it works perfectly where its at in the show. Any love for October is welcome. Keep it.

Mercy - still prefer the original but I list this for the mere fact that they had the guts to actually try it, and so far have stuck with it. Lyrically it could use some work but musically it’s beautiful.

Bad - what more can be said? My all time favorite U2 song. It's been sounding excellent lately and Bono’s singing has been especially passionate. They always throw in little variations, too, with nearly every performance being different in some way from others, whether lyrically from Bono or instrumentally by the rest of the band. This song lends itself so well to that. Bad will always be a Holy Grail of U2 songs for me, and I hope I’m lucky enough to experience it live someday.

AIWIY-LRM - this was pure magic the other night. Wow is all I can really say. I’d love for them to play this duo on a somewhat regular basis. Can’t stop watching the vids on youtube. Really a beautiful moment at Sydney II.

Crazy Tonight - blows the proverbial roof off every night. One of the big reasons why 360 is and will go down as one of their best tours, IMHO. Dynamite!

Ultraviolet - glorious comeback for one of my Achtung favorites. In some ways its better than the ZooTV renditions. The changes they made in the song make it unique to 360, and personally I’ve been loving it. The whole band sounds very tight on this.

HMTMKMKM - because it fucking rocks, that’s why. Standout track from the mid’-90’s, one of the best moves the band have made recently. Love its attitude and energy. And it suits the Claw perfectly.

Moment of Surrender - still don’t care for the studio version but live it is powerful and takes on a different life. At this point I would not want to imagine them closing a 360 show with any other song, curfews be damned.
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Stingray Guitar - Great way to open a show. Definitely creates some energy in the atmosphere.

Mysterious Ways - LOVE. Definitely one of the standouts - with or without that amazing slide solo.

Until The End Of The World - More LOVE. The lightshow is amazing and the energy is very electric.

ISHFWILF - Love this song, so glad they're still playing it. Great singalong as well.

North Star - Evening if it's been done acoustically, great and sweet song.

Bad - So great this tour. Don't really have any other words.

Unforgettable Fire - Before placing it in the vault, it was a highlight of the show (as well as the Rose Bowl DVD). So glad they had played this.

Vertigo material (COBL, Vertigo) - Dazzling light show in COBL and pure energy in Vertigo.

Crazy Tonight - Another highlight, the energy just tears the stadium apart. This will definitely be remembered when 360 ends.

Scarlet - So glad they're playing this, especially in place of MLK.

Streets - Obviously. A true highlight on this tour as every tour except Vertigo.

Ultraviolet - Out of this world. One of my favorite songs, the laser jacket and the wheelmic add some great feeling. Bonus points for Bono swinging on the mic.

With Or Without You - Classic. That's all.

Moment Of Surrender - Sort of a down way to end the show, but it's a great tune. The audience loves it also.
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God Part II!
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NLOTH - oh wait, they dropped it.
Unforgettable Fire - oh wait, they dropped it
One Tree Hill - Oh wait, only played twice and dropped
Electrical Storm - Oh wait, only played twice and dropped

Ultraviolet - works with the hanging mic and Bono's coat, good tune, hasn't been done for awhile and sounds fresh

HMTMKMKM - the stage was made for this song, I said that before the tour even started.

Crazy Tonight - its cool, upbeat and fits with the only pacing on this setlist that works very well to me City, Vertigo, Crazy (Although I wish they would play the studio version also occasionally.)

Streets and City, I never get tired of either. They are not improved on this tour but are still great. WOWY, I'm one of the few diehards that does not get sick of this song. I don't think this tours is the greatest, but I don't mind it like a lot of people seem to.
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Originally Posted by Blue Room View Post
NLOTH - oh wait, they dropped it.
Unforgettable Fire - oh wait, they dropped it
One Tree Hill - Oh wait, only played twice and dropped
Electrical Storm - Oh wait, only played twice and dropped

You can add Drowning Man and Your Blue Room.
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Only going on what I've actually heard live (Melb I/II)...

Return Of The Stingray Guitar - Everyone's waiting in great anticipation after Jay-Z's set. You have the broken clock to amuse you, people singing along to any songs that they recognise that are played over the PA. I just loved the feeling of anticipation that U2 were going to come out in mere minutes. Space Oddity finally comes on and everyone starts cheering and I just start grinning from ear to ear. And then bam. Stingray comes out to release some of that energy. Said this before, but Bono yelling 'Return Stingray Guitaaaaarrrrr' during Melb II just rocked my socks to no end. What a way to announce your presence

Beautiful Day - Eh, it's not a NLOTH track (I still think they should open with at least one track from the current album but I digress) but it gets the crowd jumping (those who didn't know about ROTSG anyway). Still sounds great.

I Will Follow/New Years Day - Really gets the crowd jumping despite being 30 years old. I don't mind IWF being in rotation with New Years Day to keep them a bit fresher (and to make sure there's at least one element of setlist doubt before the end of ISHFWILF )

Get On Your Boots - Not my favourite but fun to bounce along to. Would keep it for the 'Let me in the sound' bit alone.

Magnificent - I love it, but I agree with those who says it's a little slow. Swap it with NLOTH / play it every few shows instead.

Mysterious Ways - Still cool regardless of lacking solo.

Elevation - Don't need Elevation / Vertigo / Boots all in the same set. Drop please.

Until The End Of The World - Favourite U2 song ever so I won't say anything bad about it. Love love love.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Still sounds fresh to me, but I would maybe play it at 2/3rds of shows instead of virtually every show for something different (rotate with AIWIY possibly ala Sydney II).

Mercy - I still prefer the original arrangement but this was my highlight of both shows I went to. Still feel very lucky and privileged to hear it.

Bad - If not a staple, should be played regularly.

Stuck - OK every now and again.

Pride - Works great being played every couple of shows.

In A Little While - Pass. I don't get why it's a staple (I know there's the space theme, but there have been quite a few shows without IALW/YBR as well). It feels like if Some Days Are Better Than Others or A Man And A Woman were played for the last 36 shows. Not needed.

Miss Sarajevo - Had plenty of time on Vertigo. Pass.

City Of Blinding Lights - I was expecting this to be good, but not this good. Works incredibly well with the stage. The ground was left.

Vertigo - Perfect bridge between COBL and Crazy. It's not Shakespeare but I love it.

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight - Funky, brimming with energy. I can't praise it enough.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - Still sounds good, but I might rotate it with something else every now and then.

Scarlet - Crowd not sure what to make of it but it's beautiful.

Walk On - Thought it would be a good time for it to be dropped, but alas.

One - Leave it in there.

Where The Streets Have No Name - As above.

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - Very cool, but I wouldn't segue it into WOWY. I miss the more unpredictable Vertigo encores.

Ultra Violet - I like it, but not sure that it works too well in it's current position. Age is against it. Crazy crowd leaving during it

With Or Without You - Leave it in there.

Moment of Surrender - I do like it, but I'm still not sure what I think of it as a closer. Dare I suggest Mercy as a closer every now and then?

General observations:

Too much ATYCLB (can I get a duh)

Not enough NLOTH (another duh)

Hate to beat the Pop drum again for the infinite time, but I'm still baffled not even one song has been attempted. Discotheque/Gone is made for this stage. While we're on neglected albums, Dirty Day rocks far too much (obvious alert up the wazoo) for it to be a 1993 Zoo TV footnote.

TUF was great on the Rose Bowl concert. Ah well.

Don't care for North Star at all. Hope BFFTS is played at least once more in the tour.
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Positivity? In my Interference?

Anyway, here's my list:
-Stingray: Great, left-field choice for an opener. Really seems to get the crowd pumped, too.
-The whole block from COBL to SBS: This used to be TUF to SBS (), but, even in its neutered form, it's still one of the best parts of the entire show.
-UV/HMTM: Both are amazing, and both contain perhaps the best visuals of the night. While I love both dearly, I'd have to give the edge to HMTM for its epic intro.
-The new songs: All of them. I wish they'd play EBW and Glastonbury a bit more often, but it's still amazing to see Mercy being played regularly on a stadium tour.
-Scarlet: They're completely out of their minds to bring this back, but I love it.

Really, I love the whole show (sans IALW), but this is what immediately jumps to mind.
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Stringray! That song is an awesome opening.
Magnificient just comes to life on the 360 tour.
HMTMKMKM. So. Awesome.
All I Want Is You. Just
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All I Want Is You
Crazy Tonight
One Tree Hill

Those are the songs that I could never get tired of.

And of course, Where The Streets Have No Name. The perfect live song. It makes the concert a U2 show. Their best live song, hands down.

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