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Old 06-11-2009, 01:08 PM   #1
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No Line on the Horizon - version II?

How are they going to play No Line live?

My concern is the drums, which on the album are an electric kit.

I know there's video of them performing this song live for the bbc, but this is not exactly a stadium setting. Guitars on this song are going to be LOUD, they may drown out Larry's subtle drum beat if he translates his part directly to a standard kit.

How would you feel then if they played version II, as opposed to the album version? This one has more of a live feel, the drums are played on a standard kit, and would likely sound much more thunderous live. It might work better in a live setting

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backing track with some synth,perhaps, and turn bono's guitar up? the song get's louder and louder, it turns into something huge. I too wonder how they'll create that crescendo. They sitll haven't quite done that with magnificent, either.

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Have you heard Bono sing NLOTH2? The studio vs was horrible, it's too fast for him to do night after night.

They'll play the album version and it will sound fantastic.
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There was some speculation a while back(cant find the thread) that NLOTH 2 could be played as it was more conducive to a live setting. However, it is clear from the HQ performance of the album version that it has unbelievably good live potential. This has been the track that has grown on me the most and the one I really look forward to seeing live: lighting arrangement, how they transition between parts of the song, etc.

In the same thread a while back, someone speculated that they could play the album version up until a certain point and then switch it to the B-side for the ending. This could easily be done, as the lyrics are similar and the chants at the end of NLOTH2 would go great in a stadium.

Overall, the album version is, I feel the better version, but I would still like to see 2 performed in some way a couple times. Either full version or in part.

I have no doubt that U2 could play either version live without a problem.
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hope its the slower
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Old 06-12-2009, 09:03 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by U2387 View Post
There was some speculation a while back(cant find the thread) that NLOTH 2 could be played as it was more conducive to a live setting.
yeah, I was looking for that too... I guess my reason for this thread is this quote

Interview with Lanois:
U2's No Line On The Horizon: A track-by-track exclusive with producer/co-writer Daniel Lanois - The Ampersand

Q: Larry was on an electric kit for these session, wasn't he?
A: For the beginning, yes. The thing about an acoustic kit is that really wears out the room because it's so loud. People get fatigued by the shock of a non-stop Mullen earthquake. We though lets use the electric kit and see what we come up with. It proved to be a great thing. Some of the things he came up with on that kit; he wouldn't have come up with on an acoustic kit. For example on No Line on the Horizon - that's an electric kit. As it is on Moment of Surrender. I don't know what he's going to do live.

maybe it wont be an issue... but, the drums on the BBC version are essentially the electric kit rhythm transcribed to a real kit. if this is played in a stadium, you're going to lose that propulsive oomph, as Larry's not really playing with a lot of force
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Old 06-13-2009, 01:59 PM   #7
The Fly
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This is how they're going to play it live

Also, I've said this a million times but

Fez Intro/Intro video or whatever they're going to use to open the show. The Hoberman screen rises to reveal the band on stage. It goes into the beginning of No Line on the Horizon
Spotlights are on each of the band members and the rest of the stage is dark.
The band blasts into the second verse (I know a girl with a hole in her heart) and at that moment the stage explodes with lights and color and the crowd goes insane.

That's how it's going to start

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Originally Posted by BVS View Post
They'll play the album version and it will sound fantastic.
Damn right.
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I love that No line chant though
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has a
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Man, that guitar reminds me of Ultraviolet.

Just beautiful.

Bread & Circuses
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Old 06-18-2009, 04:58 PM   #11
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No Line on the Horizon is going to bring the fucking house down. I absolutely cannot wait to experience it live. One of the songs I'm looking forward to the most for sure
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Very much looking forward to hearing this...

Why does the Edge look like the devil?

What's up with his eyes?

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